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I'm unable to leave a comment on a reply to a forum topic

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  • I'm unable to leave a comment on a reply to a forum topic

    Is there an issue with the Forum at the moment? I wanted to reply to someone's comment but when I tap "comment" the new comment window doesn't appear.

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    P.S. I've tried refreshing the site a few times and I've logged out and back in.


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      Hi Chickadee. Can you please let me know which topic and what comment?


      • chickadee2013
        chickadee2013 commented
        Editing a comment
        Hi Spelling Bee. It seems to be okay on the iOS new update thread. It was on the thread for Android new update. I was trying to reply to Tenny's answer to my question. I'll just look up the number ... #34.
        Last edited by chickadee2013; 05-22-2015, 09:06 PM.

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      The Android version received a new update so a new topic was made and the old one was locked. Were you trying to reply in the locked topic?


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        Oh that makes sense. I was commenting on the thread about the party update for Android when it was first released. Didn't realise it had closed already. Thanks Spelling Bee


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          lol, no worries. At least we got to the bottom of it.