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Problems with viewing and posting pictures on the Smurfs' Village

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  • Problems with viewing and posting pictures on the Smurfs' Village

    There are a few problems with posting pictures on the forum, namely: - They can't be enlarged like on the old forum so it's not always possible to see detail. - the Photobucket picture thumbnails can be seen when enlarged but some pics take you to the posters Photobucket pages but freeze the whole iPad and it has to be rebooted, then you have to quickly delete the Photobucket page before it freezes everything again (this is my experience on iPad2. - some pictures don't show ... (Please note, I took the picture below on iPad2 and pasted it here via Imgur):

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    This happened because of the bandwidth restriction from photobucket... Has nothing to do with the forum or your device... I don't know about the fact that i must pay for photobucket to use unlimited traffic... I switched to imgur and hope there is no restriction! Most of the photos already switched and hope you can see them now, please check out at off topic chit chat! Have asked spelling bee if she knows about imgur, can't find any information about restrictions or premium accounts! But you're right, it is very hard to share pictures on this site, the software is not for mobile devices (mad, because most of the people who play SV use ipads, tablets or smartphones i think..)! Would appreciate if there is a better way, upload direct to forum or anything similar!


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      Hi Chickadee. The zooming issue is an optimization one that we hope to address at some point in the future. All of the other issues you've stated are related to the site being used to host the shared image. Beeline has no control over Photobucket's bandwidth limitations (as shown in the image you posted) or the Photobucket site causing your iPad to crash. It's best to advise friends and posters to use something else instead of Photobucket.

      Imgur for example works better and has higher bandwidth allotments for it's images.


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        My issue with posting screenshots from the game is that they are too large and exceed the limit here. I can't just upload them from my iPad.


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          Yes Morac. You'll need to upload them elsewhere first before posting them here.