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Issues posting on the forum when using a mobile device

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  • Issues posting on the forum when using a mobile device

    I'm posting from an iPad running iOS 7.0.4 and have run into a fee problems when posting. 1. All carriage returns are removed from my post, turning the post into one giant paragraph. 2. If I edit the post, the original text is removed.

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    Hi Morac. Both of these are known problems due to the forum software not yet being optimized for mobile devices. As a work around for the editing, you can always highlight and copy your existing text, then tap to edit it and then paste the text back in. Make your changes and submit it.


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      Wonder if anyone else noticed that the comments today were very slow and don't work sometimes... Forum logged me out two times while posting and sometimes my comments weren't shown or double times with exact the same time! I'm on with iPad Mini Retina...

      i know about the fact, that mobile devices have problems with forum software but so slow like today and so buggy it's the first time! Anyone else have the same problems today?


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        Light, the issues you are describing are just a result of the site not being optimized with mobile devices.


        • LightofFire
          LightofFire commented
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          Thank you Ms. Bee, today it works much better!

        • happybird
          happybird commented
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          Ignore me, just testing out some code thingies. bold? will it be red? blue text

        • tzr1877
          tzr1877 commented
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          LMAO .... Happy, I came here to do the same thing.

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        Spelling Bee .... does this mean we won't need to use bb codes once the forum is optimized for mobile devices?
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