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Important "Need to know" information regarding your Saved Data and Reporting Bugs

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  • Important "Need to know" information regarding your Saved Data and Reporting Bugs

    Hey Smurf Villagers!

    I just wanted to post a little information today in regards to some game mechanics, while a lot of you know this already I feel that we need to spread this information as much as possible.

    Uninstalling the Game

    When you uninstall the Smurfs Village what happens is that the saved data is removed as well. This will result in loss of your progress in the game as well as any purchase items or currency. It's very important no matter how bad the situation could be that you do not uninstall the game unless specifically told to do this.

    We want to try and avoid situations of which a player loses all the progress as this is extremely frustrating for you the players as sadly at this time there is not much we can do to help.

    Reporting Bugs

    Players Reporting bugs in the game is awesome, this is very helpful for us to identify issues and try to reproduce them to get them fixed. I can only push to ask that if you have a bug please do let us know, while we cannot promise to get back to everyone about bugs, the information that is given by you all is so appreciated!

    Keep up the good work all!

    Down to the Real Business

    There is one other subject that needs touched upon. We the Forum Support Team feel that it's very important to remember that just like the Smurfs, we too are better off embracing and loving all Smurfy critters. Be it cats, dogs, goldfish, or frogs, adopting and owning a pet brings joy into their lives and yours. We know we can make this happen!