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Why can't we have all of the news about Smurfs' Village updates in the Smurfs' Village news section?

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  • Why can't we have all of the news about Smurfs' Village updates in the Smurfs' Village news section?

    I'm sorry, I have to say the location of this thread is annoying:

    Why can't we get 'news' about the new update over in the Smurfs' Village 'news' area? Having to check so many different pages, and their seperate sub-pages is frustrating, and we are missing stuff. Smurf news should be in the Smurf section, general forum stuff should be in the 'forum' section.

    Sorry, just sayin'.

    The Christmas update is the most exciting smurf news thread of the year, and I miss our 'coming soon' thread over there 😉.

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    Totally agree. I'd also prefer if any news about updates or bug fixes would be in the SV part of the forum.


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      Yes, got my vote on this as well.


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        Hi Caro. I understand the frustration, I honestly really do. Part of that annoyance you are feeling is that it's just different. We've done things the same way for so long, it's aggravating when things change. The reason for the change though was twofold.

        Now that Flashman and Bongfish are here, we own the forum entirely. Every section is a Smurfs' Game section. There is no need to stay cooped up in our own little Smurfs' Village corner of the Forum.

        We also wanted to give the Bongfish team their own forum section so they could have a place to share not only news about Smurfs' Village, important things in general. The problem we began to notice though was that no one really noticed it or attempted to check it out. Everyone was still too afraid to venture out of the Smurfs' Village section of the forum.

        In an effort to give everyone that little nudge, We've moved all of my Coming Soon Teaser Topics up there with Twinkie's Sneak Peek topics. This move was done to encourage everyone to get familiar with the new section, and to get in the practice of checking it too for not only important posts and topics, But also fun things like contests.

        The Smurfs' Village News section of the forum will still remain the home for the official update topics themselves, and other relevant posts.

        The best advice I can give is to just give it a try for a while. Change can be a bad thing, but more often than not it's a good thing.

        Bookmark both sections. Start at the top and work your way down. Above all else, remember nothing is set in stone. We're finding out what works and doesn't work as we go forward.

        Come on Happy Dancer, tis the season to be jolly!


        • Twinkiepie
          Twinkiepie commented
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          I can understand your annoyance! I hope you guys will get used to the new situation on the forum, but Spelling Bee already stated the most important reasons why we follow this new structure

        • chocolatefruitnut
          chocolatefruitnut commented
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          on the contrary i wasn't afraid to venture out of the smurfs forum, i did but just dont know where to look for this thread! if you will notice. its under community development! no one will know whats inside this 'community development' section... and the threads in this community development seem to be mainly on smurf's village too. i think it will be much easier and neater if every game has its own community much easier to read and keep track off...

          secondly, i dont think fear has anything to do with venturing out of smurf's village...most people will play 1 game and stick to it...there's no reason why we should waste our valuable time scrolling through other forums/threads that are not valuable to us...

        • Pachemz
          Pachemz commented
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          After giving it a chance it's still annoying. Upcoming updates and info on a game belong in the news section of the game thread not in some random thread that's not directly related to the game. <-- that sounds confusing but I'm sure you get it

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        It has gotten very difficult to follow what is happening at SV with the present menu arrangement. For instance, the Sneak Peek and Teasers are under the Bongfish forum main page, not the SV forum main page, so I (and others) consistently miss it. It would be great if we could access everything about SV from the SV forum main page, like it used to be!

        Also, in the far distant past, there was one whole area that was 'Recently Active Topics' so you could see everything that had been recently posted on in a glance! [This would be icing on the cake!] Don't know if that is possible now, but just sayin'...


        • Caro
          Caro commented
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          Oh yes!! I vote for a 'recently active' feature as well. That was the best. (Geesh we go back a long way Cupcake 😉).

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        I also prefers old arrangement (in Smurfs Village News section).

        When Bongfish updates their other titles, this section will become so confusing. Imagine we will see something like this
        *Sneak peeks for Smurfs Village 1.43.0
        *Detail for upcoming Smurfs Village 1.43.0
        *Detail for upcoming Smurfs Village Magical Meadow 1.9.2
        *Detail for upcoming some Bongfish games version xx
        *Sneak peeks for Smurfs Village Magical Meadow 1.9.2
        *Sneak peeks for some Bongfish games version xx
        *Sneak peeks for Smurfs Village 1.42.0
        *Detail for upcoming Smurfs Village Magical Meadow 1.9.1
        *Detail for upcoming Smurfs Village 1.42.0
        *Sneak peeks for Smurfs Village Magical Meadow 1.9.1
        *Detail for upcoming some Bongfish games version yy
        *Sneak peeks for some Bongfish games version yy

        I don't even sure if new members knows how to find this section.
        I know it makes Bongfish works easier by putting everything in one section, for readers on the other hand, it will be so confusing


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          Hi everyone! I'm very happy to announce that the Forums are getting a bit of a face-lift. To coincide with the tweaked look, we are also moving ALL SMURF NEWS, back to the original location. This means all the Sneak Peeks, Teasers, and contests will now be back in the Smurfs' Village News section.


          • Alex Smurf
            Alex Smurf commented
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            That's good news! I prefer it this way 😊

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          Yay! Great news 👍🏻


          • Caro
            Caro commented
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            (...and I like the new banner design with Smurfette and Smurfwillow!!)

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          I liked it, that the contests were seperately. Maybe we could get an own section for it in the smurfs main categorie? Pretty please?


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            Just a thought... Since the chat with bongfish section is at the bottom and the forum questions also, it's hard to find and for newer members hardly to see? Maybe this could be changed?