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Request regarding Sheep Contest entries being added to the game in future updates

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  • Request regarding Sheep Contest entries being added to the game in future updates

    Hey Twinkiepie Vintoxi Spelling Bee

    I have a request:

    You have used the two winner designs for sheep and one other design already. Personally, I loved seeing all those wonderful designs and am glad that we are getting some of them. However, they are other people's ideas that you are using. If somebody doesn't want you to use their design in the game, they should be allowed to say so and you should respect that. (I don't know if anybody would prefer it that way, but I'm bringing this up because who knows. Either ask the designer before creating it or if you want it to be a complete surprise, make a thread in which you ask for permission to use the designer's sheep ideas as possible future sheep. Everyone who desgined one or several then can reply and based on that you have your okay or not.)

    Also, I think that the designer of a sheep you add to an update should receive one of their own sheep for free. It's their sheep after all. Instead of making them pay for giving you a design, you could reward them by giving them said sheep as a sort of ''Good job! We liked your design. Thanks for doing it!'' Especially, because you are charging 40 SB for the sheep. It would just be one single sheep, so doesn't pose an economical loss for you, but is a lovely sign of respect for and appreciation of the designer
    (Maybe you can gift Morning Sky one sheep now or give him 40 SB [edit: let him choose], because I'm pretty sure he bought at least one and it would only be fair if he didn't miss out on it.)

    Edit 2: I understand that it's a compliment to have your own sheep chosen and I would like to see one/several of mine to make it into the game, but this post was sparked by a discussion I had with a friend about copyright, ownership of your own ideas and designs, etc, because they are a designer and had one of their item designs stolen by a shop (it's too specific to be a coincidence) very recently. Yes, I'm aware that the situation is a very different one: 'Designer who makes money with designs gets design stolen by shop that makes money with it' versus 'user who designed something they wouldn't make money from has designed used and realised by company who doesn't directly make money from it'. I know the difference, but it's still intellectual property, so if somebody should not want that, they can say so. (Just saying, IF.)
    I think most if not all people who participated in the contest saw the announcement that some sheep might make it into the game and could have spoken up then had they not wanted that. Most if not all probably also would be very happy to see one of their designs to make it into the game. But they should have the chance to opt out if they wish so. Also: I stand by what I said here and back then: I think it would be nice if the designer of the sheep got one of their sheep; it would be a lovely gesture. Edit 3: I certainly would want to give everybody their sheep, but that might just be me. Edit 4: Before anyone suggests I'm just trying to be cheap and get a free sheep out of this should I get lucky: I'd be elated if they picked one of my designs and I certainly would buy it. If I got one for free, I'd buy one or more additional ones for other areas. I wasn't thinking of myself when I suggested it back then or wrote it here.
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    While I agree that it might be nice for the designer to get a free sheep, it's a pretty big compliment getting your design implemented in the game.
    The contest was done with the hopes that the entered sheep ideas would make it into the game. I don't think it's necessary for them to ask people's permission since they stated that that was their intention, and if anyone had a problem with it (which honestly would be surprising) then they easily could have private messaged someone about it.


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      I see it as a compliment as well, but I think it still would be a nice gesture if the designer received one of their sheep.
      Personally, I'd love to see one/some of my sheep make it into the game! But maybe somebody else doesn't. A lot of us hoped that sheep would be created based on the designs and I think if somebody had been against it they would have stated it in their entry, but the contest didn't state 'we will pick some of th designs to make them into sheep', so I don't know. My post was sparked by something that just happened to a friend of mine. Maybe I should add that to the original post... But yes, that friend had one of their designs stolen by a shop (and there's no doubt about it because it's so very specific that it can't be a random coincidence) and they are extremely upset about it. We talked about copyright, others using your ideas, etc, so that's where my post comes from. As I said back then and also in my comment to you now: I would love if my sheep made it so Bongfish have my permission, but what happened to my friend just brought attention again to this and made me think that the sheep designers should get to choose and that it'd be nice if they received their own sheep once. Which is something I suggested back in the contest thread already, if I remember right.


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        I am so glad and happy to see my two sheep in my village on update teasers and in the villages of my neighbours. The designers of Bongfish have implemented my designs so fine and skillfully. I do not need a salary or a gift. To admire my sheep in so many villages is like the biggest reward ever. Thanks Bongfish.


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          Evanna I do see what you are saying, a good friend of mine had his company logo and half of the company name stolen by another local company a few years ago.
          That being said this is a completely different scenario. People were posting their ideas specifically for Smurfs Village fluffy sheep on a public forum. If you post pictures on Facebook or instagram for example anyone can use them however they want. When they announced the winners of the competition they clearly stated that they would implement as many of the sheep as they could, so that would have been the point where someone who didn't like that idea should've spoken up.


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            That's sort of what I wrote in my edit
            1) The situation is very different indeed and I recognise that. One is about stealing somebody's design to make money with it, the other is someone submitting a design - without knowing it might be used but probably hoping for it even - and then being picked without the company necessarily making money from it.
            2) People could have spoken up when it was announced they would create some sheep.

            I realise now that my post probably sounds really awful when I just meant two things:
            1) People should be able to say whether or not they want their designs used, although I think most of us want that and Bongfish hasn't done anything against anybody so I'm not saying this as a 'look what awful thing they have done'.
            2) I think it would be a lovely gesture if the designers got their sheep. I certainly would have given Morning Sky his sheep if I could have (But I also see that some might see it as an honour and as priviledge and payment enough to have their sheep be made 'real'. Which is true in a way, but I still want to give everybody their sheep, you know what I mean?)


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              My .02

              I went back and looked at the thread adn yeah, they never did say they'd be in the game so I can understand asking permission, or if they were thinking of this they could have said 'might be included, speak now or hold your peace'

              From my POV since they included the template I always had in the back of my head that any sheep designs could be included, so I didn't find it a shock. Same way if we suggest something in an ideas thread that is eventually used I presume that permission is implied. THere may be something in the TOU for the forum that says who gets permissions for ideas submitted but I really don't feel like reading through it.

              As to the designer getting a sheep, I have always felt that. I think that the designer of any sheep should get a sheep or get a (in this case) 40SB gift to use towards the purchase of a sheep in whatever area they wish.

              Does Bongfish have to do anything? No. Really, just having the interaction is quite impressive. I don't think there are many games out there where the developers actually listen to and interact with the players.


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                I didn't originally think they'd use the designs, but you are right, one could have seen it coming. I only started hoping they would after seeing so many wonderful entries that I wanted to purchase.
                I think there's a difference between the ideas thread and these sheep. Isn't the ideas thread specifically asking ''What do you want us to do?'' whereas the sheep contest was ''Create cool sheep and win some SB if we like yours best''? You are right, it's indeed possible that it's written somewhere that permission is given and as I said (I'm like a broekn record, sorry) I think most users would be chuffed to bits to have their sheep picked and made 'real'. (But an addition of 'if you don't want this please tell us' would have cleared things up from the start, yes.)

                Agreeing. I'd like the designer to get one of their sheep. I'd give it to them if I could.

                Very true indeed! They have been wonderful about listening to players' concerns and suggestions! We are lucky to have them be the head of our game.


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                  skydiver118 when they announced the winners they stated that they would implement as many sheep into the game as they could because people had already been asking for that to happen throughout the contest.

                  Evanna I love the expression "chuffed to bits" 😄😄😄 Really wish it was part of Canadian slang, I might have to start a trend....
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                    Maybe they can bear in mind in the future to say 'ok, so we're implementing this and it MAY be in the game in some form so if you dont' want it in there, speak now or forever hold your peace.' Presume opting in unless folks actively opt out.

                    I'll be thrilled if they ever use one of mine but I also know there were so many designs that some may never see the light of day.

                    Perhaps they are or could be covered by editing the terms of use of the forum to say any ideas discussed or posted here may be incorporated into the game with no notice and no compensation and then they are legally covered.


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                      Haha, please feel free to do so! Language is organic and evolves over time and especially thanks to the internet, we adopt words and phrases from other regions/countries. I use some 'Americanisms' as well, for example. I find that the situation and social surrounding plays a role in this, too. As it does anyway. You use a different language when talking to your boss or teacher than when talking to your family than when talking to your friends than when talking to your best friend, and even among these there are differences. So yeah, it's 'awesome' how we use language and that you like the phrase (Although, that's American and not so much Canadian, is it? Or is that the go to word in Canada as well?)


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                        Evanna Awesome is a go to word in Canada for sure. I'd say that words like that would be more "North American" not just "American". Most of our speech and slang is very similar especially because American media in Canada is rampant, so almost every show or movie we watch here is American.

                        Edit: even though many shows and movies (or parts of them) are filmed in Vancouver and even on the Island (x-men and deadpool 2 for example), they are still considered American.
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