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[ND] Ways to reduce the amount of Grinding in Smurf Life

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  • [ND] Ways to reduce the amount of Grinding in Smurf Life

    One of the biggest flaws in this game is the amount of grinding required in order to earn stars to level up. The majority of time spent playing is due to grinding, which keeps increasing as you get to higher levels. It takes weeks of grinding to get to the next level, and it only takes two days to complete the new quests, and then it's back to grinding for weeks again.

    Here are some ideas to reduce the tediousness of grinding and reward players so that stars are earned naturally. Some of these ideas are based on posts from the old message board and I wanted to bring them here, and add my own ideas.

    1. Have Trainers give Quests to earn Badges
    - Each trainer can give the player a list of items to craft from their own set of recipes. When the player completes X number of trainer quests, they earn a Badge. It would also be nice if the trainer asks for items that have not been mastered yet, so you're not wasting time crafting items that you can't get any more stars for. The player should also be able to give the items to the trainer as they complete them, in order to not take up storage space.

    2. Have Papa Smurf give Quests to earn Moodust
    - Papa Smurf can give themed quests to the player, incorporating recipes from all professions. For example, Papa says smurfs are having a camping trip, so craft 3 lamps, 5 smores, 1 BBQ, 1 canoe, 8 marshmallows, etc. Completing a quest can earn the player Moondust and Tokens. And you should be able to give the items to Papa Smurf as you complete them.

    3. Update the Trading Board
    - The trading board needs a makeover. I haven't touched the board in ages since I'm at the point where I have plenty of tokens and I can earn tokens by selling at the trading table. So let's be able to earn tokens AND Tickets. Tickets (or coupons, whatever you want to call them) can be accumulated and then redeemed for prizes like exclusive hut items and clothing, Moondust, and maybe even things that cost MD, like a crafting slot or a tool upgrade. Also, we need the ability to delete trading board requests if we don't want to do them, and get new ones after an amount of time has passed.

    4. Have an easier way to craft/obtain items that have been mastered
    - I don't like having to craft things that I've mastered only because it's needed to make another item. For example, I've mastered Luck Potions a long time ago, but I have to keep making them for recipes that require gold, which is a lot! So please give us an option to buy mastered items with tokens. Or another idea is to have "Advanced Apprentices" who can craft any item that you've already mastered. There can be an Advanced Apprentice for each profession, and you could upgrade them to craft multiple items at a time.

    I really love this game and I hope Beeline implements some ideas to reduce the grinding and increase the fun, because I think a lot players have gotten bored and it's a shame because Smurf Life is such a great game. Thanks for listening.

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    I agree that the trading board is no longer needed, as the trading table suffices for the need to sell items/make coins. I hadn't looked at my trading board in months, and glanced at it this morning, only to discover that one of my quests there is to make 3 tea sets... and yesterday I sold 3 tea sets at the trading table. Whoops! I like the idea of making the trading board a bunch of quests where you can earn stars for a specific profession, rather than coins (which I have plenty of, thanks to the trading table and selling all of the stuff I have been grinding).

    I like the idea of Papa Smurf giving quests too. I'm not sure about the earning moondust. Yes, I'd love to earn moondust, but I'm not sure Beeline will go for it. After all, selling moondust is the way they make money on this game. OTOH, this game seems very difficult to play for long without moondust. Theoretically it's possible, but realistically everyone I know who has tried this game has quit from frustration if they refused to purchase moondust. Perhaps a little more balance is in order, to encourage the frustrated players to play longer, which then might encourage them to purchase moondust later on, after they have become more invested in the game.

    I agree, it would be nice to have more items being made by apprentices! In addition to luck potions, I am always needing fire and strength potions, as well as pottery wheels, pie pans, etc. For the apprentices who make useful things (like bread dough, flasks, etc.) one trick I have found is to have my culinary apprentices make lots of food. I pick up the food from my culinary apprentices, then feed it to my other apprentices. If I have the apprentices making things 2 at a time, this can at least give me 6 items at a time instead of 2. For example, I have 4 apprentices making pasta bowl and 4 making bread dough. I pick up 2 bread dough from my apprentices and set them to making more. Then I pick up 2 pasta bowls from the culinary apprentices (and then set them back to making more, naturally) and feed 1 to my bread dough apprentices. A few minutes later, they give me 2 more bread dough. Then I feed them the second pasta bowl and a few minutes later I have bread doughs 5 and 6. If I need a lot of ingredients fast, this works well.


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      I am fine with continuing to earn tokens through the Trading Board, especially now that the Tailoring profession requires massive amounts of tokens. I've already spent well over 100,000 tokens on just Tailor's recipes alone, and Nanny and Cobbler probably requires more. I imagine newer players who don't have a huge stockpile of tokens have a hard time leveling up in Tailoring. So keep the token rewards, but add a different reward as well. I don't think it should be stars, though. I think stars should be earned the old fashioned way by crafting the required number of each recipe. But adding additional rewards to the Trading Board would encourage us to complete those quests, and we would earn stars along the way.

      I agree that Beeline needs to make money, but I think there still needs to be more opportunities to obtain Moondust. The only in-game ways to get Moondust is to level up or win them from Jokey (which is very rare). And everything that costs MD costs a lot of MD! You are correct that the game is frustrating to play without spending Moondust. IMO, you NEED more storage and crafting slots in order to play this game efficiently. I think earning Moondust through special quests (from Papa Smurf or otherwise) will keep people playing instead of them quitting. And more players = more people who would spend money on MD.

      Good strategy on the apprentices. I have done that too, feeding things made by apprentices to other apprentices. Right now I'm focusing my grinding in the Cooking profession, so I usually have plenty of food that I made myself. But yeah, that's a great trick.


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        I think stars through the trading board (or Papa Smurf quests) is a good idea, because it gives more opportunity for earning stars and therefore less grinding (And I believe reducing grinding was the idea of this thread, no? ) I certainly don't have a problem if the trading board also allows players to earn coins, but it's not very useful for me. I have no idea how useful it would be for new players, because when I was a newbie I was playing the old version of the game which was entirely different.

        I agree on the moondust being necessary. At minimum, you need at least 40 storage spaces, and 50+ is better. So this would require an outlay of 40-60 moondust. Each additional crafting slot is 30 moondust, and if you buy one additional slot for all 9 of the main crafting tables that's another 270 moondust. That's not taking into account buying solar amulets to free Smurfette, Nat and Farmer, although I would rate this far lower priority than the crafting slots.

        Another useful way to spend moondust is on the wearable item slots. IMHO that's better than spending it on improved tools, since each tool improvement doesn't give much % benefit, and with the item slots you can switch things up to change your bonuses around. But those are expensive too... 40 moondust each, IIRC?

        So all in all, you really need to spend about 400 moondust to make the game move comfortably (crafting slots and storage). If you earn 50 of that through leveling and such, you're still buying 350-ish moondust, which is a reasonable price to 'pay' for the game, IMHO.

        Yep, winning moondust from Jokey is very rare. I have won the 5 moondust prize once (and been offered that prize but not gotten 3 tickets about 4 times). I have also won about 5 moondust from Jokey by opening boxes with a single moondust in them. So a total of 10 moondust from Jokey, playing pretty much every day since he was introduced into the game. What burns is the 12-ish moondust I 'lost' because I earned stars in the old version of the game and then never received when I automatically leveled with the new version of the game. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn't seem like much, but it still bothers me.

        Yeah, cooking grinding is the worst! I don't have to do too much grinding in Alchemy or Building, since I have tons of leftover clouds to uncover from when the game switched over to the new version. But cooking is a struggle. I'm hoarding my 3 clouds leftover for the next update, when I'm sure I'll need to level cooking again.


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          The real grinding issue for me is reaching higher Cooking levels. The last several level (I'm currently at L19) have required ~30 stars to advance but I only found 4 or 5 new recipes when clearing all the clouds for the new level. 4 recipes fully mastered only gives you 20 stars, leaving a shortfall that gets worse and worse with each level. If we could access higher level clouds, we could uncover new recipes and be able to earn stars quickly with the lower levels of the new recipes.
          Perhaps we could uncover clouds that are above our level by using more sunstones i.e. If you're at level 19 you could uncover a level 20 cloud by using 2 or 3 (or even 5!) sunstones instead of the usual 1. Clouds at or below your current level would be at the normal price.
          With all the sunstones earned from tailoring, I have sunstones coming out of my ears. This would put them to good use as well as correct the one issue that has been keeping me from playing the game recently.


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            Something needs to happen to reduce grinding. I did not play the game for 7 weeks, came back to it for 3 days but made no progress toward leveling up. I gave up again. This used to be my favorite game...I so miss the old version.


            • CarolW
              CarolW commented
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              To be perfectly honest I don't think the old version would have made it until now. Yes - it was fine up to the point it changed over but think how much bigger all your villages are now - the old version could not have sustained that size! I also remember being very frustrated in the old version with the grinding - so that much has not changed. I know grinding at the higher levels of cooking is a pain (I am at the top level - 24) but also having the apprentices helps a huge amount. The other thing that I have found really useful is an extra slot on the trading table - I was making stuff and then having to delete them - now I can just keep making and selling things to get stars and the coins are just flowing in and I don't have a problem with my storage. I certainly play much more as soon as a new update comes out and there are more recipes to do - yeah - but between times I am happy to keep plodding and making 10 or 20 of items to sell and eventually level up.

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            I am the same as Carol. I liked the old version, and there are things I miss about it, but I don't think it could have sustained such an expansion in professions and resources. Perhaps if the 'barriers' had been removed once you were able to enter a new area. I don't know. The transition to the new version was rough, and I'm still sore over a couple aspects of that, but the new version is better. I don't like it enough that I'd want to start over, but I'm happier with the vast amounts of resources we have now. I've been burning through Explosion and Fire potions trying to collect amulet shards. I can go for 2 hours at fast speed picking up a ton of resources just to collect amulet shards... and still not get every resource available. That says a lot. I'm glad to be done with the whole 'energy' thing too.

            Beeline also listened to the players. Back when the new version was introduced, we were all getting different recipes, and we would uncover all of the clouds and still not have all of the recipes, which was very frustrating! At least now we all have the same recipes to work with. They also added the big map and tracking of apprentices. And I love the crafting screen and the multiple slots at the trade table! If it weren't for multiple slots at the trade table, I would never have earned enough coins to spend on Tailoring. And I like Tailoring too, because I had hundreds of thousands of coins going to waste, buying nothing (I had already expanded my house to the maximum size on all 3 levels). So I don't mind having to spend those coins to get materials for Tailoring.

            I am not Level 24 in Building or Alchemy, but I have all of the recipes and a bunch of uncleared clouds. I don't know if I'll grind on those to reach the top, as I may want to save hat for later. But it never hurts to make some big stuff to sell to earn coins and stock up for those new Tailoring recipes...


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              This is why I like the forum...great exchange of opinions. The energy and resource supply of the old version was something I didn't mind. I really had to plan which quest to work on and there always seemed to be a storyline for the quest. The energy amount made sure I didn't lose hours of my day to the game; now, before I know it, I have "wasted" 2 hours making butter, dry mixes, wet mixes and cream. I think I understand the size issue. I will say, I do have extra slots for all my professions and the trade table and grinding is unbearable. I don't remember having to grind that much in the old version, maybe 2 or 3 stars. Maybe I wasn't high enough levels. In fact I think whatever the level I was on was the first time I had to grind. I was at or past the tea set. Beeline has been very receptive to our thoughts (thanks), although, we still can't sell the clothes we make . Hint hint I can't stay away, but do not play everyday anymore.


              • HelenB
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                But if you don't play everyday, you can't always get 10 picks in Jokey's game!

                Seriously, there are days I 'don't play' either, but I always pop in to pick up a couple of brick walls to sell at the trading table, and play Jokey's game.

              • Marge
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                I have so many golden prizes, I don't always play Jokey anyway. Plus I have enough coins so...
                As I said, still can't stay away long

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              I would just like to chime in and say I agree with everything suggested here. I lost interest in this game after they revamped it (I still prefer the old game by leaps and bounds) but I recently decided to try it again. The new version seems to take forever with grinding.