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[ND] My ideas for updating the Smurf Life Trading Post

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  • [ND] My ideas for updating the Smurf Life Trading Post

    I was just reading the Ways to reduce the amount of Grinding in Smurf Life post and was inspired to write a post specifically about updating Trading Post. When I first started playing in version 1.2.0 I used the Trading Post all the time. Now I rarely use it, I just sell everything on the Trading Table. I have a few suggestions to make the Trading Post exciting again.

    1) Instead of six nameless smurfs giving me quests it would be awesome if they were named smurfs. I would love to make Explosion Potions for Jokey, a Tea Set for Nanny, or Bookcases for Brainy instead of some random item for a nameless smurf.

    2) Limit it so that there can only be two quests from the same profession at the same time. Right now I have four quests for Alchemy items and that is just not as fun as having one or two quests from each profession. If suggestion 1 is done, limit it so each smurf can only give one quest at a time (so I will never have two quests from Brainy at the same time).

    3) Change the rewards for Trading Post quests so they are not just Trade Tokens. If I could sometimes earn a Sunstone Fragment, Solar Amulet Shard, resources, a Star for a profession, or even a single Moon Dust I would spend a lot more time crafting for the Trading Post instead of the Trading Table.

    4) If both suggestions 1 and 3 are done, have the quest rewards make sense for the quest giver. Some possibilities might be:
    --- Any smurf could give Trade Tokens as rewards most of the time.
    --- Any smurf could occasionally give a Sunstone Fragment or a Solar Amulet Shard as a reward.
    --- Alchemy, Building, Cooking, and Tailor Profession smurfs could occasionally give relevant resources as a reward. These could be collected resources (5 Wood, 5 Almonds, 5 Iron Chunks, etc.) or trainer resources (1 Oil, 1 Trowel, 1 Knitting Needle, etc.)
    --- Alchemy, Building, Cooking, and Tailor Profession smurfs could rarely give a Star for their profession.
    --- Papa could be the only smurf who rarely rewards 1 Moon Dust.

    I would love to hear what other ideas exist for updating the Trading Post.

    P.S. I had another idea today:
    ​5) Make it so we are more likely to get quests for items we have not yet mastered. Right now I have three quests for items I have already mastered. Because I remember how hard a grind it was to master them I am not excited about making another 3 or 4 copies for the Trading Post.
    Last edited by Nerdy Smurf; 02-03-2014, 12:23 AM. Reason: Added a P.S. that includes a fifth idea I had after making the original post.

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    Nice suggestions, I really like them


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      I agree, these sound like some creative ideas!


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        Interesting suggestions. I haven't used the trading post since the trade table was introduced. I used to use it all the time in the original version to earn coins.