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[ND] Allow players to earn Moondust by watching an in-game Ad

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  • [ND] Allow players to earn Moondust by watching an in-game Ad

    I know Smurf Life is in danger of being no longer developed by the studio, so I want to throw an idea out there for Beeline to consider. I know Beeline doesn't typically advertise other companies’ products in their own games, but seeing how more revenue is needed in order for the game to be successful, I think this route could be something to think about.

    So how about giving the players a daily offer to watch a brief video ad, and in exchange the player will receive 1 Moondust? There is another game that does this. This would also alleviate the issue of players not being able to earn enough Moondust within the game, since ways to obtain Moondust within the game is so very limited.

    This could be implemented by adding another special smurf to the game (Actor Smurf, perhaps?), or by sending the offer to the mailbox everyday (doesn’t have to be everyday, could be once a week, few times a week, whatever). And it would be totally up to the player to decide if they want to watch the ad or not. But I bet that most players would if it meant earning Moondust. I know I would! It would be a non-intrusive way to include ads in the game. No annoying pop-ups or anything like that. The player would have to go and retrieve the offer if they want it.

    I want to see this game saved and this is just an idea. What does everyone think? If anyone has any other ideas, please share!

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    That's an interesting idea! I have a different one (that could be implemented in addition to yours). There are so many players of Smurf's Village. Why not get those players interested in Smurf Life by combining the games? Include the ability to take items we craft in Smurf Life and put them into the Smurf Village Game. For example, take a smurfbox derby racer you made in Smurf Life and be able to drive it around Smurf's Village! People who are big Smurf's Village fans would be very interested in earning new and exclusive items for their villages.


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      OMG, Helen! That is a totally awesome idea! There so many items that can be crafted and used as decoration in SV! You should make a separate idea topic for it so Beeline sees it. I love it!


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        Okay, new topic coming up!