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No more levels in the magical meadow??

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  • No more levels in the magical meadow??

    I've reached the max level of 41 in the magical meadow and now the game is sort of boring. When will there be an update? Have others found this a disappointing problem too?
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    aadesh53 If you look for it, you’ll find there is already some info here on the possible updating of Magical Meadow, and debbles smurf. is the person you might contact about it. Just a note: level 41 is not the max level. I am on a higher level than that, and I’m pretty sure I’ve read others’ comments to that effect.


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      There is an update coming as someone from popreach has previously contacted me regarding this. The next update will include a number of bug fixes which is probably why the update is yet to be released. Please be patient the developers are working on the update and there are some good things ahead with the game. Anyway in the meantime work towards building your coin and acorns as you will need those to purchase any new items.