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    Hi friends, i am back, i don't know how this happens but the game is fine now


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      I'm getting very frustrated with my Smurfy Club..... I go into chat and there is chat going on, but it's like I'm not even seen, no one responds to my comments. Are my comments being ignored? I don't think that Chickadee, Martin and Firat are ignoring me. It's only been about the last 10 days. Anyone?


      • chickadee2013
        chickadee2013 commented
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        Hi Amber, I haven't seen anyone on there lately either. This morning I spoke to Malini and will catch up again in a couple of hours. I did respond to you when you mentioned your week hadn't gone so well (when you were away) but didn't get a response so I thought you must have gone out. Don't think the counter works properly to show how many players are online.

        I've had problems with crashing but it's a bit better now and since I was able to talk with Malini today it should be okay. I will look out for you.

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      Thanks Chicka... I'm heading back to chat and our conversation. 😄


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        I just started a club serious smurfs. Looking for members or to join another club. Want a club with people who play everyday and send gifts and help out with the tasks. I join a club and then get annoyed and leave when other people don't even update the game. So annoying. If you're not playing anymore delete yourself.


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          Join my new "Elikenko" club!it's gonna be smurfy!