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Discuss the best way to use our new Smurfy Club Boosts to their full potential!

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    Any members of Grouchy Goal Getters please post suggestions for your preferred boost here. I'll check back


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      Thanks Gracesmurf - I know it is difficult for leaders (especially if the chat isn't working properly! Personally I like Veggie out and potato salad time but sometimes a rotation is good as it might help out people who have their own 'personal goals'? You can't please everyone though!


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        Slow day at work... 😇

        After spending some time juggling the crop numbers around, I found that the boosts for increased Sell Price are generally better than the boost with a bonus on the output - as long as the main interest is making the most money. The best crops to sell at the increased price are raspberries and red currents. You can earn more money per hour with blackberries, but that would mean you'd have to babysit the crops around the clock. Raspberries take 10 minutes at a sell price of 19, so they're practically unbeatable except that you have to keep harvesting and planting them every ten minutes. Red currants take 20 minutes with a sell price 22, so not that much more. In comparison to strawberries, which also take 20 min to grow, the red currants sell for twice as much as the strawberries (with or without boost).

        Among the faster growing crops - including even peas at 1 and tomatoes at 2 hours - the red currants have the highest sales price, i.e. Even if you harvest only once every hour, you get more money for the raspberries or the currants than for the peas grown during the same one hour. You just have to hurry up more with harvesting the raspberries since the boost wears off faster. For raspberries and red currants you get 17 and 18 coins more per harvested field (3 crops per field) with the sell price boost than with the bonus output (4 per field). Combine that with Farmer Smurf's boost, and you'd be raking it in!

        I have been using mostly boosts 2a and 4a for a bonus on veggies and fruit, respectively, but from now on, I will also use 2b Buy local for the increased Sell Price.

        Disclaimer: I always manage to confuse myself when juggling with numbers, so all the numbers are provided "As Is" without any warranty for accuracy!