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My thank you message to everyone at Beeline!

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  • My thank you message to everyone at Beeline!

    To everyone at Beeline,

    I just wanted to thank you for SV and SVMM. I love both games and play them daily. I wanted to apologize for venting my frustration regarding the lag so much lately. It's been very frustrating especially when I'm losing a lot of Magical Acorns. That said, I want to applaud you on the last update. ( for both villages). I absolutely love my haunted house on SVMM, the green fog around the trees and pumpkins etc makes my village absolutely gorgeous at night. It's been my favourite update so far. So much so, I have a hard time putting the game away!
    I really hope you that you can fix the lag, if you can...the game will be perfect. 😘

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    Let's face it: Our old iPads are bottom-dwelling dinosaurs. I just recently saw the Apple presentation from September where they showed a graph of the performance improvements between their different iPad models. Not much difference between iPad, iPad 2 and 3, then a hug leap to iPad Air and the same huge leap between Air and Air 2 (not to mention the leap to the new iPad Pro). Since I have been running into other memory and RAM issues with my iPad2, upgrading to new iOS versions has become suicidal and more and more apps require later iOSes, I finally caved in and will be getting an Air 2 in the coming days. This better be the cure to all my lagging issues, which have driven me insane lately. I have even stopped fully decorating my village.


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      Jileha, my iPad 3 is still a rocket. It's very fast, I love it. I think I'm going to hold out for the IPad pro to come down in price a bit... I'm not willing to shell out $1500.00 just so my SVMM is faster. It's the only thing I have a problem with.... All my other games etc are fast.