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[NI] Building timers and Quest timers are not working correctly in Magical Meadow

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  • [NI] Building timers and Quest timers are not working correctly in Magical Meadow

    I have seven huts that are stuck at 30 minutes and are not being completed. They initially completed but the timer did not go away, so I exited the game and went back in and they had restarted at 30 minutes. That's where they've been since yesterday, and each house is saying I have to spend 3,226 acorns to complete them.
    My other problem is that I have two smurfs on a quest, but the timer is saying that the quest is going to take 192,652 hours to complete. The quest is for Farmer Smurf.

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    Hi Apricot. Are you playing the iOS or Android version? You should also submit a Customer Support ticket if you haven't already done so.


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      Android. I just opened a ticket. Thanks.


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        That seems to be a glitch had that happen with the merry go round. Restarting my device and going back into the game seemed to prompt the smurfs to build the item

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      The timer quest of a smurf exceed 190960 days!
      I have reinstalled the game but the issue is still there, it is in the saved game.
      Can you correct it? At least at game startup check that every quests does not exceed xx hours maximum.
      And change your variable type to unsigned byte please. (Yes I'm a developer guy)
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        Now i have 5 smurfs in 2 quests with 190820 and 190855 days left !
        I think it was happening when I have switch off the screen without exit the game (Samsung Galaxy S7)
        Hope that help to correct this big issue.


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          Can you add a button to reinitialize a quest?
          I'm stuck right now, so i prefer restart the quest.
          I think it's a good idea, it will be a good workaround for lot of issues around here.