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[NI] Can't launch Magical Meadow app unless connected to Wi-Fi

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  • [NI] Can't launch Magical Meadow app unless connected to Wi-Fi

    My wife and I recently started playing this game. Everything was fine for a few days, but starting yesterday the game will crash at the loading screen if my wife is not connected to wifi.
    It works fine on my phone. I even loaded the game on our daughters phone and was able to load my wife's game off the wifi.
    I have reinstalled the game. I have turned the phone off and left it off for about 10 minutes. I cleared the Google Play cache.
    I have checked all the settings both in game and in Android and they are the same as my phone.
    This is the only game affected.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Hello Kyle, and welcome to the Community. Smurfs' Village and the Magical Meadow requires an internet connection to play. This can be either cellular, or Wi-Fi.


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      I understand that it needs an internet connection, she has that through her cellular connectio. She is able to access website and other games that use the internet work.
      However when she is


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        Your reply is cut off mid-sentence.


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          Sorry, connection timed out.
          When she tries to play this game without a wifi connection it won't load. She is able to access websites and other games that use the internet work fine.


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            Just to add another wrinkle.
            We have determined that if she is on wifi and opens the game, and then we leave the area of that wifi the game will work as long as she doesn't close it.