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[Android] New issues occurring with Magical Meadow version 1.9.1a on my Samsung Galaxy S5

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  • [Android] New issues occurring with Magical Meadow version 1.9.1a on my Samsung Galaxy S5

    1: Can no longer activate farmer smurf boost
    2: Access to storage to delete items stops working once full
    3: Game lags
    4: Game crashes

    I am playing on a samsung galaxy s5 android 6.0.1 these issue never used to exist on this device

    Please fix

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    Thanks Debbles. Flashman/Bongfish haven't made any changes to Magical Meadow yet, so whatever new issues you are experiencing are caused by either the device or the last update put out by Beeline (1.9.1a).

    If you've tried rebooting your device and still have the same problems, then the only thing to do is wait for a potential fix from the new developers once they stabilize Smurfs' Village.


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      I have tried clearing the cache and other things so I guess will wait for an update.


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        While playing every button becomes useless non responsive, boots for farmer smurf non responsive, unable to delete things from storage as non responsive


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          debbles smurf Thanks for sharing this new issue you are having. Similar as before, there is nothing that can really be done at this time since the new Developers are still focusing all of their attention on the original Smurfs' Village at this point in time.


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            I suspect it is the server. I say this because when accessing the saved game it is loading what is saved on the server


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              There is a major issue with regards to voting on random villages it gets stuck can't vote or even exit

              I am now playing the game on a samsung galaxy s7 edge and this issue exists plus if you take an in game photo it cones out hazey I have posted a pic in a thread of what it looks like
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