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[Android] Can no longer open the game after the initial install on my ETOOS Tablet

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  • [Android] Can no longer open the game after the initial install on my ETOOS Tablet

    SV: the Magical Meadow worked fine when I started the first time.
    However, it keeps crushed whenever it gets restarted after that.
    So, I couldn't do anything at all since the first run.
    I erased all my data, rebooted my Tablet, and did the factory default, but the result is still same.
    I've read another topic and saw the fact that the research team members are working on the original SV, but I strongly demand that they take care of it as well ASAP.
    I do both SVs at the same time, and it is driving me MAD for the SV: the Magical Meadow to get crashed continually. And the version of the andoroid OS of my Tablet is 4.4.4
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    I suspect it is the server


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      Yeah, I think so, too. I managed to delete the data in the server and now it seems to have been working fine so far. Though I fear it might keep crashing again some time later.
      And as I suspected, it keeps crashing NOW in RoK, Seoul, around 17:00.
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        Henry125436 Sorry that you are having this issue. Magical Meadow is known to be a bit demanding on the hardware. I know you said that your tablet is running Android version 4.4.4, but do you have any additional specs?


        • Henry125436
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          Editing a comment
          I'd like to ask what specific specs you are asking so that I can give to you. And I suspect the continual crashes are related to the Google Play Game Services. When I logged out both Facebook and GPG, then I re logged in the former. And now the Magical Meadow is working just fine though I lost one of the great cards to back up my Magical Meadow village data.