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[iOS] The Smurfy Cinema has stopped working in Magical Meadow as of March 26th, 2020!

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  • [iOS] The Smurfy Cinema has stopped working in Magical Meadow as of March 26th, 2020!

    The cinema has stopped working. I haven't been able to watch movies for about three days. Has it been shut down? Will PopReach update this game in the future?

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    Phil Teo
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    check your private messages guys


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      The cinema has stopped working!!! HELP!!


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        Yes Thats too bad
        🦥 Smurfs greetings Schlumpfin mc smurfy


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          There are no videos to watch. It might be because of the pandemic


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            I have raised this particular issue as it also affects android. Hopefully it can be resolved in the next update for all platforms


            • Morning Sky
              Morning Sky commented
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              Thanks for this information debbles smurf There I know a few bugs, please let PopReach know if it hasn’t still happened:
              The rewards you get at Vanity's Hut only give out coins or XP very irregularly. Often it takes days until they give something again.
              Marco works unreliably. He doesn't show up in a village every day.
              When you give presents to others, you don't always get a heart.
              I am on IOS

              By the way, it would be wonderful and extremely helpful if the storage capacities were increased.
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            • debbles smurf
              debbles smurf commented
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              Hi Morning Sky

              I just passed on your feedback. Hopefully those and other bugs and the storage will be addressed in the next update.

            • Pemby
              Pemby commented
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              One bug that is relatively minor but has always annoyed me: I have maximized my storage, and when I open the storage screen to the 'crops' page, the '+' icon is greyed out. But when I press it, it gives me the message 'This storage category has unlimited storage'.

              Being greyed out it shouldn't respond, and also the message is wrong.

              If I then go to the 'smurfy items' page, the '+' icon is no longer greyed out, indicating it is active. But if I press it, then nothing happens.

              Playing on Android.