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    Made this wiki ( from an old SV hacking site. I hope it can help.
    The smurfs village Wiki is a community site that anyone can contribute to. Discover, share and add your knowledge!


    • Kareelia
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      Great idea. I can't find the actual data in there (yet?), but it sure seems like it could be a good sharing community. 😊

    • Camper's Beaver
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      Thank you for your support! I am going to add a table for wonders soon!

    • skydiver118
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      It does look like a good sharing place.

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    is it possible to create a listing of the EOs huts being offered in the mystery boxes & what are their uses?


    • skydiver118
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      I can certainly work on it. I don't think it'll ever be comprehensive since Beeline seems to be randomly adding things but there can be some sort of list. there is a tread in the off topic where people have listed what they've won. That can at least be a starting place. Most of the EOs do seem to just be decorative and maybe give XP.

    • Kareelia
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      Morning Sky already made a post with this info in the update thread.

    • skydiver118
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      She did and hers is very good. What I may simply do is compile a list of what EO does or bonus or just decorative. Then it can co-exist with her wonderful collection of game master items.

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    My thanks to everyone that's posted in this thread with exclusive offers.

    If you want to see photos of the items, check it out in the thread.

    I'm sure this is not a comprehensive list of every single EO over the years. And while some of these have shown up in Game Master's boxes - both free and 60SB, some have not. And since the contents of those boxes seem to be fluid - things can be added or removed at Beeline's pleasure - there's no way to have any sort of comprehensive list. If anyone is curious about what's been won in Game Master's boxes, then this is a good thread to check out.

    These are also based around the iOS version of the game. Android players may have different items.

    Exclusive offers.

    ELITE VIP OFFERS – These offers usually started at $49 or higher and come with ‘tremendous’ xp on a daily basis. Many were also originally sold with large amounts of smurfberries

    Gargamel with Hair
    Temple of the West Wind
    Smurfy Mansion

    Fire Hall
    Magical Library
    Town Hall
    Magical Springs
    Smurfy Laboratory
    Lord Balthazar’s Castle
    Gargamel (For some reason this was also offered at a normal EO starting price of $24.99 for a short period)
    Gargamel is now also available in the store menu
    Gargamel's Castle

    Morphio’s Castle

    Offers that come with games or bonuses.
    Many of these are available as prizes in Game Master.

    Light Hut
    Festive Tree Hut
    Golden Coin Shop
    Grove Flower Shop
    - unlocks 2 crops
    Exchange Hut – allows you to sell back coin items for coins (less than they were bought for)
    Thief Smurfs Hut – a daily game
    Fortune Teller Hut – grow crops to earn prizes
    Vanity Smurfs Space Hut – quests (reportedly this hut has been broken for quite some time, it asks for impossible quests)
    Festival Feast Table – grow crops and Smurfs will come and eat
    Smurflings – a daily game
    Garden Shop – unlocks Cauliflower and Chili Peppers, also allows you to remove multiple crops if you change your mind
    Puzzle Smurf – collect pieces to get prizes
    Smurfy Eatery – allows you to feed your Smurfs once a day
    Finance Smurf Bank – unlocks store items and comes with quests
    Bird Feeder Hut – allows you to collect decorative birds
    Shell Shop – allows you to paint shells
    Bike Shop – unlocks store items
    Petting Zoo – grow crops to earn animals for the zoo
    Geologist Hut – unlocks new minerals and increases XP
    Miller Smurf – unlocks store items
    Weakling Smurf – quests to grow crops
    Arts and Crafts Hut – allows you to make stickers you can share
    Harmony’s Music Shop – unlocks store items
    Glassmith Smurf – unlocks store items
    Arborist Smurf Hut – unlocks store items
    Patchwork Smurf – allows you to make patchwork items
    Glow Smurf Hut (not to be confused with the one in the Grove that is a SB item) – unlocks store items
    Cupid Smurf – has a game that can be played every 6 hours
    Doctor Smurf – grow crops to heal Smurfs every 12 hours
    Dentist Smurf – grow crops to heal Smurfs every 12 hours
    Parade Shop – unlocks store items
    Flower Boutique – allows you to make flower vases
    Giant Plant Nursery – unlocks store items
    Mushroom Shop – unlocks a crop
    Elemental Orb Boutique - unlocks buying orbs
    Haunted Shop - has items for sale
    Medieval Shop - unlocks items in the store
    Lost Village Disguise Shop
    Galactic Shop
    Pathway Tile Shop -
    unlocks store items

    Decorative items that may or not be interactive.
    Some of these items will interact with your Smurfs, such as they ride the animals play a game or visit the hut, other items are purely decorative and do nothing. Most, if not all, give XP on a regular basis.
    Many of these items are available as prizes in Game Master.

    Antique Shop
    Golden Sphinx
    Dragon Hoard

    Rock Climbing Wall
    Carnival Tower Ride
    Pumpkin Ride
    Ball Toss Game
    Red Baby Pandas
    Smurf in dragon costume
    Snail stable
    Kangaroo Family
    Elephant Spraying Water
    Bowling Game
    Candy House
    Circus high wire
    Space car
    Hamster ball
    Capybara babies
    Smurfy canon
    Baby pandas
    Macaque hot spring
    Smurf jet
    Arcade machine
    Husky puppies
    Carnival plane ride
    Bungee jump
    St Bernard
    Koala bears
    Pirate shipwreck
    Swan family
    Space frog
    Knight on unicorn
    Smurf in helmet
    Young yeti
    Polar bear family
    Archery range
    Swirly slide
    Big fat gorilla
    Magical lamp
    Kiddie pool
    Jungle gym
    Mechanical bull ride
    Lemonade stand
    Space pool table
    Ice skating rink
    Smurf in dino costume
    Pole vault
    Skunk family
    Hang glider
    Fuzzles group
    Wise tree
    Giraffe slide
    Bubba beast
    Chocolate volcano
    Smurf and slide
    Moat monster
    Magical rock giant
    Grey crown crane
    Buzz fly and purple Smurf
    Big mouth
    Gargamel costume
    Smurf relaxation hut
    Prank Smurf in a box
    Book of spells
    Gopher with vegetable cart
    Group of pilus
    Puppy and kitten
    Toy shop
    Gingerbread Smurf
    Ski springboard
    Arctic fox
    Magical snowman
    Snow fort
    Giant ice spider
    Choco ness monster
    Magic space bird
    Silver fanged growler
    Adorable duck family
    Smurfs making soup
    Grizzly bear eating berries
    Adorable chick
    Big bunny
    Beautiful butterfly
    Ball pit
    Magical carpet slide
    Beautiful albino peacock
    King crab
    Water trampoline
    Lock monster
    Siberian tiger family
    Smurf in bee costume
    Tiki hut
    Big adorable panda
    Road runner
    Magical rainbow phoenix
    Beekeeper Smurf
    The King
    Climbing Tree
    Candy Store
    Tree with rope swing and pond
    Smoothie shake hut
    Log Flume
    Robin Smurf
    Mime Smurf
    Weepy Smurf
    Pugs and pumpkins
    Rainbow spider
    Candy apple shop
    Biggus mouthicus
    Ancient chariot
    Rainbow Hippogriff
    Water sprite
    Mother nature (she is also available now for free in the Grove, once you buy and build her house as a Wonder)
    Firefly oasis
    Mr. Nicholas
    Kiwi Couple
    Mini flying rocket
    Bubble jet pack
    Glow in the dark scorpion
    Bobcat family
    Ice cream shop
    Baby pink elephant
    Valentine’s unicorn
    Meek Meek
    Waterfall dive
    Gymnastics playground
    Table soccer
    Table tennis
    Rainbow fuzzles
    Glowberry dragon
    Pussywillow pixies
    Smurfy bubble tub
    Exotic bird house
    Albatross family
    Night bloom shop
    Silkie chickens
    Soaring Smurf
    Popcorn shop
    Jungle hut
    Smurfy wagon
    Pet shelter
    Lord Balthazar
    Volleyball Net
    Helium Balloon Ride
    Baseball batting net
    Sports stalls
    Surf Shop
    Mythical Flying Dragon
    Soapbox Racer
    Flying Bat Smurf
    Swamp Monster Smurf
    Ice Hawk
    Stone Bear
    Gingerbread Smurf
    Snow Machine
    Snowy Unicorn
    New Year's Ball Drop
    Lost Village Hang Glider
    Medieval Suit of Armor
    Balance Ball

    Questing Beast
    Otter Couple Pond
    Bongo Antelope
    Snow Machine
    Cupcake shop
    Magical Suit of Armor

    Steve Butterfly
    Enchanted Forest Dolphins
    Enchanted Forest Scooter
    Enchanted Forest Willow
    Air Tunnel Ride
    Glow Bunny Burrow
    Big Bunny
    Adorable Chick
    Frank Caterpillar
    Dame Barbara
    Tiki Warrior
    Emerald Empress
    Space Creatures in Flying Saucer
    Smurfy Flying Contraption
    Wingsuit Smurf
    Mud Monster
    Flock of Parakeets
    Cosmic star tree
    Snowshoe Smurf
    Roller Skating Smurf
    Bouncy Sponge

    Ancient Forest Spirit
    Halloween Azrael
    Tree with colony of bats
    Glowing Falls
    Gabby the Pookie
    Handy's Berry Picker
    Harmony's Musical Contraption
    Swamp of no Return Piranas
    Lost Village Disguise Beast
    Enchanted Forest Glowing Ring Flowers
    Treasure Hunter Imp
    Lost Village Bee Chariot
    Polar Fuzzies
    Snow Machine
    Snowy Unicorn
    New Years Ball Drop
    Magical Suit of Armor

    Jan 2018
    The list will be updated periodically.
    If there are any errors, just let me know and I can edit.
    Last edited by skydiver118; 01-07-2018, 06:01 PM.


    • chocolatefruitnut
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      thanks for this list!
      Am wondering if it will be easier to take morning sky's pictures and combine your infor onto that diagram?

    • skydiver118
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      That would be up to Morning Sky. She did a lot of work to take and compile all those caps. I wouldn't dream of using those images without permission.

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    The Tiki Wonder

    Resources needed
    Stone 700/750/850/1000
    Wood 700/750/850/1000
    Dye 150/175/225/300
    Stardust 250/275/325/400


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      As some people have asked lately which huts they should buy, I thought it might be good to have examples of what you can win from some of them. Sometimes I've listed two or three possible rewards. All rewards listed are for the free rounds. This is no complete list, though. I'll add some missing ones, but don't have all games.

      Karate: bamboo + 5000 xp. You get a prize plus xp for the amount of good/smurfy you managed. I had 50 smurfy, 100 xp per smurfy means a 5000 xp reward.
      Grandpa: Table + 2500 xp; 7500 xp + 2500 xp. You get 2500 xp for completion + a prize.
      Pirate: Traffic cone + 5 stone + 250 coins; parrot + 10 stone, 2 dye, 100 xp, 450 coins
      Lucky: 500 coins
      Marina: 2 smurfberries + 2085 coins + 1575 xp (the chances of getting smurfberries are very slim; [first reef 1 SB, 2nd 2 SB, 3rd 3 SB])
      Halloween Clubhouse: 2500 xp + 1 Halloween candy (for which you can buy items in the hut's shop, like a smurf in a pumpkin costume, an autumn gate, a spiderweb trampoline, etc)

      Main Village:
      Lucky: Yellow fence corner; sack of apples
      Memory: Halloween pumpkin + 6100 xp; tree + 6800 xp. You will receive a prize plus xp for however much time you have left.
      Naughties: Sunflower + 75 coins + 495 xp; vanity + 80 coins + 465 xp; papa smurf balloon + 90 coins + 450 xp.
      Gutsy: 1 berry + 1240 coins + 3875 xp; for 64 purple berries plus 1 red berry caught. You need to buy the gloves to be able to catch red berries and they'll only show in the third, difficult round. You won't win berries (you can win 1 or 2) in every round. Sometimes you'll go twenty rounds without a berry, then get berries twice in a row, or every fifth game. It's random.
      Detective: Mushroom + 2100 xp; cake roll + 2100 xp
      Chilly: Glow polar bear + 2250 xp; lantern + 2250 xp
      Stocking stuffer: Sock stick + 775 xp; snowman + 775 xp; 2000 coins + 750 xp.
      Balloon: Chocolate hearts + 6850 xp (for 15/15/14 balloons); flag + 7100 xp (15/18/15); cupcakes + 7250 xp (17/15/16)
      Wildling: Butterfly stick + 2500 xp (for 10 leaves); coati family + 9100 xp (for 22 leaves). You receive a prize plus xp for the leaves and hourglasses you ''eat''; the hourglasses reward more xp than the leaves.

      Lucky: Tree + 7500 xp. It's a walnut game, so you see the prizes and can choose out of the three available ones.

      Glow Smurf's weed whacking: 7 stardust + 6000 xp. You have to find all 20 weeds to get a prize, if you don't, you will only receive xp for the amount you found. You get 300 xp per weed.
      Bunny game: Stone with symbols + 39 450 xp (65 flowers touched), red rose sheep + 34 900 xp (56 flowers)

      Archeologist: 11 dye + 7000 coins + climbing gear + 1600 xp. You will receive between one and four prizes, depending on how many glittery bits you walk to. The four prizes consist of always one item prize and three resources/coins/xp prizes. Additionally, you get xp for each step you take. In this case, I got three prizes plus xp for steps.
      Camper: Cute rat in a cup. In this game you can try five times to win something you want. There's resources, xp, coins, and boxes in which you will find items.
      Grouchy's Easter Hunt: 10 wood + xp. Find the three golden eggs to get a prize. Each normal egg rewards 150 xp and there's 30 of them.
      Last edited by Evanna; 06-27-2017, 01:38 PM.


      • skydiver118
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        Nice. You know I've been keeping track of my winnings on the Key games so I can get a rough idea of which game gives you the best chance for keys, so I can add to this once I've finished.

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      Would be good to post something in relation to the island you win from pirate and the statue in swoof planet in what the average number of tries to get each are. Players have asked this question many times as they are part of the homnibus goals as well


      • skydiver118
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        That may be a group thing, simply because I already won the Sphinx on both my device and I only have Pirate on one and stopped trying for the island after winning free round prizes for my berries about 15 times in a row (can't recall who once said for a 5 SB round you should win something worth 5SB)..not ruling Pirate out, however that game is set so horribly 'anti player' that true experimentation may need to wait until I'm at the point of berries to burn.

        Perhaps if players in general would like to post their experiences and we could build something from there.

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      Game Prizes

      This isn’t a comprehensive list of all prizes. Only what I won playing 50 rounds of each game. These are free round only prizes and can possibly change at any time should Beeline choose to do so. For games like Lucky I only listed the prizes I chose to win, not all that is offered. Even though 50 is a small sample, there seems to be no pattern in winning the prizes. Sometimes I’ll get the same thing 2-3 plays in a row, other times I won’t win a prize for weeks.

      5000 Coins
      Rock Caterpillar
      Herb Garden
      Wheelbarrow and flowers
      Rock pond (little rock water bucket)
      Frog – gives XP
      Green Bush
      2000 Coins
      Badger – gives XP
      Bookworm – gives XP
      Coterie – Gives XP
      Orange flowering Bush
      Wheat stalks

      Balloon popping game
      Café table
      Feast table
      Candy Box
      Candy Jar
      Heart Flag
      Multi colored balloons – gives XP
      Plate of Cupcakes
      Heart Mushroom
      Heart candle
      Red/pink Balloons
      Heart lamp
      Purple orb
      Heart tree
      Heart bush
      Heart wreath

      Chilly’s Game
      Straw goat
      Chocolate cake
      Lighted polar bear
      Toy sack
      Present – there are 2-3 different kinds of presents
      Lighted arch
      Lighted Penguin
      Candy cane – is a winter only item so it melts away
      Light pole
      Chestnut roaster – gives coins
      White tree – gives XP


      Red mushroom
      Chocolate cake
      5 stones
      1500 xp
      Beach chair
      Golden coat
      Black coat
      Grey coat
      Goblin light
      1500 coins
      1 dye
      5 wood
      Pink trellis
      Table with handcuffs
      Grey coat
      2500 coins
      Brown coat
      Light pole

      Lucky in space

      Alien flower
      Yellow/pink tree
      Pink tree
      Lava fountain – gives XP
      Glowing puff ball
      Purple flower
      Mushroom fire place – gives XP
      Star table

      Pile of leaves
      Aloe tree
      Pink boot
      Aloe plant
      Chart table
      Oyster– gives XP
      Blue flag
      Crossing sign
      Cypress tree
      Sand chair
      Sand dollar
      Sand table
      Wooden bed
      Radio– gives XP
      Stone Table

      Karate Smurf
      Green gi
      Yellow gi
      Rainbow Decorative Gate
      Bamboo fence
      Yellow flower
      Bamboo plant
      Orange bonsai tree– gives XP
      Pink orchid
      Flower fence
      Mermaid statue
      Square Lamp
      Curved Lamp

      Jokey’s sock drop
      Lighted deer
      Wooden reindeer
      Sock pole
      Wooden bed
      Green tree
      3 candles
      Peppermint lamp
      Barrel of apples
      Round table

      Pumpkin lamp
      Toilet paper tree
      Jack o lantern – there are 2-3 varieties of jack o lanterns
      Headless horseman– gives XP
      Headless’ head– gives XP
      Harvest stage– gives XP
      Candy box
      Wishing well– gives XP
      Clock tower– gives XP

      Lava lamp
      Flowers – white, red, purple
      Gnome – there are 2-3 different kinds of garden gnomes
      Lighthouse– gives XP
      Bell pole
      Stone smurfette
      Traffic cone
      Beach umbrella
      Light Post


      • Evanna
        Evanna commented
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        The memory game, fro example, rewards more or less xp depending on how many seconds you have left, but there are games where time doesn't matter. The 'tap on x somethings to win a prize' games reward a set amount of xp, for example (Grouchy's egg hunt, Enarmored, weed whacking, Halloween candy).
        As Skydiver said, some games reward more the higher your level is or reward more if you have any extras that somehow change the rewards. If a game keeps rewarding the same no matter how you perform/if you've done the basics, then you know it's a set amount. It might change with levels, so if you are interested in that, it might be good to write down how much to win before hitting a new level and then compare the rewards.
        Other games whre you win different prizes within the game have an upper and lower limit and it's easier to answer your question concening those (eg archeologist on the mountain rewards x stone to y stone, so we have a definite minimum and maximum).

      • Mrsad
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        I recently got a bone in Detectives game where do they go It didn't give me an option to place it.

      • skydiver118
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        Bones kinda go into a database, so to speak. And if you have caveman smurf on hte island or baby and puppy in space you can use them to grow dinosaurs or dig for treasure respectively.
        If you have neither of those smurfs...the bone just goes into a talley to be used when/if you do get them

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      Key games

      To see if I could get a handle on which of the games was the ‘best’ to win keys, I played each game enough to win 50 times and kept track of the prizes. Obviously, some games will end up being better than others in the long run because some games have a refresh time of 3 hours (90 minutes with the trophy) and others you can only play once a day (twice with the trophy)

      I also experienced different winning ratios on my iPod vs my iPad. My iPad is about half a level ahead of my ipod, so while levels might have something to do with the key ratio, the two devices are close enough that it should be a negligible amount.

      This also spanned the 1.37 and 1.38 update. We know that Beeline seems to have some control over how often keys drop (their ‘now win keys 3 times as often’ splash page of a few weeks ago), so these ratios can and likely will change if Beeline decides to do so. (maybe for Christmas they could really up the ratio and give out tons of keys???? Just an idea)

      Given the differences between my two games you can’t really declare any one game to be the ‘one to play’ to up your chances to get keys. The balloon game and Chilly do pretty good, as do grandpa and Karate (which also have a very short refresh time)
      Pirate is ‘why bother’ while Lucky in Space and Detective seem to be either great or not so great.

      Caterpillar 4/50
      Balloon Popping 4/50
      Chilly 8/50
      Detective 3/50
      Lucky in Space 4/50
      Grandpa 4/50
      Karate 6/50
      Pirate 1/50
      Jokey Sock Drop 1/50
      Scaredy 2/40

      Caterpillar 4/50
      Balloon popping 8/50
      Chilly 6/50
      Detective 7/50
      Lucky in Space 8/50
      Grandpa 4/50
      Karate 5/50
      Jokey Sock Drop 4/50
      Scaredy 1/50


      • Evanna
        Evanna commented
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        Interesting to see how it is for others. I think Chilly has given me a total of one (maybe two) key(s) since we have keys. Even archeologist gave me more keys. Detective isn't generous either. My best key games were karate and grandpa, although I got more from grandpa. Then it switched to Lucky in space being the one giving out most keys. In the past week, I got three keys from Scaredy (I play twice per day).

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      Here is a rough guide on what it takes to build each wonder.

      Updated 4-30-2021

      A few notes....some of my earlier version numbers are total guess work. I simply cannot find what wonder came when so I filled in the gaps with guesswork. (and really, now that we've long past those game versions it really doesn't matter)

      Also, on a few cases I don't have exact documentation of how many resources it takes to build each wonder, so I guessed....what I mean is I don't know exactly when the resource needed numbers went up so I guessed. So if some of the info is wrong, please let me know and I'll change it.

      Some of the older wonders based step 1 needs on the resources a player has when they start it, however, as I understand it, even if the resource need starts off really low, eventually the needs are the same.

      Earlier wonders have the same number needed for each stage....for example 570 wood for each stage, but in the newer ones, the numbers increase with each 700/750/850/1000 wood and stone.

      So for new players, I'd suggest to start with the older wonders first, They require the least resources and should be easier to build to start earning that berry a week.

      There are companion items for the mountain wonders. Here are the resources needed to build those.
      Mountain Companion Items Wood Stone Dye
      Binoculars 692 692 521
      Test of Strength 901 901 673
      Wheat Shed 532 532 401
      outdoor Fireplace 901 901 673
      Smurf Jousting Game 901 901 673
      Rock Tumbler 901 901 673
      Here is a rough guide on what it takes to build each wonder.
      Update Name Area Wood Stone Dye Stardust Seeds
      1.00 Windmill Mountain 1600 1600 240
      1.01 Watchtower Mountain 2080 2080 312
      1.02 Carousel Mountain 2705 2705 407
      1.03 Mining Machine Mountain 2703 2703 403
      1.04 Terrarium Space 1440 1440 168 105
      1.04.6 Chalet Mountain 1950 1950 475
      1.04.8 Castle (Two Stages) Mountain 6000 4200 800 1120
      1.05.0 Cake Tower Space 2500 1800 450 600
      1.05.1 Aquarium Space 2100 1800 450 300
      1.05.4 Weather Machine Mainland 2100 1800 450 300
      1.05.6 Sphinx Space 2270 1945 475 325
      1.05.7 Volcano Island 2280 1940 480 320
      1.05.7 Starlight Tower Space 2280 1940 480 320
      1.05.8 Mystical Oak Mainland 2280 1940 480 320
      1.05.9 Sands of Time Mountain 2280 1940 528 320
      1.06 Beach Resort Island 2280 1940 480 320
      1.07 Spooky Mansion Mainland 2280 1940 528 640
      1.08 Natural Spring Mountain 2280 1940 528 640
      1.09 Cornicopia Space 2280 1940 528 640
      1.10 Festive Tree Mainland 2280 1940 528 650
      1.11 Smurf Statue Mountain 2280 1940 528 640
      1.12 Clockwork Smurfette Island 2280 1940 528 640
      1.13 Barnyard Mainland 2280 1940 528 640
      1.14 Floral Fountain Mainland 2280 1940 528 640
      1.15 Space Tree Space 2280 1940 528 640
      1.16 Sand Sculpture Island 2280 1940 528 640
      1.17 Water Park Island 2850 2425 660 800
      1.18 Mount Swoofmore Space 2280 1940 528 640
      1.19 Dig Site Mountain 2280 1940 528 640
      1.20 King Swoof Hut Space 2280 1940 528 640
      1.21 Zen Garden Island 2280 1940 528 640
      1.22 School House Mountain 2280 1940 528 640
      1.23 Stage Mountain 2280 1940 528 640
      1.24 Swamp Mainland 2280 1940 528 640
      1.25 Coliseum Mountain 2280 1940 528 640
      1.26 Charming Pond Island 2280 1940 528 640
      1.27 Gingerbread House Mainland 2280 1940 528 640
      1.28 Swoofy Planetarium Space 2280 1940 528 840
      1.29 Stuffy Building Station Mainland 2280 1940 528 840
      1.30 Botanical Garden Mainland 2280 1940 528 840
      1.31 Pet Palace Mountain 2280 1940 528 840
      1.32 Mother Nature's house Grove 3300 3300 850 1250
      1.33 Painter Smurf Gallery Grove 3300 3300 850 1250
      1.34 Great Jungle Pyramid Grove 3300 3300 850 1250 270
      1.35 Tree of Life Grove 3300 3300 850 1250 270
      1.36 Smurfy Blimp Mountain 3300 3300 850 1250
      1.37 Tiki Mansion Island 3300 3300 850 1250
      1.38 The Smurfeon Mountain 3300 3300 850 1250
      1.39 Pumpkin House Mainland 3300 3300 850 1250
      1.40 Butterfly Mansion Grove 3300 3300 850 1250 270
      1.41 Smurfette Ice Sculpture Mountain 3300 3300 850 1250
      1.42 Ferris Wheel Mainland 3300 3300 850 1250
      1.43 Old Tower Mountain 3300 3300 850 1250
      1.44 Spitfire Roost *no longer available Grove 3300 3300 850 1250 270
      1.45 Smurfstorm Archery Range Grove 3300 3300 850 1250 270
      1.46 Homnibus Hovel Mainland 3300 3300 850 1250
      1.47 Smurfy Space Station Space 3300 3300 850 1250
      1.48 Spelunking Cavern Grove 3300 3300 850 1250 270
      1.49 Smurfboard Loop De Loop Grove 3300 3300 850 1250 270
      1.50 Lighthouse Island Wonder Island 3300 3300 850 1250
      1.51 Trojan Dragon Wonder Mountain 3300 3300 850 1250
      1.52 Haunted Ruins Mainland 3300 3300 850 1250
      1.53 Smurfling Playhouse Grove 3300 3300 850 1250 270
      1.54 Candy Factory Space 3300 3300 850 1250
      1.55 Greedy's Festive Pudding Mainland 3300 3300 850 1250
      1.56 Ice Sculpture Wonder Mountain 3300 3300 850 1250
      1.57 Fountain of Love Wonder Grove 3300 3300 850 1250 270
      1.58 Full Color Spectrum Island 3300 3300 850 1250
      1.59 Magical Grove Easter Egg Wonder Grove 3300 3300 850 1250 270
      1.60 Holosmurf Projector Space 3300 3300 850 1250
      1.61 Smurfy Pirate Ship Wonder Island 3300 3300 850 1250
      1.62 AeroSmurf Wonder Mainland 3300 3300 850 1250
      1.63 Dragon Idol Wonder Mountain 3300 3300 850 1250
      1.64 Pool of Avalon Wonder Grove 3300 3300 850 1250 270
      1.65 Smurfhenge Wonder Island 3300 3300 850 1250 270
      1.66 Tai Chi Garden Island 3300 3300 850 1250
      1.67 Academy of Magic Wonder Mountain 3300 3300 850 1250
      1.68 Haunted Grotto Wonder Mainland 3300 3300 850 1250
      1.69 Outback Garden Wonder Island 3300 3300 850 1250
      1.70 Smurfy Snowman Wonder Mainland 3300 3300 850 1250
      1.71 Skating Rink Wonder Mainland 3300 3300 850 1250
      1.72 Great Pyramid of Emperor Swoof Space 3300 3300 850 1250
      1.73 Greedy's Valentine's Cake Mountain 3300 3300 850 1250
      1.73 Greedy's Valentine's Cake Mountain 3300 3300 850 1250
      1.74 Island Reef Island 3300 3300 850 1250
      1.75 Smurfy Tree Hut Grove 3300 3300 850 1250 270
      1.76 Rainbow Waterfall Mainland 3300 3300 850 1250
      1.77 Baby Animal Paradise Mountain 3300 3300 850 1250
      1.78 Ancient Jungle Ruins Grove 3300 3300 850 1250 270
      1.79 Smurfy Generations Wonder Mainland 3300 3300 850 1250
      1.80 Smurfy Galleria Mainland 3300 3300 850 1250
      1.81 Demon Springs Island 3300 3300 850 1250
      1.82 Giant Monster Plant Grove 3300 3300 850 1250 270
      1.83 Liberty Smurfette Mainland 3300 3300 850 1250
      1.84 Smurfcini's Flying Machine Mountain 3300 3300 850 1250
      1.85 Halloween Feast Wonder Mainland 3300 3300 850 1250
      1.86 Enchanted Falls Wonder Mountain 3300 3300 850 1250
      1.87 Smurfy Toy Factory Mainland 3300 3300 850 1250
      1.88 Smurfy Ski Resort Mountain 3300 3300 850 1250
      1.89 Lunar Dragon Wonder Island 3300 3300 850 1250
      1.90 Sakura Orchard Wonder Grove 3300 3300 850 1250 270
      1.91 Tower of Descent Wonder Mainland 3300 3300 850 1250
      1.92 Pot of Gold Wonder Grove 3300 3300 850 1250 270
      1.93 Bunny Sanctuary Wonder Mainland 3300 3300 850 1250
      1.94 Smurfy Lagoon Wonder Island 3300 3300 850 1250
      1.95 Anti-Gravity Sphere Wonder Space 3300 3300 850 1250
      1.96 Crystal Quarry Wonder Mainland 3300 3300 850 1250
      1.97 Smurfs of the Round Table Wonder Mountain 3300 3300 850 1250
      1.98 Smurfy Pool Wonder Mainland 3300 3300 850 1250
      1.99 Smurf GoRound Mainland 3300 3300 850 1250
      2.00 Treasure Island Wonder Island 3300 3300 850 1250
      2.01 Spooky Campfire Mainland 3300 3300 850 1250
      2.02 Spooky Tower Mainland 3300 3300 850 1250
      2.03 Jungle Swamp Monster Grove 3300 3300 850 1250 270
      2.04 Festive Feast Mainland 3300 3300 850 1250
      2.05 Smurfy Tubing Mountain 3300 3300 850 1250
      2.06 Lantern Festival Wonder Island 3300 3300 850 1250
      2.07 Smurfy Chocolate Factory Mainland 3300 3300 850 1250
      2.08 Swoofy Lava Dragon Space 3300 3300 850 1250
      2.09 Easter Glow Tower Wonder Mainland 3300 3300 850 1250
      2.1 Fiery Phoenix Wonder Mountain 3300 3300 850 1250
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      • sorrelaqha
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        The "Stuffy Building Station" - I can't find it in my game. Is it gone or is the name different?

      • skydiver118
        skydiver118 commented
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        I’m sorry, Plushie Workshop is the name in the game.

      • sorrelaqha
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        Okay, thanks! I wondered if maybe that was it.

    • #25
      Some of this data was taken from another site that's now defunkt, but when I was building the wonders, I would prioritize the easier ones first, such as those on the mountain that dont' need stardust. THen save the newer ones for later, when I had more resources to work with.

      I always start one and finish it, so I can get the berry a week faster.

      Just bear in mind, if you don't use berries to speed upthe process it will take you about a week per wonder, so be. patient. Right now for any new player it will take you a bit over a year to get them all done. So good to look for the long term goal instead of letting the number of wonders get you down.


      • #26
        In #13 what "trophy" are you referring to and how is it obtained?


      • #27
        Thank you so much Silver! I would've never found it on my own!


        • #28
          I would like to share some great efforts from xorlof

          MySmurfsVillage fansite past archive

          This will help lots of new players


          • skydiver118
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            thanks for sharing that. I used to depend on that site a lot for some real info. I've found that official sites - which they totally have their place - tended to be less objective than unofficial ones. I used to research every smurf I wanted to buy on that site to try and avoid buyer's remorse of one that sounds great but didn't quite deliver the hype.

          • Silver
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            When I first start playing the game, MSV site helps me a lot. I used to search every articles there to find more ways of getting smurfberries in short amount of time. I have quite many smurfberries now but I'm sure new players will find that article helpful just as I when they start playing Smurf's Village

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          Thought I shall post my experiences with the Pirate's Game and Jackal's Statue. Note that this is pre 1.46 version.

          Deserted Island from Pirate's Game

          TOTAL COST: Round 1 - 800 +SB / Round 2 - 200+SB

          For both rounds I played constantly in 1 sitting.

          Round 1: Problem was that I kept getting the magic box keys in the free round so I didnt progress to the SB round. This probably added up to the huge amounts of SB spent. I did end up getting alot of the cannons, telescopes & anchor (but no ship). When I finally received my island, the game crashed!!! I contacted spelling bee & short version of the story was my best bet was to use the hidden recovery to get my 800 SB back. hence there was a round 2...

          Round 2: I ignored the magic box keys in the free round & just concentrated on the 5SB rounds. Interestingly this round I received my Island after spending about 200+SB. However, out of that many rounds, I didnt win any cannons / telecopes nor anchors but I did win lots of worthless decorations! Especially the sandcastles!

          I did not receive any Pirate ships in these rounds. Interesting I received my pirate ship quite early in the game. If I recall correctly, it was first the anchor, cannon, telescope then the ship. I think the game only allows 1 pirate ship? If anyone's gotten more than 1 please let me know...i love those ships...

          Does not matter whether I won a SB item in the free round means that my chances of getting the island etc is greater in the SB round. Very often I would win a decoration worth coins or even that same item that I won in the free round when I progress to the SB round. The worst case was wining those darn flowers in the SB round.

          Jackal's Statue

          TOTAL COST: 200+SB

          Spent about 200+ SB before I received a Jackal's statue. This was by playing constantly. I recalling sitting there and just kept going with the SB diggings. Half of the diggings turn up as coin decorations - won alot of the toilets & chairs. I kept digging after receiving my first jackal's statue since I wanted the cats as well, strangely the next jackal statue came along pretty fast. However I am still missing my cat!


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            What about ressources for Homnibus the Wizard's Hovel Wonder ?



            • skydiver118
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              The same as the old tower, 700, 750, 850, 1000 wood and stone
              150, 175, 225, 300 dye
              250, 275, 325, 400 stardust

              That seems to be the standard amount for wonders now, the only difference is if they're in the grove you add the rare seeds

            • titidestroy
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              Ok. Thanks