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    Scaredy Smurf’s Game (Village)

    Free tier

    2000 coins
    5000 coins
    5000 xp
    Wishing well
    Festival dancing stage
    Hollow tree
    Pumpkin table
    Pumpkin lamp
    Toiler paper tree
    Smurf clock tower
    Giant wisteria tree
    Cancy box
    Headless horseman pumpkin lamp
    Headless horseman figuring
    Ghost decoration
    Skeleton decoration
    Happy jack o lantern
    Frightened jack o lantern
    Scary jack o lantern
    Puzzle smurf piece
    Brainy’s gimmick
    Clumsy’s smurfmobile
    Mystery key

    Premium tier (5 SB)

    Frankersmurf monster
    Possum family
    Baby raccoon
    Spooky lanterns
    Rideable bat
    Cat in pumpkin
    Scary Halloween cave
    Halloween sheep
    Haunted shack
    Apple bob
    Fossil bone
    Tree with crow
    Smurfy gyrocoptor
    30 dye
    Briar patch
    Brainy’s gimmick
    Clumsy’s smurfmobile


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      Wild Smurf’s Game (Village)

      Free Tier

      2000 coins
      5000 coins
      5000 xp
      Flower cart
      Stone herb garden
      Cactus trees
      Scarlet firethorn bush
      Wheat bushel
      Garden butterfly
      Hour glass
      Exotic bush
      Glowing apple light
      Dogwood tree
      Book worm
      Beach rock
      Flag pole
      Green butterfly
      Stone caterpillar
      Coati family
      Puzzle smurf piece
      Painter’s gimmick
      Lazy’s smurfmobile
      Mystery box key

      Premium Tier 95SB0

      Sunflower costume
      Pirate wheel
      Wind turbine
      Wild dog
      Police line up
      Smurfy golden statue
      Wild sheep
      Shadow puppet screen and lamp
      Will o the wisps
      120 stone
      Mini windmill
      Tree with climbing vines
      Ancient pizza oven
      30 dye
      Fluffy cat
      Painter’s gimmick
      Lazy’s smurfmobile


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        The Fastest Way to Obtain Resources and Build Smurfy Wonders-

        Dig as much as possible. Keep placing huts as soon as you level up so that you have more smurfs digging.
        Camper Smurfs Mini Game - you can aim for the resources you need.
        Archeologists mini game- usually gives tons of resources
        Engineer Smurf- place his stations to add resources

        Have as many smurfs planting flower crops as possible to collect rare seeds. Keep adding huts as soon as you level up, and upgrade those huts to maximize your smurf count. I found planting 9 hour lilies twice a day added up quickly. But if you have the time planting 5min geraniums over and over again has the highest yields.
        Weed whacking game
        Jokey’s egg hunt game
        Miner Smurf with spelunking caves placed nearby for extra stone daily

        Dive with as many smurfs as possible as often as possible
        Lucky’s mini game- occasionally gives out things you need, get him last out of suggested items
        Rafts can be a good way to get resources if you will be away from the game for 24 hours at a time. But if not then use those smurfs for the 2 hour dives instead since they have a much better return.
        Archeologists mini game

        Archeologist - get as many swoofs as you possible can and then keep them digging for your needed resource. You can collect up to I think 36 wood or stone or 24 stardust a day using this method.
        Craters for stardust- they add up quite quickly if you keep at it, and if you build Mountain Wonders first that don’t require stardust.
        Sculpter Smurf - cuts crater dig time in half (30 min instead of 1 hour)
        Brainy Smurfs Hut - place teleporters close to it for extra stardust daily

        Main Village-.
        Timber Smurf- place as many log bundles around him as possible and get his wood chippper
        Miner Smurf- place as many large moss rocks around him as possible and get his rock crusher
        Magician Smurf- also place his stage and saw in half trick
        Homnibus tombs- finish as many as you can as quickly as you can. Every little bit helps
        Little Ghost mini game
        Enamoured’s mini game
        Jokey’s Sleigh mini game
        Travelers Caravan- watch videos when available
        Lucky Smurf - occasionally gives out resources

        The First Smurfy Wonders to Build in Terms of Resources-


        Papa Smurf Wood Carving
        Weather Machine

        Aquarium (gives 2 sb)
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          chocolatefruitnut, you can win stardust in the
          Island Pirate minigame, in the Archaeologist minigame and Camper minigame on the Mountain.

          Also, Engineer on the mountain gives daily resources, but off hand, I don't remember how many stardust.
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          @chocolotefruitnut recently I see the rewards from other games include often stardust too like Thief's Hut and Smurflings.

        • AlleycatttSmurf
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          chocolatefruitnut you can also dig for stardust via Archeologist’s Hut on the Planet. If you are maxed out on swoofs this can add another 24 stardust a day.

          Edit- and Brainy Smurfs Hut on the Planet with teleporters close to it for stardust.
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        Hello Smurfers,
        Does a list of Special Smurfs Huts that only offer resources exist? I'm interested in acquiring every Special Smurf Hut that offers resources before moving onto other huts. Wondering if a specific list exists that shows all Special Smurf Huts and what they offer when placed. That would be a super helpful list, if it does exist out there in intersmurf land.



        • AlleycatttSmurf
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          I don’t think there is a specific list. But you can see quite a few listed above in post #63 and in the comments for that post as well. I would add that Barber Smurf on the Mountain also gives daily dye

        • skydiver118
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          yeah, i've never logged that. I think mostly because so few smurfs give any real amount of resources. I mean barbers 4 dye per day is nice but, well not exactly a lot

        • SolipsismSmurf
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          Thanks AlleycatttSmurf I now have everything listed on that post of yours above. I also have a few other huts that offer small amounts of resources (poet smurf, barber smurf, pirate smurf hut) . Any other huts or mini-games that offer resources that you know of? Looking to get all of them, even if it's just a little bit.

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        Game Master Mega Box Complete List (with pictures)

        * Exclusive Offers which were added to the Box

        1st Batch (1.35.0)

        2nd Batch (1.59.0)

        Minor Batch

        * GM Exclusives

        * Items that are no longer available
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          "Top and hold an any item until the Move Mode activates, then move it to a new location"
          What should I do?!


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          I need all images of wonders, can anyone help me 😭


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            This thread was one of the most valuable sources of information regarding Smurfs' Village on the Internet; quite a shame it hasn't been updated in ages! I'm not exactly sure whether the following information has been made available in this forum or not (the search results seemingly suggest it hasn't!), so here it goes:

            > The help section, as viewed in-game

            > The smurfy tips seen in the loading screen


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              well I do update it with the wonders every so often, but generally a lot of the basic info really doesn’t change.

              thanks for posting the help menu though. Much easier than accessing it through the game


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                Hi, everyone! Because I'm always running out of space, and I like to optimize my village to get the most XP out of the space I have, I put together a few images on all the Exclusive Rewards from all the events, except for Grouchy Smurf's Village Event on the Main Village. If someone has all the prizes and wants to shoot me a screenshot and the recurring XP numbers for the items that give daily rewards, I'll be happy to update my photos.

                I should also mention, I did not include the XP for when you first place each prize, because I've had these prizes forever on my village, and it would have taken a long time to play the game to find that information. If someone wants to make that effort and DM the numbers, I'll add them to the photos, but otherwise it's the recurring XP that I've captured.

                This is going to take three posts because there are so many pictures, but here goes. Also, if you notice any errors, please shoot me a DM. I have the XP accelerator, so I may have made an error or two in backing out the bonuses from that booster.

                Main Village Events:
                Click image for larger version  Name:	MV Events.jpg Views:	0 Size:	102.8 KB ID:	261482
                Click image for larger version  Name:	MV-2-events.jpg Views:	0 Size:	88.6 KB ID:	261483
                Click image for larger version  Name:	MV-3-events.jpg Views:	0 Size:	107.4 KB ID:	261484
                Attached Files
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                ETA: I accidentally omitted the Pot of Gold event. I don't currently have screenshots. Someone from the FB group said they'd send them via PM, so, hopefully, I can update the photo here in a day or two.

                Here the Grove Event Exclusive Rewards images: (updated 7/17/20)

                Click image for larger version

Name:	Grove events.jpg
Views:	329
Size:	98.1 KB
ID:	261706
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                  Pot of Gold (I'm still missing one)

                • Schtroumpfette
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                  I updated the photo with the Pot of Gold Event and I corrected the Whacky Weed Event.

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                And, the Mountain Event Exclusive Rewards:
                (updated 7/17/20)
                Click image for larger version

Name:	Mountain-events.jpg
Views:	332
Size:	92.2 KB
ID:	261704
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                  It was a long time ago. I can't remember. I'll check with painter revert color function to be sure.

                  Edit: It's colored with painter actually
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                  Silver thank you so much for checking.

                • Schtroumpfette
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                  I updated the screenshots this morning. The names are what is shown when I put them in storage. I wish I had thought to do that for the Grouchy game earlier.