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Share pics of what you've won from Archeologist's Mini-Game on the Island!

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  • Share pics of what you've won from Archeologist's Mini-Game on the Island!

    Please shares pictures of the other than the exclusive prizes from Archeologist Game on the island, in free and SB round. Is the egg from the exclusive prizes from the free or SB round?

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    No pictures but:

    Free round: yellow flowers from one or two updates ago, two different types of digging / archeological equipment (flowers&equipment available for coins in the menu), water lily, fireworks (I just can't find the fireworks in the menu...)

    SB: carnivorous plant, snow hare, slime alien, well (a smurf sits in a bucket and goes down/up), minks at spring, quokkas in bush , algae, sword in stone, (all available for SB in the menu),
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      Thank you Evanna, I won almost all these prizes, except the egg (exclusive prize). Do you know if it’s from the free or SB round?


      • AlleycatttSmurf
        AlleycatttSmurf commented
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        Hi Annemieke the Egg Statue can be won in the free round

      • Annemieke
        Annemieke commented
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        Thanks! No waste of SB’s 😀

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      This fireworks are from the free round. They seems not to be in the menue.


      • IslandLife
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        If you have night-time effects turned on and tap the XP bubble from the fireworks won from Archaeologist Smurfs game, you get a gorgeous firework.

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      Reactivated this thread as i really want to know if it’s worth to buy him. Please share if you have added prizes for this list


      • Silver
        Silver commented
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        For me, It's totally worth!
        It's one of the mini games that gives you quite good amount of resources even on free round