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A common sense Guide for playing Smurfs' Village no matter what level you are!

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  • A common sense Guide for playing Smurfs' Village no matter what level you are!

    I will start this by saying I’ve been playing the game for years. About 4 or 5 now, and I have managed to get my villages up to nearly 140 and may max it out in another year or two. So I’ve played the game, although I have not played it from the beginning.

    This game has evolved over the years, not only when Beeline had it, but also after it was acquired by Bongfish and now owned by Popreach. And it will continue to evolve. So what worked then or works now may not always work. You need to make the best decisions for you.

    I also think that players need to remember that the game is a business. Programmers need to be paid, servers cost money, so the developer does need to make money. Choices they make are not out to ‘get’ players, they have to turn a profit to keep being able to produce the game.

    This guide may focus on non-monetary ways to advance in the game, but if your budget allows, it’s always good to support the developers. I have made EO purchases over the years and my two main games do have special huts in them. I have usually based my decision to purchase on ‘what do I get from it’. So my purchases were the mushroom hut, garden hut, grove flower shop, exchange hut, Miller Smurf, etc. Huts that give me an advantage in playing the game by unlocking crops or in the case of the exchange hut, the ability to turn unwanted game prizes into coins. Others choose to purchase things they like or that are simply ‘cool’.

    There is no wrong or right way to play the game. Play it how you want. Some work to level up and max out as quickly as they can, others don’t care about leveling up and simply want to create a pretty village. There are others that use the game almost as a canvas to create wonderful decorative sculptures. However you want to play it is fine. The focus of this guide is tips and tricks to maximize your benefit and minimize your expenditure.

    This guide started when I started a third game on my old iPad 2. I largely did it because, while answering questions on the forum, I realized that I really didn’t remember how the game worked years ago. Initially since I was playing on an iPad 2, I couldn’t watch videos so my progress was very slow. Christmas brought a new ipad and shifting of devices so I am now playing the third game on my old iPod. The videos help a lot, however I do know that this is a game I will eventually abandon. I’m not going to buy a new third device just to play the game again. But it has allowed me to refresh my memory and experience some older glitches that still linger in the game.

    As I did that I found myself taking notes and using lessons learned from my other games in this one. Since I like lists, this developed into a list of tips that I thought I’d pass onto other players.

    These are in no particular order and will be adjusted as I continue to play. My third game is now just hit level 100 (in about two and a half years and without spending a penny) so I’m entering the ‘drudge along with every wonder assigned but no resources to build them’ levels. Please remember that this game, like pretty much every other one out there, has a couple of ‘ways’ to play. The impatient but expensive way, and the patient and cheaper way. At any point in time any player can use real money to ease their game play and get an advantage.

    Updated 04-30-2021

    A few notes....some of my earlier version numbers are total guess work. I simply cannot find what wonder came when so I filled in the gaps with guesswork. (and really, now that we've long past those game versions it really doesn't matter)

    Also, on a few cases I don't have exact documentation of how many resources it takes to build each wonder, so I guessed....what I mean is I don't know exactly when the resource needed numbers went up so I guessed. So if some of the info is wrong, please let me know and I'll change it.

    Some of the older wonders based step 1 needs on the resources a player has when they start it, however, as I understand it, even if the resource need starts off really low, eventually the needs are the same.
    Earlier wonders have the same number needed for each stage....for example 570 wood for each stage, but in the newer ones, the numbers increase with each 700/750/850/1000 wood and stone.

    There is an imbalance between wood and stone needs. If you look, the older wonders used more wood than stone, they now use the same amount, so many players may find that they lag behind in stone.

    So for new players, I'd suggest to start with the older wonders first, They require the least resources and should be easier to build to start earning that berry a week.

    ** I definitely suggest to new users to start with the old wonders first. It is possible to earn enough resources to build them by diving and other means. Once you get to the wonders that start with 700 wood and stone the game is structured that it is impossible to earn enough resources to build them in a timely manner. In other words it may take a week to build the wonder, but 2 weeks or more to earn the resources to build that wonder. Which is probably why they altered the resources needed years ago. To ‘balance’ the game - developer speak for not making it too easy and to encourage the impatient to spend money.

    I was plugging along just fine on my old game until I got to the newer wonders, and now I struggle to earn enough stardust and dye to keep up building.

    Adding onto this (if the post fits) a list of wonders in an easy place to find it. Bear in mind that some wonders are not in the menu to be placed. For example on the mountain, the Carousel, the Chalet, the Observatory, the Windmill, the Castle, the Mining Machine are already in place as you expand the mountain. Some of the wonders on the Swoof planet are also in place and not in the menu. So if you can’t find a wonder tap some different looking things in your game. Piles or ‘rubble’ etc.

    There are companion items for the mountain wonders. Here are the resources needed to build those.
    Mountain Companion Items Wood Stone Dye
    Binoculars 692 692 521
    Test of Strength 901 901 673
    Wheat Shed 532 532 401
    outdoor Fireplace 901 901 673
    Smurf Jousting Game 901 901 673
    Rock Tumbler 901 901 673
    Here is a rough guide on what it takes to build each wonder.
    Update Name Area Wood Stone Dye Stardust Seeds
    1.00 Windmill Mountain 1600 1600 240
    1.01 Watchtower Mountain 2080 2080 312
    1.02 Carousel Mountain 2705 2705 407
    1.03 Mining Machine Mountain 2703 2703 403
    1.04 Terrarium Space 1440 1440 168 105
    1.04.6 Chalet Mountain 1950 1950 475
    1.04.8 Castle (Two Stages) Mountain 6000 4200 800 1120
    1.05.0 Cake Tower Space 2500 1800 450 600
    1.05.1 Aquarium Space 2100 1800 450 300
    1.05.4 Weather Machine Mainland 2100 1800 450 300
    1.05.6 Sphinx Space 2270 1945 475 325
    1.05.7 Volcano Island 2280 1940 480 320
    1.05.7 Starlight Tower Space 2280 1940 480 320
    1.05.8 Mystical Oak Mainland 2280 1940 480 320
    1.05.9 Sands of Time Mountain 2280 1940 528 320
    1.06 Beach Resort Island 2280 1940 480 320
    1.07 Spooky Mansion Mainland 2280 1940 528 640
    1.08 Natural Spring Mountain 2280 1940 528 640
    1.09 Cornicopia Space 2280 1940 528 640
    1.10 Festive Tree Mainland 2280 1940 528 650
    1.11 Smurf Statue Mountain 2280 1940 528 640
    1.12 Clockwork Smurfette Island 2280 1940 528 640
    1.13 Barnyard Mainland 2280 1940 528 640
    1.14 Floral Fountain Mainland 2280 1940 528 640
    1.15 Space Tree Space 2280 1940 528 640
    1.16 Sand Sculpture Island 2280 1940 528 640
    1.17 Water Park Island 2850 2425 660 800
    1.18 Mount Swoofmore Space 2280 1940 528 640
    1.19 Dig Site Mountain 2280 1940 528 640
    1.20 King Swoof Hut Space 2280 1940 528 640
    1.21 Zen Garden Island 2280 1940 528 640
    1.22 School House Mountain 2280 1940 528 640
    1.23 Stage Mountain 2280 1940 528 640
    1.24 Swamp Mainland 2280 1940 528 640
    1.25 Coliseum Mountain 2280 1940 528 640
    1.26 Charming Pond Island 2280 1940 528 640
    1.27 Gingerbread House Mainland 2280 1940 528 640
    1.28 Swoofy Planetarium Space 2280 1940 528 840
    1.29 Stuffy Building Station Mainland 2280 1940 528 840
    1.30 Botanical Garden Mainland 2280 1940 528 840
    1.31 Pet Palace Mountain 2280 1940 528 840
    1.32 Mother Nature's house Grove 3300 3300 850 1250
    1.33 Painter Smurf Gallery Grove 3300 3300 850 1250
    1.34 Great Jungle Pyramid Grove 3300 3300 850 1250 270
    1.35 Tree of Life Grove 3300 3300 850 1250 270
    1.36 Smurfy Blimp Mountain 3300 3300 850 1250
    1.37 Tiki Mansion Island 3300 3300 850 1250
    1.38 The Smurfeon Mountain 3300 3300 850 1250
    1.39 Pumpkin House Mainland 3300 3300 850 1250
    1.40 Butterfly Mansion Grove 3300 3300 850 1250 270
    1.41 Smurfette Ice Sculpture Mountain 3300 3300 850 1250
    1.42 Ferris Wheel Mainland 3300 3300 850 1250
    1.43 Old Tower Mountain 3300 3300 850 1250
    1.44 Spitfire Roost *no longer available Grove 3300 3300 850 1250 270
    1.45 Smurfstorm Archery Range Grove 3300 3300 850 1250 270
    1.46 Homnibus Hovel Mainland 3300 3300 850 1250
    1.47 Smurfy Space Station Space 3300 3300 850 1250
    1.48 Spelunking Cavern Grove 3300 3300 850 1250 270
    1.49 Smurfboard Loop De Loop Grove 3300 3300 850 1250 270
    1.50 Lighthouse Island Wonder Island 3300 3300 850 1250
    1.51 Trojan Dragon Wonder Mountain 3300 3300 850 1250
    1.52 Haunted Ruins Mainland 3300 3300 850 1250
    1.53 Smurfling Playhouse Grove 3300 3300 850 1250 270
    1.54 Candy Factory Space 3300 3300 850 1250
    1.55 Greedy's Festive Pudding Mainland 3300 3300 850 1250
    1.56 Ice Sculpture Wonder Mountain 3300 3300 850 1250
    1.57 Fountain of Love Wonder Grove 3300 3300 850 1250 270
    1.58 Full Color Spectrum Island 3300 3300 850 1250
    1.59 Magical Grove Easter Egg Wonder Grove 3300 3300 850 1250 270
    1.60 Holosmurf Projector Space 3300 3300 850 1250
    1.61 Smurfy Pirate Ship Wonder Island 3300 3300 850 1250
    1.62 AeroSmurf Wonder Mainland 3300 3300 850 1250
    1.63 Dragon Idol Wonder Mountain 3300 3300 850 1250
    1.64 Pool of Avalon Wonder Grove 3300 3300 850 1250 270
    1.65 Smurfhenge Wonder Island 3300 3300 850 1250 270
    1.66 Tai Chi Garden Island 3300 3300 850 1250
    1.67 Academy of Magic Wonder Mountain 3300 3300 850 1250
    1.68 Haunted Grotto Wonder Mainland 3300 3300 850 1250
    1.69 Outback Garden Wonder Island 3300 3300 850 1250
    1.70 Smurfy Snowman Wonder Mainland 3300 3300 850 1250
    1.71 Skating Rink Wonder Mainland 3300 3300 850 1250
    1.72 Great Pyramid of Emperor Swoof Space 3300 3300 850 1250
    1.73 Greedy's Valentine's Cake Mountain 3300 3300 850 1250
    1.73 Greedy's Valentine's Cake Mountain 3300 3300 850 1250
    1.74 Island Reef Island 3300 3300 850 1250
    1.75 Smurfy Tree Hut Grove 3300 3300 850 1250 270
    1.76 Rainbow Waterfall Mainland 3300 3300 850 1250
    1.77 Baby Animal Paradise Mountain 3300 3300 850 1250
    1.78 Ancient Jungle Ruins Grove 3300 3300 850 1250 270
    1.79 Smurfy Generations Wonder Mainland 3300 3300 850 1250
    1.80 Smurfy Galleria Mainland 3300 3300 850 1250
    1.81 Demon Springs Island 3300 3300 850 1250
    1.82 Giant Monster Plant Grove 3300 3300 850 1250 270
    1.83 Liberty Smurfette Mainland 3300 3300 850 1250
    1.84 Smurfcini's Flying Machine Mountain 3300 3300 850 1250
    1.85 Halloween Feast Wonder Mainland 3300 3300 850 1250
    1.86 Enchanted Falls Wonder Mountain 3300 3300 850 1250
    1.87 Smurfy Toy Factory Mainland 3300 3300 850 1250
    1.88 Smurfy Ski Resort Mountain 3300 3300 850 1250
    1.89 Lunar Dragon Wonder Island 3300 3300 850 1250
    1.90 Sakura Orchard Wonder Grove 3300 3300 850 1250 270
    1.91 Tower of Descent Wonder Mainland 3300 3300 850 1250
    1.92 Pot of Gold Wonder Grove 3300 3300 850 1250 270
    1.93 Bunny Sanctuary Wonder Mainland 3300 3300 850 1250
    1.94 Smurfy Lagoon Wonder Island 3300 3300 850 1250
    1.95 Anti-Gravity Sphere Wonder Space 3300 3300 850 1250
    1.96 Crystal Quarry Wonder Mainland 3300 3300 850 1250
    1.97 Smurfs of the Round Table Wonder Mountain 3300 3300 850 1250
    1.98 Smurfy Pool Wonder Mainland 3300 3300 850 1250
    1.99 Smurf GoRound Mainland 3300 3300 850 1250
    2.00 Treasure Island Wonder Island 3300 3300 850 1250
    2.01 Spooky Campfire Mainland 3300 3300 850 1250
    2.02 Spooky Tower Mainland 3300 3300 850 1250
    2.03 Jungle Swamp Monster Grove 3300 3300 850 1250 270
    2.04 Festive Feast Mainland 3300 3300 850 1250
    2.05 Smurfy Tubing Mountain 3300 3300 850 1250
    2.06 Lantern Festival Wonder Island 3300 3300 850 1250
    2.07 Smurfy Chocolate Factory Mainland 3300 3300 850 1250
    2.08 Swoofy Lava Dragon Space 3300 3300 850 1250
    2.09 Easter Glow Tower Wonder Mainland 3300 3300 850 1250
    2.10 Fiery Phoenix Wonder Mountain 3300 3300 850 1250
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    Some early mountain wonders also have companion items that shorten the time for SB collection from 7 days to 6. It requires resources to build these items.

    You will also see a wonder storage bag in the menu. You can purchase this, use resources to build it and store unwanted wonders in this bag. Perhaps ones you have not built. Or some players will sacrifice the smurfberry a week to tuck away something they really don’t want in their village. You must purchase this wonder storage bag for each area.

    When you start the game, coins will be an issue. That 2000 coins they give you do not last long and it’s simply not possible to earn enough. This will be further complicated by you being given quests that demand you spend more coins than you have or can earn. To that end, as soon as you have the smurfberries, and have been assigned Homnibus Tome, buy Magician. Complete the quests to get his statue so you can get that 2000 coins per day.

    Update: I understand that new users now get more coins and 150SB to start, so they may have an easier time of it.

    Baby Smurf and Lazy Smurf are prizes in Jokey’s daily gift box, so it would be best to wait to win those and save your berries. Once you win Baby, you can buy the other two items and also get his Hominbus statue which will also give you daily coins.

    With Lazy there is a fishing game. It is far from the most thrilling game out there. But play it. It will come up in Tracker’s weekly lists. However when you play Lazy’s game, once you ‘catch’ 50 boots, you will automatically get 500XP per play. Which will be enough to complete any of Tracker’s quests. So play the game, even though it will not be the highlight of your day. Then, once you get to that 50 boot level you just have to catch one item to win at least 500XP.

    If you have time, blueberries are a nice crop to plant. It’s free, matures in 10 seconds, and can give you some coins when you desperately need them.

    To maximize your coins, do your best to always have something growing. For example 8-9 hour crops overnight, shorter crops when you can get at your game. Try your best to not let crops wither. They wither if they are not harvested in a timely manner. How things are supposed to work is that strawberries, for example, mature in an hour. You have an additional hour to harvest them, then you will get a 15 minute warning that they are going to wither. If you do not harvest them you will lose them, and get nothing for the coins you spent to plant them. This isn’t always a perfect situation though. I’ve noticed that brussels sprouts, which should give me a total of 4 hours (mature in 2, be good for 2, then wither 15 minutes after that) tend to wither after just an hour. Generally, however long the crop takes to grow, you should have that same amount of time before they wither. Although some of the really short crops will give you an hour. But it’s not a perfect system. It’s been tweaked over the years and bugs have crept in, so try not to depend on it.

    If your day is going to be busy, grow 12 hour crops, whatever works. The goal is to have as few as possible wither and be lost.

    There are certain Smurfs that I would consider vital to have. Some the game will direct you to buy, these are usually the ones available for coins in the menu. Other Smurfs I consider vital are: Farmer Smurf and his upgrade to allow you to harvest/plant all. Archaeologist on the Island, Scuba on the Island, Archaeologist and Camper on the Mountain. Those are all good for resources. Fireman in the other areas, Anteater in space. These are XP gathering Smurfs…tap on their hut and they collect the XP, which becomes very vital and a real time saver as time goes on. For other Smurfs, I chose to focus on ones that give me something. Ones that unlock games or make playing easier. Some huts are like that, other huts are purely decorative. There is no ‘wrong’ hut to buy. I just personally chose to go with ‘do I get something for my SB investment’.

    Each area has a storage item you can purchase. You can store many items in this storage. Note that items in storage do not give XP or coin rewards.

    On the island is Shell Storage. To use this you must first purchase the regular island storage hut. Then the shell storage. If you upgrade the storage you can mass delete shells. (the dialogue says you can sell them but you cannot, only delete). Note that shells share the same space as regular storage items so it is best to go in every so often and delete your extra shells. Beyond decoration and the initial XP you get for placing the shells, they are decorative and serve no further purpose in the game.

    There are Smurfs that have mini games, but also Smurfs that have Village Events. A mini game means that there is a dedicated screen to play the game. Examples of this are Baker or Papa. A Village event means that items will be scattered around the village for you to tap on. Examples of this are the Gingerbread event, the Little Ghost, etc. I would suggest as you buy your Smurfs, buy the village events earlier in the game. For example for the Gingerbread Smurf event you need to tap on 15 rolling gingerbread men in 90 seconds to win a prize. The same amount of rolling gingerbread men are scattered around you village and you get the same 90 seconds, whether your village is tiny or fully expanded. Items in the village events are easier to find in smaller less decorated villages. So it’s advantageous to play them early in your game since long time players with fully decorated villages often struggle with village events.

    Always do Papa’s quests. They are vital to unlock the horizontal expansions and be able to get to the island, mountain, space and grove. Sometimes these quests will take days/weeks to do. Simply because sometimes those quests ask the impossible. For example once I got to the island I was told to place the boat house for rafts….yet it cost more coins than I had. It took me almost 2 weeks to get enough coins to complete that quest. It’s ok for things to take time, just be sure to do them. I would get 5-6 quests to place wonders back to back. With each wonder costing a couple to a few thousand each, I literally could not afford to do them. So some of them sat there for a week or two until I had enough coins.

    In 2019 the game was altered so that you get game advancing quests from Papa, and average daily quests from Brainy. Brainy's can be optional if you want, but Papa's MUST be done to advance in the game.

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      skydiver118, great idea! I think baby and Lazy Smurfs’ hut are prizes of lucky’s game in the village and also Detective Smurf’s.

    • skydiver118
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      You’re right, yes, also Detective. I think when I originally played I had bought baby, then won lazy, not knowing I could have saved those SB.
      I did eventually win both of them from my newest game. Spent those saved SB elsewhere.

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    Play Archaeologist on the island as often as you can. (every 6 hours, every 3 hours if you have the trophy). Not only do you win resources, but that 7000 coins you can win will be vital.

    When you get to the mountain, buy Archaeologist and Camper also for coins and resources. You can play those games every 6 hours. You will desperately need the resources you get from these games.

    On the planet, work to clear the wilderness in space. Doing this will unlock craters and you will need those craters. That’s how you get stardust (and you can sometimes win smurfberries from those craters too). Some of your expansion will be limited by the level you are on. So work to max out the number of Swoofs you can have for each level until you unlock all 12 craters. Once you get all of them unlocked, keep digging the craters because they award stardust and you will need this resource to build wonders. You can dig craters every hour, but if you buy Sculptor the digging time is half an hour. Which is beneficial if you can get to your game regularly, but won’t matter if you can only get at it a couple of times a day.

    I dedicated myself to clearing all the craters and dig as often as I can.

    You will also get seeds and eggs. The seeds grow in 3 stages and become trees that give XP twice a day. The eggs grow in 3 stages to become roaming critters that also give XP twice a day. You do need a Swoof to tend to the seeds and eggs to grow them. These become great free XP resources. But bear in mind, while the trees can be virtually unlimited (you do need room to place them) you can only have so many critters in each area. I didn’t know this when I started and now can only have a few Smurfs/Swoofs because of that critter limit. You can purchase a storage shed for your critters, but it may not be berries you need to spend if you just manage your populations. You will see how many critters you have/can have in the game menu.

    Part of your quest lines will be to place wonders. Once you get to the 30’s and 40’s, you will be told to place 4-8 of these wonders back to back to back. This will be regardless of whether you can even afford to buy them. Wonders ‘sell’ for a couple to few thousand coins per wonder and you quite literally will not be able to afford to place them. So acknowledge this and if it takes a while to earn enough coins to place them, that’s how it is. Just be sure to place them. Every update brings a new wonder, so you will be told to place it. That is all you have to do immediately is buy and place it. you can build it at your leisure.

    Each wonder will give you 1 smurfberry per week, with the exception of the aquarium on space and the castle on the mountain. These wonders give 2 per week. Some of the wonders on the mountain also have companion items. These cost resources to build but will then mean that you can get a SB every 6 days instead of 7.

    The resources needed to build wonders changed over the years. There is a list on at the top of this thread of the wonders and how many resources are needed to build them. You can plan accordingly when you choose which ones to build.

    Some do have other functions. The Starlight Tower comes with a meteor shower. The Hour Glass on the mountain will shorten growing time there. The list on the forum also gives insight into which ones have extra functions.

    When you can, buy the Trophy in the village and on the island. It’s available in the menu for 20 SB and cuts the waiting time in games in half. Which means you can play Papa’s game every 4 hours instead of 8. This helps with Tracker.

    Tracker Smurf is a weekly scavenger hunt part of the game where as you complete the tasks, you earn XP bonuses on all XP earned in the main village. Up to twice the XP. (meaning if you collect 1000 XP from a game, you get an extra 1000XP added to the tally.) You can use this to really level up if you plan for it and use it. In the lower levels I have gone up as much as 50 percentage points by playing Tracker wisely.

    To maximize Tracker, on Sunday morning, plant Acorns. Acorns take 24 hours to mature, and quite often come up in the final levels of Tracker quests. Harvest one or two shrubs of Acorns is a common quest. The reason to plant those acorns on Sunday, if you happen to get that quest Wednesday morning, you cannot complete it before Tracker ends at midnight. (unless you choose to spend SB to mature the acorns) Also plant in the flower boxes. ‘harvest 1-2 boxes of flowers' is also a common request for Tracker. So plant flowers early to have them mature when you need them. Be aware that Acorns never wither, but flowers will, so plant long term flowers and manage them until you complete Tracker.

    You will hit some roadblocks with Tracker, for example Miner Smurf tasks can only be played once each 3 hours unless you spend a SB to clean the mine quicker and play again. Lazy and Handy are also like that. Or you may be told to plant Brussels sprouts, or candy canes or other crops. If I have the games that you have to wait for, I often plant a crop that matures in 3 hours – peas – to remind me to come back to complete the list. Depending on the quests Tracker gives you, it is very possible to get Tracker to 2.0 bonus on Monday. On the other hand, sometimes he gives you a lot of Lazy, Miner or Handy tasks so you will progress slower.
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      Plan for Message in a Bottle each week. This is a Tracker like event on the Island. You will be given 4 tasks starting (my time) 5pm Friday. These common quests are ‘grow honeydew, magic honeydew, tomatoes, eggplant, or send rafts out for an hour, or send Smurfs on a task.’

      I plan for this by usually planting either honeydew or magic honeydew sometime Thursday afternoon, so they are ripe and ready to be harvested if that is MIAB’s task. It’s a gamble, sometimes it pays off, sometimes it doesn’t. If you are tasked to send Smurfs out on a mission for 25 hours, plant some of the honeydew(or magic honeydew) then so it’s ready when they come back.

      Basically if you plan ahead and are lucky enough to anticipate the quest, you may shave 24 hours off the deadline. In the beginning MIAB is rather important to do because you will be given pieces of Clockwork Smurf or parts of the Totem to complete. After you get all that, MIAB can be something you can ignore if you want. The other prizes for that quest will be from the same pool, a rocking chair, yellow gate, red/yellow flag and other items that, well once you’ve placed them a few times they lose their appeal.

      Which brings up something else, there is nothing wrong with deleting stuff you don’t want. For example if you have the Naughties game and just won your 100th sunflower, feel free to delete them. You could buy the storage shed and store them but….well space is usually at a premium In the village and many players find any non-XP giving items to be ‘junk that takes up space’. And even buying the storage shed just buys you time because it only stores so much stuff. But ultimately it’s your game, do as you wish. Just know that you are not obligated to keep something in your village that you do not want. (that said, there are huts and some items that once placed cannot be deleted, but this is usually things felt necessary to the game, not decorative things).

      If your game supports playing videos, take advantage of the video hut and Traveler Smurf. You can win a decent amount of coins, XP, resources and sometimes Smurfberries by watching ads. If you have the time it can be a great way to earn resources to make the game easier to play. I will sometimes, as I’m watching TV myself, play the ads and tap on the cards to get my bonuses.

      I’ve found that a good number of Smurfs per area is around 100. The game will limit you in certain areas, so max it out as you can. I do have less than that on my mountain. But I did find in the grove the only way I could earn enough rare seeds was if I had around 100 Smurfs there. Just don’t forget the critter limit. Each area has a limit of the number of roaming figures you can have. This means Smurfs and animals. So keep your eye on that because Smurfs and animals, once placed, cannot be deleted.

      As part of the main village quest lines you will be instructed to build the Papa statue and weather machine. Follow these quests. You will eventually get the resources to build these multi-stage events. I was assigned over 70 wonders before level 50. To build all of them you will need hundreds of thousands of resources. And if you do not use smurfberries or money to buy your way to completion, each wonder takes about a week to build. With a new wonder coming every 3-4 weeks with each new update. You need to accept that it will take you YEARS to build them all. Very literally years. And this is assuming you can always have enough resources. So be patient and plan for the long game.

      I would suggest that you focus on one wonder at a time. That way once it’s done you get the smurfberry a week from it. I would also suggest that you focus on the older wonders first since they require less resources than newer ones. That said, it’s your game. If you just love the newly released wonder, go for it. It’s your game.

      There are some good lists in the Data Collection thread on the forum. What wonders there are and what resources they need. Exactly what you need and the cost to complete a Homnibus Tome item. If you choose to buy Game Smurf, what items come from what rounds of the games to get those statues.

      The game itself also has a wonderful list of the prizes available in each mini game and the odds of winning them. Read it so that you can know what can be won from where.

      You will be instructed to place the Game Master. He gives you one free box per 24 hours, along with the ability to win keys to unlock more prizes. Some of these items are purely decorative, others will give you XP or former exclusive offers. One prize is a ‘crop star’ which are items that increase the coin and XP reward for most crops. Once you win all the crop stars you will no longer win them.

      There is also the mega mystery box. This box sells for 60SB and will contain 3 prizes. 2 of them are regular items, the third prize could also be an ordinary item or from the B list of ‘better’ items, or the A list of ‘even better’ items. You should read the odds for the box so that you know what you can win, but also what the odds are for each item. Some items can only be placed once in each area so once you win them you will not win more of them (if an item can only be placed in the main village and island you can only win it twice). Once these limited items drop off the list the odds of winning the other items will increase.

      The game has a few riddles in the early stages that often stump players.

      When Papa is talking backwards he wants you to plant magic raspberries.
      The crop that rhymes with tease is peas.
      The crop that is dry on the outside and makes you cry is onions.
      The crop with the tender heart is an artichoke
      The crop that is red and too large to eat in one bite is tomato. (guess they didn’t think of cherry tomatoes)
      Palm crops are anything that can grown on a palm tree. (some players think it has to be palm oil fruit, it does not. Palm crop are anything grown on a palm tree).

      There is a long standing glitch on the island to plant 10 palm crops. The crops must be harvested within minutes of each other to count. So players have 3 main choices.

      A) Keep expanding up the cliff and across the gorge until you have 10 palm trees and can plant them at once.
      B) plant/harvest/plant/harvest before the crops are ripe so you harvest them quickly.
      C) purchase more palm trees from the store so you have 10.

      In the grove, rare seeds are harvested from flower crops. Any flower crop will give you seeds. Some more, some less. I’ve found that 100 Smurfs in the grove are a good number. Always have flowers going. You will soon need hundreds of seeds to expand the area plus building wonders in the Grove (and there is at least one on the island that also requires seeds).

      When Pap tells you to stage an exotic plant. Tap on the seed storage hut (that larger yellow roofed building). Choose one of the 3 seeds to plant. Place it. Then tap on it and ‘feed’ it with 30 stardust so that it grows. Then the quest will be done.

      Major known glitches.
      Message in a Bottle does not give you a prize.
      Clockwork Smurf’s bolts will tally up but will not turn into a piece.
      Black Knight Smurf on the Unicorn will crash the game when you try to place it on the mountain.

      For these glitches, Popreach recommends to just not do MIAB or Clockwork or try to place the Black Knight. They are working on a fix but there is no time of completion yet.

      There are other glitches that they are working on. Please note that some of these glitches – such as Tracker’s Quest ending early – have been going on for years and Popreach would be the third developer to try to fix it.
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      • Shirin
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        Just a suggestion, who has many sunflowers: if you put them row with fences, it wii add extra beauty to your countryside area.( in my opinion )

      • skydiver118
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        Shirin Of course they do. Like I said, there’s no wrong way to play the game and decorate your village. I have seen some folks that get amazingly creative using game prizes.

    • #5
      I welcome anyone else's ideas that they want to share.


      • Cupcake
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        Kalikrissy Go to the Farming section of the menu (under the Smurfs tab.) You will see little trees- those are called shrubs. Your Smurfs can either water plots or shrubs. Acorns are one of the crops. So place a shrub and plant acorns. (You may have to delete a plot if you don’t have enough Smurfs.)

        If you need to find something in the menus (like ‘shrubs’), just type it into the search function in the upper right of the menu section.

      • Kalikrissy
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        Cupcake thank you so much! I finally figured it out. Lol I had bought get the shrub but couldn’t figure out how to plant and harvest it. I can’t believe it was so easy lol oh goodness. Now I’m trying to figure out how to harvest palm crops. I know what a palm crop is but don’t see it in the menu for planting. Are they planted on something other than the farming squares? I tried to find a palm tree in the market but it doesn’t look like they are harvestable. If that’s a word. Lol any way thanks to you and all the others that post all this helpful stuff.
        Love it!
        Update: Cupcake I came back to tell you I found it! I am definitely learning now that certain items can only be purchased accessed on certain areas. Thanks again for your help.
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      • Cupcake
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        Kalikrissy You plant and harvest the palm crops on palm trees, in the same way that you plant and harvest shrubs. The palm trees are only on the island.

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      I want to add suggestion to collect more coins. If you unlocked golden corn crop, it is very useful. I plant them at night 8:30 pm and they are ready 6:30 morning. And after harvesting them, I plant them and they are ready until evening.
      Also, if you have enough coins for diving, dive as possible as you can. This doesn’t only give you resources, but also lots of free smurfberries. Sometimes if I’m lucky, I can get 8sb in one dive, but it is ,of course very rare.
      If you have limited resources, build older wonders first, as skydiver118 said. New wonders are a bit expensive for who,s need resources.


      • skydiver118
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        I agree with all that. I”m still trying to win the harvest wagon from Lucky.

        But yeah, some of the first smurfs I bought on the island was Scuba, then worked on upping my smurf count there to dive. I do have to try and focus on MIAB on that one because I have no way to friend so must earn all the totem pieces and clockwork pieces that way. I have a couple of village events in my main village and will probably get more as the SB allow just to rack up those prizes while it’s easier.

        I never realized how many horrible quests papa pus you on, like growin 20 peaches.....that quest literally takes a week.

        I know some of this is a throwback to Beeline and their attitude at the time but still, ick.

        at least smurfs are cheap in the mainland and grove. That is one thing that made the other areas so hard, a smurf hut costs a thousand times what it does in the main village. A horrible drain on your coins when you are just starting.

        thanks for chipping in. I know there is os much that I’ve forgotten so the more tips the better.

    • #7
      I have just started a second village and yes coins are a big issue but I also know from playing they game already that it takes time.


      • #8
        I love this guide, thank you so much skydiver118.
        When I am watching the tv I play the video hut as well (multi tasking) non stop which helps with resources as well as smurf berries


        • #9
          The other tip with tracker is to plant a crop on Sunday am for say 12 hours. When you harvest it in the evening don’t press a second time on fireman . Just leave the little bouncing indicator untouched and you can release all the Xp the next morning once tracker shows up on the screen and start your tracker collecting straight away with a nice big dollop


          • skydiver118
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            Good tip. I do that sometimes. Not overnight but during the tracker event itself, basically instead of collecting it at 1.3 see if i can level it up a bit and collect it at 1.5 or something.

            I also tend to wait with any mystery box items to place them once i get tracker to 2.0. GIven that I tend to place and delete many of the decorative items, might as well maximize the XP before I delete it

          • asmurf
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            Absolutely, I forgot that I do that too🐙

        • #10
          This is such a great guide! Thanks for taking the time to put it together, skydiver118.


          • skydiver118
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            Thanks happybird
            I hope some new players find it helpful.

        • #11
          Also buying the miracle seeds helps because it gives you the smaller crop size which saves space.


          • skydiver118
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            Very true. And the little magic shrubs instead of the full sized ones.

        • #12
          I have a question about all the things that give us XP or coins...they take up so much space...can you store them and if you do, will the storage collect the XP and coins for you you collect? I need more room. I’ve got so many trees, fire pits and tiny eruptions that take up all my area on the planet. Same as main village with so much stuff. Need more room.


          • skydiver118
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            Unfortunately no, stored items do not give XP or coins. That’s been one thing we’ve asked for many times over.

        • #13
          Ok. I thought so. But I sure need the room! Thank you.


          • happybird
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            The weathervane in the Structures menu is small (1x1) and it pays out xp. Maybe storing your bulkier xp items and replacing some of them with a weathervane or two could help? You'd take a cut in total daily xp, but still get some, and also free up a little bit of space to work with. The vanes are small and narrow enough to be tucked behind stuff and into any little nooks and crannies you might have around the village. Their colors are pretty garish, though.

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          Answers to the quiz quests of Papa and Smurfette

          Help Papa stop talking backwards: plant magic raspberries

          A crop that is red on the outside, sweet and loo large to eat in one bite: Tomato

          I’m a giant leafy bud you can pull apart, a spiny flower with a tender heart: Artichoke

          Solve the Anagram ‘Rare Stew Ribs’ : Strawberries

          When they want you to plant Maize : corn (Maize is another name for corn)

          May seem tough, may seem dry, but beneath the surface i make you cry: Onion

          When they tell you to plant a lot of flowers, you dont’ have to wait for them to mature. You can plant, remove and replant. This can make ‘plant 20 boxes of flowers’ something you can do in minutes instead of days/weeks. (unless you happen to have 20 flower boxes, some do, some don’t)
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          • chocolatefruitnut
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            this is a lifesaver! the quizs stump me...

        • #15
          Totally awesome guide, Skydiver! I didn’t realize how much I’ve forgotten! 🤗