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Thought I would share a helpful Smurfs' Village Crop Calculator that I've made!

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  • Thought I would share a helpful Smurfs' Village Crop Calculator that I've made!

    Hello everyone

    I hope I put this in the proper location. I know, there are many practiced players in the forum, so I decided to put it here first before I will put it on the Facebook community group. I will be glad for any comments or tips to improve it.

    I think this is the best time to share my feature I have made. Maybe some new players will start with this game while quarantining times. This "Smurfs' Calculator" could help them to plant more effectively in order to gain the highest amount of coins or XPs wanted, or help to decide what crop pack/shop is worth to buy, or just see interesting stats in one table.

    The pivot table I have made consists of everything we can plant in every location in connection to required purchases. It shows how many coins and XPs everything costs and will gain and it is possible to fill in the number of crop stars to see actual boosted earnings. The main thing is that it shows you statistics per hour to get as much as possible in the shortest time.

    Not allowed to upload a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file, so I uploaded it on the internet to share.


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    Stiky Thanks so much for the hard work to make such a helpful resource! Unfortunately, sharing links to files on third-party sites is not something that is allowed here. If you like, you are more than welcome to put all the information in a post and share it that way. I do hope you understand, and once again, thanks for trying to be helpful to the community!


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      Spelling Bee Oh, okay, I understand that. Is there any way, how to put there an office document or I have to put it just to facebook? Not sure, if I understand "put all the information in a post", I have already did it in the first message.


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        Hi Stiky! Spelling Bee means to either do screenshots of the Excel file and post the jpegs, or post the info as text.

        As a note, if you want to make sure that someone sees your replies, you can add them as ‘Comments’...

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      Ok, I can send cut out screen from excel. But it would be better to try it. I will post it into FB community group.

      Click image for larger version

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        What I’ve done with some of my tables is to cut and paste them from excel into word, you can then cut and paste it into a forum post if youd like. That’s how the wonders table is posted. ALthough your screen cap is great.


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          The Smurfs' Calculator file is now available on the Facebook Community group. It was posted about 9:00 (March 31, 2020) or you can find it in files in the left side menu
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