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Some musings on mysterious Grove jiggery pokery that seems to be happening.

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  • Some musings on mysterious Grove jiggery pokery that seems to be happening.

    I may be way off here but I’ve been getting used to some Grove shenanigans and wondered if they might be contributing to weird crop timer issues. I’ve got almost all female smurfs in my Grove and they have a regular habit of disappearing. I shut down the game and reopen and there they are again, but often, it leads to different areas of my crops stalling and being hours out, even though they are all planted at the same time.

    I’ve realised that if I plant crops, I have to wait until the vast majority of female smurfs actually get to my gardens and start working before I can move safely on to another area or close the game. If I move too early, those that have made their transit in time, get to work whilst the rest vanish. And if I go visiting friends, from the grove, when I get back, my smurfs have also vanished, usually after getting a ‘Some critters have been put in storage’ message, which I’ve never understood and might be related. It’s most bizarre. I just have to reboot and they come back again but those that vanished have not been working and that sets the timers all askew.

    I also puzzled over the fact I couldn’t get smurfs to build wonders, even if there were loads available. I constantly got the message that I had to buy more or level up to have one be able to build. I got help from the forum to realise that I had to have a male smurf available as the females can’t build stuff (rubbish issue that I hope PopReach will set straight one day!). I thought this worth mentioning again in case anyone else is struggling with their militant female smurfs going on strike.

    I’ve also learnt that the Grove is one place where I must make certain I do a manual save after doing a lot of decorating there. It’s the place that is most likely to crash the game and lose all progress, despite auto saves being enabled. That’s been a painful lesson to learn. 😕

    I’ve had these issues for yonks and I don’t see any possible corruption I’ve picked up there affecting my game in any other ways, so I am ok with it.

    My Grove is my favourite place to hang out and satisfy my creative bursts but, for my game certainly, she remains a fragile destination, with a few lairy tricks up her sleeve.

    What are other people’s thoughts on managing this beautiful but temperamental wonderland?

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    Some quick, brief pieces of input.

    - First, the female Smurfs may be part of your problem. I suggest you convert them all to males and see how that goes for awhile, and if that solves some of the issues.
    - The crop timer issues are most likely part of the going-back-in-time bug. This can be experienced in any area and its cause is not known.
    - Manual saves are not always effective. After each time that I plant crops or redecorate, I collect XP with Fireman even if there is nothing to be collected, as this seems to force a cloud save.
    - After planting crops, making sure all fields are planted and then, after ‘collecting’ XP, you should be able to leave your area without waiting for your Smurfs to reach their fields, and when you come back, they should (almost) all be synched. Often there is a field or two behind, but there should not be many.


    • Artyharry
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      Aha! Cupcake thank you for some very useful advice. 😊. Fortunately I’m not hugely frustrated by any of this, once I was reassured I hadn’t brought bad corruption into my game and I adore my female smurfs, so I think they are worth a bit of occasional grief. They are just too cute to abandon, so I’ll carry on with them and heed your advice about all the other tips, which I hadn’t considered before. 👍 Thanks again. x

    • AlleycatttSmurf
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      Artyharry one thing you might want to watch out for in the Grove is the water tiles. I’ve never experienced this bug (knock on wood), but a lot of players have since they were introduced, they can trigger the back in time bug after decorating with them (some people losing hours of work😣).

      Here is a link to one of the bug topics -
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    • Artyharry
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      Thanks for the warning @AlleycattSmurf. I’m aware of this horrid bug and watch my Grove like a hawk if and when I mess around with river tiles. I don’t think they’ve caused me any problems but they sure do make me nervous! A timely warning for anyone new who isn’t aware. 👍