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  • On the third day of Christmas (12/15), my PMBs gave to me:

    Fresh Bread Stall

    Another PMB! (which I promptly stored)

    DJ Woodstock

    Flying Ace Whirligig



    • Snoopy Mom
      Snoopy Mom commented
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      I want to say I recall someone reporting a similar experience several years ago. Definitely a first for me, though!

    • Ginger
      Ginger commented
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      I've opened several in the past, but never one for Twelve Days of Xmas.

    • the cat next door
      the cat next door commented
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      Don't think I ever had a PMB from a PMB. Wow, what if you got another PMB from the PMB that came from the first PMB.........

  • On 12/14 Tweets got a Water Feature

    On 12/15 Tweets got a Moon Woodstock


    • Message from Officer Opinabox 12/14/2016

      E=Z had a butterfinger incident. The wavy men are flaunting her color purple today!!!

      Forum was down for hours, so late with this report. Also, I don’t have the 3 items that Ric opened.
      I can see in the Fair 3 boxes were opened, but Ric probably couldn’t get on the Forum to report.
      I had 3 players report to me through Facebook PM, so that’s why I have as much as I have. I’ll
      Just add Ric’s report when received to today’s listings (12/15/2016)
      ************************************************** **********

      Ah Piggy (black) A-3 (34 opened 4 = 30) Cat on a Ball, Mom Statue, Easter Sweetie and Mask Shop

      Biddy (lavender) D-2 (33 opened 3 = 30) Easter Sweetheart, Lionstock and Woodstock Rocker

      Cat (yellow) B-4 (55 opened 5 = 50) Winter Wonderland, Mini Taj Mahal, Owen’s Hot Rod, Woodstock Tree and Little White Tree

      Cookie (Red) D-1\2 (21 opened 1 = 20) Record Stall

      E=Z (purple) E-4 (4 butterfingered 1 = 3) Starts opening on 12/22

      Ern (light green) C-2 (17 opened 1 + 1 = 17) Emu

      Ginger (aqua) E-5 (69 opened 6 = 63) Mini Sagrada Familia, Fun Boats, White Tiger, Plasma Ball, Disco Ball and High Dive

      Inga (dark green) C-2 (11 opened 1 = 10) Rodeo Bull

      Janie (burgundy) C-2 (69 opened 6 = 63) Trading Card Stall, Sarcophagus, Matryoshka Stall, Orangutan, Night Gazebo and See-Saw

      Karen (hot pink) B-2 (66 opened 6 = 60) Daisy Seller, Roasted Chicken Stall, Instrument Shop, Woodstock Clock Tower, Tori’s Cat and Sasha

      Lil’ P (light pink) C\D-5 (2) Starts opening on 12/23

      Mom (brown) C\D2+B2 (55 opened 5 = 50) White Tiger, Love Teddy Bear, Orchid Seller, Rollercoaster and Steel Trash Can

      Ric (neon green) C-3 (33 opened 3 = 30) ???

      Scott (blue) B-4 (41 opened 3 = 38) Rollercoaster, Miniature Forest and Candy Cupcakes

      Snoopy Fan (white) C-5 (4) Starts opening on 12/21

      Tweets (orange) D1+C2 (11 opened 1 = 10) Water Feature

      Steve (To You) (light blue) C-3 (12 opened 1 = 11) Woodstock Tree
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      • Compilation Tally – 12/14/2016

        Opened Boxes – 45 + 43 = 88

        Angora Rabbit - 1
        Archery Stall - 2
        Blue Lava Lamp – 1
        Candy Cupcakes - 1
        Cat on a Ball - 1
        Cheerleaders Stall – 1
        Comic Stand - 1
        Daisy Seller – 3
        Devilstock – 1
        Disco Ball - 1
        Disco Spotlight - 1
        Easter Bunny Hill – 1
        Easter Sweetheart - 1
        Easter Sweetie – 1
        Emu - 1
        Ferris Wheel - 2
        Fun Boats – 2
        Garden Trash Can – 1
        Halloween Boat – 1
        High Dive - 1
        Honey Market – 2
        Hot Air Balloon – 1
        Instrument Shop - 1
        Kissing Booth Girl - 1
        Liberty Bell – 1
        Lionstock - 1
        Little White Tree - 2
        Love Teddy Bear – 2
        Mask Shop – 1
        Matryoshka Stall - 1
        Mime Artist – 2
        Miniature Forest - 1
        Miniature Music Hall - 1
        Mini Pyramids – 1
        Mini Sagada Familia - 1
        Mini Taj Mahal – 2
        Mom Statue - 1
        Neon Reindeer – 1
        Night Gazebo - 1
        Orangutan - 1
        Orchid Seller - 1
        Owen’s Hot Car – 1
        Plasma Ball – 1
        Record Stall - 1
        Roasted Chicken Stall - 2
        Rodeo Bull – 1
        Rollercoaster – 2
        Sarcophagus - 1
        Sasha - 1
        Satellite – 1
        See-Saw - 1
        Shaved Ice Stall - 1
        Signal - 3
        Sloth – 1
        Steel Trash Can - 1
        Swingboat – 1
        Tori’s Cat - 1
        Trading Card Stall - 1

        Trickster – 1
        Water Feature – 2
        White Tiger - 2
        Windsock - 2
        Winter Wonderland – 2
        Woodstock Clock Tower - 1
        Woodstock Rocker – 2
        Woodstock Tree – 4
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        • Dec 15., 2016


          • Dec 15., 2016


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              • On December 15 Steve (To You) opened Joust


                • On December 15 Ginger 6 boxes: Olaf's Cookie Stall, Toy Soldier, Easter Sweetie (two of them), Fountain and another Mini Sagrada Familia




                    • December 15, 2016
                      stilt walker
                      rodeo bull
                      i love mom bear
                      matryosh stall

                      Didnt think the bull was a PMB gift but oh well


                      • Ginger
                        Ginger commented
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                        Thank you for the lovely swing this morning, Janie. I needed it after doing catch up before starting today!!! I'm caught up, now ..... I think! Just waiting on Cookie, Karen, Ric and Scott ........... but first, off to my GYN (yuck)!

                    • I'm sooooooooo excited. I won 300 smurfberries (1st prize) in the song contest over at the Village. I'm going to use it when we expand the Grove.

                      Also, found out the reason the Forum was down was that they were doing maintenance!!!


                      • Ginger
                        Ginger commented
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                        Ern ... here's the link to the contest.

                        I did 3 entries in the contest plus I put a copy of something similar I had done years ago to "Jingle Bells" with a Cajun theme. You'll have to read through and at the end it will tell you which one of my entries won the prize.

                      • Ah Piggy
                        Ah Piggy commented
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                        Congrats Ginger! 🏆

                      • ern57
                        ern57 commented
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                        Ginger you need to write a children book.

                    • On 12/15, my 200th day streak gave to me zero coins. This started on day 196. It promises me zero tomorrow too. Waaah

                      Here's the goodies for today:
                      High dive
                      taj mahal (yay!)
                      Archery stall
                      Christmas cheer deck (the merry xmas skateboard)
                      Joust (yay!)
                      plasma ball

                      so, that's a chunk of my wishlist today. Here's hoping for a birdman cannonball and a sandosaur tomorrow!


                      • Snoopy Mom
                        Snoopy Mom commented
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                        I find in this "weird" cycle, daily bonus amounts (including the big Zero) don't typically last more than 4 days, so hopefully...

                    • Yesterday was just not my day! First of all, because I neglected to check my calendar, I found myself double booked with events on the the opposite ends of town. About 10 minutes before I needed to leave I remembered that I hadn't opened my PMBs for the day. To start things off, my game was corrupted, so had to fix that. Then the 1st item I got was a sports item which I popped into storage to figure out what it was, but then couldn't find it. I gave up in frustration & left for the day. When I got home around 10 pm I figured out that the sports item was the quarterbeagle, which shows up as Snoopy holding a football when it's in storage. Opened 2 more PMBs, only to find that I couldn't get into the forum. So glad to see that all is well today.

                      So here are my results:

                      12/14 - quarterbeagle, slide and blue lava lamp

                      12/15 - woodstock rocker (yellow bouncy thing), photographer and lionstock

                      The Lucky or Unlucky Dip, depending on how it treats you, has been good to me lately. Last time it gave me 3 PMBs plus $2. I put the extras in storage as backups. I hope my count is correct now.


                      • Ginger
                        Ginger commented
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                        Yes .... your numbers worked out perfectly this morning!!!

                    • I open 2 boxes and got Toy Soldier and a Midieval Cook Fire!