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  • Message from Officer Opinabox 12/15/2016

    WooHoo … Snoopy Fan found another PMB overnight. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    I’ve heard from everybody but Scott, and he’s away. If he checks in later, I’ll edit …. Or
    Add to tomorrow’s count!

    Ah Piggy (black) A-3 (30 opened 4 = 26) Fresh Bread Stall, Woodstock Land, Teddy Bear and Miniature Sweet Trees

    Biddy (lavender) D-2 (30 opened 3 = 27) Music Box, See-saw and Hot Potato Stall

    Cat (yellow) B-4 (50 Opened 5 = 45) Inflatable Waving Man, Mailman, Stanley’s Dinosaur, Water Feature and Desert Island

    Cookie (Red) D-1\2 (20 opened 2 = 18) Toy Soldier and Medieval Cook Fire

    E=Z (purple) E-4 (3) Starts opening on 12/22

    Ern (light green) C-2 (17 opened 1 = 16) Teacup Waltzer

    Ginger (aqua) E-5 (63 opened 6 = 57) Olaf’s Cookie Stall, Toy Soldier, Easter Sweetie (2), Fountain and Mini Sagrada Familia

    Inga (dark green) C-2 (10 opened 1 = 9) Heart Lantern

    Janie (burgundy) C-2 (63 opened 6 = 57) Majorette, Stilt Walker, Rodeo Bull, Tombstone, Teddy Bear and Matryoshka Stall

    Karen (hot pink) B-2 (60 opened 6 = 54) High Dive, Mini Taj Mahal, Archery Stall, Christmas Cheer Deck, Joust and Plasma Ball

    Lil’ P (light pink) C\D-5 (2) Starts opening on 12/23

    Mom (brown) C\D2+B2 (50 opened 5 = 45) Fresh Bread Stall, PMB, DJ Woodstock, Flying Ace Whirligig and See-saw

    Ric (neon green) C-3 (30 opened 3 on 12/14 and 3 on 12/15 = 27) 12/14 Quarterbeagle, Slide and Blue Lava Lamp. 12/15 Woodstock Rocker, Photographer and Lionstock

    Scott (blue) B-4 (38)

    Snoopy Fan (white) C-5 (4 found 1 = 5) Starts opening on 12/20 (Fan - see my date correction --- 12/20)

    Tweets (orange) D1+C2 (10 opened 1 = 9) Moon Woodstock

    Steve (To You) (light blue) C-3 (11 opened 1 = 10) Joust


    • Compilation Tally – 12/15/2016
      Opened Boxes – 88 + 47 = 135

      Angora Rabbit - 1
      Archery Stall - 3
      Blue Lava Lamp – 2
      Candy Cupcakes - 1
      Cat on a Ball - 1
      Cheerleaders Stall – 1
      Christmas Cheer Deck - 1
      Comic Stand - 1
      Daisy Seller – 3
      Desert Island - 1
      Devilstock – 1
      DJ Woodstock - 1
      Disco Ball - 1
      Disco Spotlight - 1
      Easter Bunny Hill – 1
      Easter Sweetheart - 1
      Easter Sweetie – 3
      Emu - 1
      Ferris Wheel – 2
      Flying Ace Whirligig - 1
      Fountain - 1
      Fresh Bread Stall - 2
      Fun Boats – 2
      Garden Trash Can – 1
      Halloween Boat – 1
      Heart Lantern - 1
      High Dive - 2
      Honey Market – 2
      Hot Air Balloon – 1
      Hot Potato Stall – 1
      Inflatable Waving Man - 1
      Instrument Shop – 1
      Joust - 2
      Kissing Booth Girl - 1
      Liberty Bell – 1
      Lionstock - 2
      Little White Tree - 2
      Love Teddy Bear – 2
      Mailman – 1
      Majorette - 1
      Mask Shop – 1
      Matryoshka Stall – 2
      Medieval Cook Fire - 1
      Mime Artist – 2
      Miniature Forest - 1
      Miniature Music Hall – 1
      Miniature Sweet Trees - 1
      Mini Pyramids – 1
      Mini Sagrada Familia - 2
      Mini Taj Mahal – 3
      Mom Statue – 1
      Moon Woodstock - 1
      Music Box - 1
      Neon Reindeer – 1
      Night Gazebo – 1
      Olaf’s Cookie Stall - 1
      Orangutan - 1
      Orchid Seller - 1
      Owen’s Hot Car – 1
      Photographer - 1
      Plasma Ball – 2
      Purple Mystery Box – 1
      Quarterbeagle - 1
      Record Stall - 1
      Roasted Chicken Stall - 2
      Rodeo Bull – 2
      Rollercoaster – 2
      Sarcophagus - 1
      Sasha - 1
      Satellite – 1
      See-Saw - 3
      Shaved Ice Stall - 1
      Signal – 3
      Slide - 1
      Sloth – 1
      Stanley’s Dinosaur - 1
      Steel Trash Can – 1
      Stilt Walker - 1
      Swingboat – 1
      Teacup Waltzer - 1
      Teddy Bear – 2
      Tombstone - 1
      Tori’s Cat – 1
      Toy Soldier - 2
      Trading Card Stall - 1
      Trickster – 1
      Water Feature – 3
      White Tiger - 2
      Windsock - 2
      Winter Wonderland – 2
      Woodstock Clock Tower – 1
      Woodstock Land - 1
      Woodstock Rocker – 3
      Woodstock Tree – 4
      Last edited by Ginger; 12-15-2016, 12:17 PM.


      • Early morning reporting for 16th December . . .

        Teacup waltzer
        White Tiger (which is now strategically placed within the PMB area. Needed to separate him from the Christmas bunnies - just in case - plus he's a deterrent for butterfingers, hopefully)
        Last edited by Biddymcfinnis (Maureen); 12-15-2016, 01:53 PM.


        • Sorry it's been a while since I posted. I just started a new job as a medical social worker for home health care for a Medicare provider and there's been a lot to learn! I last left off before 12 Days game got underway so I've been catching up on posts and seeing all the cool things folks have found. But BUMMER about it giving out stupid rodeo bulls!

          GmaJ: you mentioned getting a "mini house." What is that?
          Ginger: Thanks for noticing I got another PMB. (After opening up 2 blasted butterflies in a row!) I also just moved up to level 76, so now my golden boxes cost even more...


          • Ginger
            Ginger commented
            Editing a comment
            Mini houses ... Go into my Fair. Across from CB's house is the BFF pen with all the hoppers. To the right of them, across the street I have a whole complex on mini houses. Tap on them to see which is which. There are 3 of them. One has music notes going up when tapped. Janie got one of those. One has smoke and I can't remember what the 3rd one is. But with greenery and pathways and the mini gates you can make a nice little area.
            There are also the mini Christmas ones ... Look like Gingerbread houses. They are at the bottom of my Fair across the street from my PMB's.

          • SnoopyFan
            SnoopyFan commented
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            Thanks, Ginger!

        • Oh, hey, and can someone please post a picture of the "sloth" that you can win? My mind is completely blanking on what that looks like. It kind of sounds atrocious.


          • Ginger
            Ginger commented
            Editing a comment
            Hey Fan. Go in my Fair ... Down to the bottom near where all my PMB's are. You'll see a white tiger, couple of giraffes, hippo and sloth hanging from a tree. If you tap on the sloth, you get a little movement, but not much.

        • Sorry for the late report, my December 15th items were

          midnight express

          ferris wheel

          treasure chest


          • here is an early report for dec 16th. It is past midnight where I am so it is truly December 16th. No butterfingers here

            Love teddy bear
            fun boats
            cat on a ball



            • OK what is Olaf's cookie stall? And is the treasure chest the one that coins pop out of?


              • Ginger
                Ginger commented
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                Cat ... If you go quickly this evening where I opened my boxes, I have my presents out on the sidewalk. Olaf's cookie stall is there. But, I also already have one at A-2 in my Fair. ABCDE across the top and 12345 going down.
                Treasure Chest is small and came with the Pirates update. I should have one with my pirate set-up where Snoopy does his dance on the ship deck. It's to the right of the desert island. Tap on it and it bounces a bit, but no coins come out.
                Last edited by Ginger; 12-15-2016, 07:18 PM.

              • Biddymcfinnis (Maureen)
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                The treasure chest I have gives out coins once a day. Up to 6 groups at a time, but nothing except a wobble when tapped on.

              • the cat next door
                the cat next door commented
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                I couldn't find Olaf's stall this morning but that's OK. I do have several chests from the pirate update down near my Christmas set-up that give coins once a day. But I think there's also a chest that doesn't do anything? Oh well, just curious!

            • Dec16., 2016


              • On the fourth day of Christmas (Dec 16) my PMBs gave to me:

                Cupcake Stall
                Macaroon Stall
                Candy Mountains
                Honey the yellow poodle (didn't have her!)
                another Stanley's Dinosaur


                • Dec 16th
                  Macaroon stall for me as well


                  • Okay, Cat ... here's the Olaf's Cookie Stall

                    Well, I have just learned something about my own Fair. I have a little pile of coins that pops up throughout the day near a group of little horse racing and snack stalls. I've never known where those coins come from .... regardless of whether I use the instant collector or do the wild running around tapping on coins and xp's. Now, I realize those coins are coming from the pirate's chest because it's close by. Problem is........the chest is in the pirate's set-up and the coins fall on the sidewalk outside the pirate's set-up where I have those snack and racing things. This is very good for me to know, cause now I'm going to slowly watch it at some time because I'm sure that's the deal. The only other chest I can think of is the music box .....


                    • ern57
                      ern57 commented
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                      Ginger it is the pirate's chest. I have mine out in the open and I get coins. Sometimes a few piles and other about four or five piles of coins. Ern hugs

                    • the cat next door
                      the cat next door commented
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                      Oh geesh I have one of those! It's down in my "candy land" square that I made when we got the big Ace Candy thing for SCT. Thanks a lot Ginger! I just couldn't picture what it was. Senior Moment #1001.

                  • On 12/16 Steve (To You) opened 2 boxes. I think he finally figured out we started on the 13th, so now he is all caught up with us.
                    Bubble Machine and Miniature Candy Lodge


                    • December 16th
                      Merry go Round!
                      no LWT 😩


                      • ern57
                        ern57 commented
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                        Tried again in the UnL dip and drum roll please!
                        Bull 😩

                      • Ginger
                        Ginger commented
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                        That must have been a little tiny Drummer Boy drum roll!

                    • December 16, 2016
                      liberty bell
                      shoe stall
                      Kimberly ladybug remote
                      Winter wonderland
                      kite flyer
                      woodstock tree


                      • Ginger
                        Ginger commented
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                        {{{{{JANIE}}}}} you had 57 boxes, opened 6, leaves 51 .... But we only count 50 boxes.
                        Honor System ... Did you butterfinger?
                        Or did we miscount?

                      • gmajanie
                        gmajanie commented
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                        I will count I don't know I put all I open on the pallets so I can view. I go back and put them in storage so I get right name