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Upset and annoyed with Customer Support because I'm unable to transfer my current village to my new Android device

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  • Upset and annoyed with Customer Support because I'm unable to transfer my current village to my new Android device

    I upgraded my phone and while my new phone Galaxy Note3 works great with Cloud. My Samsung s3 did not. So yes I lost it all level 60 down to 1. I had 7000 smurfberries from my old phone. I emailed Beeline took them 2 weeks to respond. They gave me 10000 smurf berries. But did not unlock my VIP status and did not give the character, item etc that often came included. I had all 4 lands fully developed plus I was up to date with the smurf wonders. I have since emailed with no repy from Zack that 10000 was not going to get me back to where I was. I am already down to 4000sb and still at villiage state. Seeing how I had 7000 sb in Jan. Does Beeline honestly think 4000 sb is going to redevelop all 4 lands with smurfy wonders. Purchased smurfs, animals et ? I feel ripped off and cheated.

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    Hello Glenn. I'm sorry to hear that you have been unable to transfer your current village to your new cellphone. I am also sorry that you are unhappy with the compensation that you have received from Customer Support. They should be able to restore your VIP status, so I would definitely keep contacting them until that is resolved.

    In case you were unaware, only the iOS version provides multiple ways to ensure your village is backed up and can be transferred from iOS device; to iOS device. The Android version relies solely on the recently added Google Cloud Backup, but sadly that does not always work on some Android devices.

    There are third party alternatives such as Helium that you can try if you still have access to your old cellphone and village. Please note though that players who use Helium are doing so at their own risk. Beeline does not endorse the use of third party apps to transfer and or backup game data on the Android version of Smurfs' Village. Additionally, any problems arising form the use of said third party apps will not be supported by Beeline Customer Support.

    The Fan site wrote an article on ways to backup the Android version. You can check the link out here:


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      I had Cloud on my old Samsing and it was working fine. But than every time I clicked Cloud save it would close the Smurf App. Its just disappointing when people work so hard. And I can see this is more common than I thought with people losing their game. Has anyone ever been properly reimbursed? As I completed the Spooky mansion and weather mqchine so that has stripped me over more s.b. km down to 3500sb from the 10000 they compensated me. And stoll only at the villiage stage. I just feel cheated and robbed that they did not compensate me enough to get me back to where I left off. And when you email them they tend to disregard a large portion of what you wrote. I am aware that they will not be able to get my village back. But 10000sb was not enough. Seeing that I had all 4careas fully set up and still had 7000sb.


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        Hi again Glenn. The only advice I can give is to keep contacting Customer Support. Don't give up requesting that your Lifetime VIP status be restored. Continue to express that you feel you weren't adequately compensated for the entire loss of all your village areas.


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          5 emails later still no response. And I knew I shouldn't but I spent $300 to get my game to 60% of what it was