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Submitted a ticket to Customer Support four days ago but have not yet received my missing items or a reply

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  • Submitted a ticket to Customer Support four days ago but have not yet received my missing items or a reply

    I purchased an exclusive offer for 125 Smurfberries & a large butterfly on Monday night and I never received it. I opened a ticket first thing on Tuesday morning (included the receipt and Smurf ID) and received the confirmation email that it was opened. Its now Saturday and I STILL havent received my items nor have I received any further communications from customer support. I sent an email yesterday, early afternoon, following up and again I have not heard from anyone. As a Lifetime VIP member who is supposed to get premium support this is definitely not premium. Does anyone have any suggestions to get this solved faster?

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    Hi Goodsy. I'm sorry to hear that you did not receive your Butterfly Exclusive Offer purchase. Please note that Customer Support is closed on the weekends, but I went ahead and took a look at your Customer Support ticket that you submitted on the 24th. You did everything correct, and I also saw that you attached a copy of your iTunes receipt. Your ticket status was switched on Friday from New to Open. This means that you should hear something back early next week. While Customer Support tries to get back to everyone as soon as possible, there can sometimes be a delay. If you still do not have your issue resolved by the middle of next week, please let me know and I'll see what can be done.


    • Goodsy
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      Hi Spelling Bee, Its now Wednesday and I still have not received my Smurfberries and butterfly, nor have I heard back from Customer Support

    • Spelling Bee
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      I'll look into this today and see what I can find out and let you know as soon as I do.

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    Thank you for looking into it Spelling Bee


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      I submitted a ticket on 22nd Mar.. After the first reply from beeline on 23rd.. Which I responded on the same day.. I DID NOT get a response until today! And they just told me my ticket is resolved! Which it isn't.... What kind of support is this??? And no response for more than 14hrs now! BEELINE, pls respond..


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        Ticket number 632499. Pls look into it ASAP. My game got reset on the 22nd.. It was still working fine on 21st March. Restoring it using my saves on my device did not work at all. It hangs my game and doesn't respond even when I waited for 15mins..


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          Hi Jeff. It sounds like you are experiencing the same bug/issue that sever other players are having. You can read about it here: [AP] Lost progress in iOS 1.30.0 or Android 1.7.0 and can't recover using the Recovery Menu "Oops Can't find your Village" or "Need to update"


          • happybird
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            Ms. Bee, how did you get the entire title of that link to appear? When I paste a link to a thread, they always show up shortened with ellipses on the end. It is helpful to see the whole title, I think. I usually copy the links from the list of threads on the section page of the forum (News, Ask, Chat, etc), and not from the top of the thread, itself.

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          Quite like that. thanks for the re-direction. They should really get it resolved. Spent too many years playing to suffer bugs/glitches like this..