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Need assistance getting my past purchases resent to my new Android device

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  • Need assistance getting my past purchases resent to my new Android device

    I need some help from beeline customer support. And all "zachary" does is not help. I stopped playing for over a year because they kept stealing my vip tokens that i bought and were still active. I now have spent lots of money on clash of clans on in app purchases. And when i have an issue, supercell is amazing. They actually reply in a timely manner and not with a form email. Im sorry "bees knees" if you don't like "zachary" being called out by name, but if he did his job and supported the paying customers, then we wouldn't have this problem. Please somebody help?

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    Hi Stephen. I took a look at your tickets with Customer Support. From what I can see, you've sent in the information requested by Zachary and everything looks okay. I know it's frustrating, but it could take up to a few days for the entire process from start to finish. If you are still waiting on your purchases to be resent by early next week, please let me know and I can see what I can do.


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      Thank you for your response spelling bee. I was emailed Thursday that my berries were being resent. It said it could take up to 24 hours. I waited and i got my vip status, but no berries. I emailed back friday to let them know. No response or berries yet.


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        Well, i have emailed capcom themselves. Maybe they can help with "zachary ", cause this has gotten stupid dumb. I can't even get a response from someone. I agree with some of the other posters here and on other sites. It may be time to seek legal help against beeline. Paying customers have a right to certain things. And one of them is getting what they have paid for. Please pass this along


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          While I can understand this is entirely frustrating, please know that Customer Support is only open Monday through Friday. While they strive to reply to players in a timely fashion, it's not uncommon for there to be a few days in-between replies. This is especially true when following the weekend.

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        Hi again Stephen. While rare, it is possible for something to interfere with your ability to obtain credited Smurfberries from Customer Support. I've let Customer Support know that your VIP status was restored but that you did not receive the Smurfberries. I asked them to please take a look at your ticket, so hopefully you should be hearing something back soon.


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          Spelling bee, thanks again for your response. But support bot zachary is really #%^*¥@$ me off. Can you get an actual human to respond to my support request? I understand that capcom is a software company, but having a computer pretending its a person is not helpful. We all know zachary isnt real. Its all over the Internet. Please make someone help.
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            Hi Stephen. I understand that this is extremely frustrating, but please try and refrain from using language that may be offensive to other members when posting here on these forums. Additionally, despite opinons to the contrary; Zach is very much a real person. I've spoken with him this morning and he's informed me that your purchases have been resent once again. You should receive an email from Customer Support with additional details, but I do hope everything comes through this time.