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Giving up on Smurfs' Village because I can't find all of my emailed purchase receipts

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  • Giving up on Smurfs' Village because I can't find all of my emailed purchase receipts

    i used to be your biggest supporter. I put so much money into this game. My mother and I bonded closer over this game. But I cannot get the VIP to work again, and I cannot find any receipts from in app purchases; because of all the spam that comes through, I only have mail from 2015 and 2010 (figure THAT one out!!! Nothing between!) I am NOT about to sink another $100 into this game when neither beeline or iTunes will keep any records of in app purchases. I do not have the patience to wait for the vehicles to get to their destinations. I will never get caught up in a game like this again! I'm really ticked over this. I put so much time and money into this game. This just isn't right. Butmaybe this is a good thing. I just bought a house. I need to get my head out of smurf village and live my life. It's been fun. But now I must move on.

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    Hi Vicky. I'm sorry that you have been having some recent trouble with your game and I can understand your frustration. While it's true you'll probably need some of your receipts to get your VIP status restored by Beeline Customer Support, the good news is you don't need the original emails.

    Apple has made it extremely easy to look up every single purchase you've ever made with your Apple ID using a Mac or PC and their iTunes software. From there, you can print and attach screen shots and Customer Support will reactivate your VIP. Here is a link to Apple's site with instructions on what you'll need to do in order to be able to access the receipts.

    I know it works, and when I say they keep all your receipts, I mean they keep them all lol. We have iTunes receipts tied to our Apple ID from well over a decade ago.


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      Don't give up Vicky! This happened to me awhile ago and I can vouch for Spelling Bee when she says that Apple keeps all of your purchases. I had to do the same darn thing not long ago. Once I emailed support they were able to restore my VIP status. Now I'm good to go.

      Hope it helps.


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        Thank you so much! I really missed playing the smurfs, and came in to ask a question about my mom's SV...then I saw these replies. So, I looked up my account and typed up a listing of over $100 worth of items, the order number, description and cost. They replied, basically need email receipts or screenshots.

        So, my computer doesn't have an image editor where I can paste the screenshots and save them to send as attachments. But I do have my iPhone camera. I took pictures of the screen and sent them in. The pictures have a moire overcast, that would make it almost impossible to alter the picture in, say, Photoshop. So pictures should be acceptable, right? If not, I'll download Irfanview. I already sent the pictures a few days ago, but I haven't heard back, yet. So I thought I'd ask in here while I'm waiting.

        I missed you guys! Thanks for the help.


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          For screen shots on a regular computer, look on the keyboard, do you see a button with PRTSC or PRTSCN

          It means print screen.

          do that, you may need to use the FN key to do it, depending on your computer

          Then, for a windows computer, look in the start menu, (for windows 8 and 10, all apps) windows accessories and you should see a program called Paint.
          Open that and go to 'file' 'paste'

          It should paste into that program what was on your screen when you hit the button to print screen

          You may also be able to paste that screen cap into a word processing program or notes app.


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            Thank you, Skydiver. They accepted the photo of the screen.


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              Hi Vicky!
              So Happy for you that it Worked out!!
              I don't think I would have had your patience!
              I hope customer support will make things more effective and make it a little easier for the customers to deal with game problems.
              Good for you! 👍🏻