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Need help restoring Lifetime VIP status in Smurfs' Village

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  • Need help restoring Lifetime VIP status in Smurfs' Village

    Over a year ago, I lost my permanent VIP status during D & R, I did email to support but never got round to finding the receipts as there were so many! Now I have collected them but only few, if they want more they are welcome to it. Anyway, I did send another request to support team, they have opened my case but never done anything, it had been about 10 days now. The ticket is 626738. Thanks

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    Shows your loyalty?!? No one had this or my email


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      Hi Seven. The best advice I can give you is to create a brand new ticket and keep following up with that new ticket daily (except for weekends). The VIP system has changed in Smurfs' Village and all players obtain Lifetime VIP after unlocking VIP status. Hopefully Customer Support will be in touch with you soon and your past purchases can be used to quickly restore it.


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        I've lost my VIP status several times.
        I've written created tickets but I've never gotten any usable help, but this is my experience: after one or more additional purchases (@ at least 10$) your VIP status will return. Until then you'll just have to do without the stork. :-)
        It all cones down to a balance of enjoyment and grievances - for me I've accepted that if it keeps happening I'll have to quit.
        I hope your problem has long been solved! :-)