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Someone from Beeline might want to address some of the recent posts on the official Facebook page

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  • Someone from Beeline might want to address some of the recent posts on the official Facebook page

    Spelling bee someone from beeline might want to address some of the posts on the facebook page. Some of it is alarmimg and there are alot of angry players. It is all very well with posting explanations but the angry posts on facebook are very emotionally driven so even though this was posted here those players on facebook may not have seen that and lets just say angry ***** mob is how I would desctibe the atmosphere on there. I think a rethink from beeline to come up with a better way is needed to calm the angry ***** mob down. I have worked in customer service so I understand this quite well. Over time one thing alot of players have said they wanted is quality over quantity so the game is more enjoyable.
    Last edited by Spelling Bee; 07-20-2016, 05:13 PM. Reason: Removed offensive language. Please refrain from using that term in the future. Thank you.

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    I don't mean to be rude but that word is how I would describe the atmoshere on facebook. Players are attacking beeline in anger for a number of reasons. Talk about pc gone mad.


    • Spelling Bee
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      Hi Debbles. It's not just a matter of being Politically Correct. The word was offensive to many community members who reported it as such. People can understand being angry about lost progress and bugs etc., but you shouldn't equate their anger and frustrations with the very real and violent act of murdering someone by hanging them.

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      Hi debbles smurf. Thank you for sharing your concern about the tone in our community. We are doing our best to respond to as many player comments as possible and to do a better job of listening to our customers. We have implemented new systems and tools to help us do this better. You're right that it's always a concern when the tone turns negative and angry and our best solution is to show that we're listening and to address as many questions, comments, and requests as possible. Thanks so much for looking out.

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    Wake up Beeline

    Haley M. Edwards
    Just want to let you know how incredibly disappointed I am. I lost 2 years worth of tedious dedicated playing. I mean I was addicted to this game. And I have exhausted every option to try and save it, & I also wrote you guys religiously reporting every issue for you to just push me off like everyone else. I really want to know why you refuse to fix the Google Cloud issues & what you are spending people's hard earned money because your system is failing and you won't give us any answers.
    If there are no answers soon - I'll be sending links to people who are getting screwed over so they will be able to purchase anything for free. I have a few ways. Hate to resort to this but your lack of responsibility and response and your horrible customer service you aren't going to get away with much longer. So if that means I have to save people from wasting their money on a game that will eventually fail them, I most certainly will.
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      Just one post of a number of alarming posts on your facebook page which will cost beeline if you do not address it


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        I'll bring this to Bumble Bee's attention.