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Need help with my Support ticket regarding crashing when traveling to the Mountain and Gove

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  • Need help with my Support ticket regarding crashing when traveling to the Mountain and Gove

    Fellow iOS iphone6 player. I have unsuccessfully tried to get help in trying to restore my Mountain and Grove area. Both areas have been crashing- and the Grove crashes started after the latest update. The Mountain area has been crashing for a year now. I have spent hundreds of dollars playing Smurfs Village and it's the only game I play. After four years, I feel I am entitled to something more than an auto response that promises no resolution. Please help Spelling Bee, Worker Bee or anyone else.

    After my ticket was submitted, this is the response from Zachary:
    We do apologize, and thank you for your bug report. We will share it with the developers who will look into it.

    We apologize for the inconvenience,

    Beeline Interactive Support

    Sorry, this is not good enough, especially since I have seen the same response five times already after submitting support tickets.
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    Interested to know if you're issue was ever resolved. Mine wasn't and I also thought I was a pretty "big spender" in the game...but alas...this helped me none with the developers. Did you get your issue RESOLVED?


    • smurfmummy
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      No my issues haven't been resolved for over a year. This is an issue that can be solved if they dedicate the resources towards it. I am waiting for a major intervention Hopefully, one of the Bees who in all honesty, have been helpful to many here, will intervene.
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    Good luck!


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      Hi Smurfmummy. I'll do my best to help, and I'm sorry that you are frustrated with Customer Support. In most instances, unless the Development Team has sent Customer Support information on a bug to pass along to the players, there is nothing they can do yet. That is why you got the message saying they would share your issue with the Developers.

      For your issues, the post you made earlier about crashing when trying to enter the Grove was merged here:

      As you'll see in the topic, you are not the only one experiencing this issue with the new update. Since it appears to be widespread, it is more than likely this is something the Development Team will address in the next update.

      For your issue with the Mountain area though, I'm afraid more than likely there is nothing that can be done. There was a bug a little over a year ago with rearranging the Train Tracks that caused the Mountain to become inaccessible. You can find the problem topic here:

      Unfortunately, the remedy for the bug at that time was to recover to a prior point and that would fix it. Sadly since so much time has now passed, that is obviously not an option for you. I'm sorry.


      • smurfmummy
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        Hi Spelling Bee! Thank you so much for responding! I really appreciate the information you provided and it explains why I can't play on the Mountain. I am perplexed as to why customer support never explained it to me though. As for the grove, I do hope I don't miss the fix. If it's in the update, that would be great.

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      Spelling Bee, thank you for helping me out. I can play again after 2 weeks with this new Halloween update! I can also visit the mountain village. I deleted the trains and the tracks and kept them at a minimum in the village and that did the trick! Please let the developer team know that they are appreciated for fixing the glitches!