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Did you ever stop playing and come back?

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  • Did you ever stop playing and come back?

    Hey everybody! Are there any long time players that survived the constant bugs from back in 2015? I gave up in 2016 and sold my iPad thus deleting my game. Back then I thought that Game Center saved our game. I am now trying to come back as I have a new iPad and would love to get some credit for the hundreds of dollars I spent. I’ve gone back and forth with support for a week now and I don’t think they are understanding that my original game is gone as well as that games support ID. Does anyone have any advice? Has anyone gone through this situation with any success? Considering where I was at in the game when the bugs and corruption took over I feel I deserve my SB’s and anything they can give back considering I have to start over at level 1.

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    This is a tough one after such a very long time- there is no way to retrieve your game from GC if you are unable to load it on a device. Since the demise of GC, games are saved locally and on the company’s own servers. As a note, the game has changed owners twice (I think) since you played, so this company was not the one responsible for the terrible bugs that we endured! Unless you have been playing during the last several years or have it on an old device, or have a support ID, there is absolutely no way for them (as far as I know) to identify your game.

    As a note, I started a new village awhile ago on another device, and found it was great fun building a new village from scratch, knowing what I know now! I realize that isn’t much consolation, but it is truth. Plus PopReach is selling EOs and special items at much lower prices than we used to have, so buying things is much less expensive. And there are so many things already in the game! Just sayin’...


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      Support asked for receipts. So fingers crossed.


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        i play this game since 2012, on my late ipad..unfortunately my ipad is lacking so it was imposible to keep play on my old ipad. In 2014 i stopped playing...lucky me, i didn’t delete my game on those old ipad..even though the last updated was the version developed by bongfish, i think my game already saved on apple’s game centre(back then i didn’t know about smurfs cloud save)
        And recently in early 2020 i got my new iphone, and i can retrieve my old village.. fiuh!
        So maybe if you connect your games app with apple’s game can get your old village??


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          Thank you BrownSugar37. I've tried so many things. I think the problem is that I sold my iPad so I did a complete delete and restore for the new owner thus deleting my Village. I didn't realize the magnitude of deleting my village at the time. Now I have a new iPad and GameCenter was not of any help. I'm glad you have your village though. Thanks for replying. Support is giving me the runaround but hopefully, they come up with a compromise as I spent more money on this game than I should have, hindsight being 20/20 of course.


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            This company Popreach is not very nice. They made me a terrible offer that is hardly a fraction of what I purchased. I really miss Spelling Bee. She was the greatest.