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Need help to have Customer Support resend purchases that never arrived

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  • Need help to have Customer Support resend purchases that never arrived

    Hello Speeling bee,

    my english is not so good but I need your help.
    I'm totally desperate.
    I'm trying to write the support, because I have these objects not get the invite:
    1. "Anti-Wither Machine in on the mountain" for € 17.99
    2. “smurf and Slide set on the village” for € 8.99
    3. “Elite VIP Sailboat Offer on the island” for € 44,99

    And each time was the same answer:

    "Hello seidel,
    In order to credit you we will require your Apple receipts. Unfortunately, we do not have sales information in our records, as this is handled by iTunes. We can accept your receipts, or we can also accept a screen shot (or other copy) of your Purchase History. To locate your purchase history, follow these steps then:
    If on a PC:
    1) Press the Print Screen (PrtScr) button on your keyboard (this will save the screen shot of everything on your screen)
    2) Open "Paint" by clicking Start>Programs>Accessories>Paint
    3) Once in paint, click Edit>Paste (this should paste the screen shot, and it should now be visible)
    4) Save the screen shot and add it as an attachment to a reply e-mail
    If using a Mac:
    Preview Application>File>Take Screen Shot> From Window. This should allow you to open the iTunes window, and take a screen shot of it.
    Sorry for the inconvenience,
    Beeline Interactive Support"

    I have sent this letter and all required data in the appendix:

    "Hallo Zachary,
    thank you for your answer.
    Here attached the relevant documents.
    Hope submit these documents and bring the anti-wither-machine on the mountain in my game.
    katja seidel"

    The same words from me for the “ smurf and Slide set on the village” and the “Elite VIP Sailboat Offer on the island”
    I got this response:

    "Hello seidel,
    All financial transactions are governed by the Apple iTunes Store terms and conditions, and are handled by Apple. You may seek a refund by contacting Apple. Following is the recommended procedure:
    Step 1
    Click on the following link:
    Select “iTunes” under “All Products & Services”
    Next select” iTunes Store”
    Next Select “Purchases, Billing & Redemption”
    Step 2
    Select "Apple ID Account Billing"
    Fill out the information at the bottom of the screen
    Click “Continue”
    Step 3
    Select the email button and fill out the form explaining the issue and that you’d like a refund.
    If you encounter any issues, please let us know.
    We apologize for the inconvenience,
    Beeline Interactive Support"

    then I sat down with apple in conjunction, but they can not help me and have the following written on Beeline:

    "Hello Zachary,
    apple writes me that they will not make a refund, because it is an in app purchase.
    You let me know that I must put in connection with beeline. The problem would be a problem of the developer!
    I am very disappointed that no one wants to help me.
    Please bring you my object in my game, so they have done for me some time ago with another object in advance.
    I hope you can help me.
    Katja Seidel"

    And still no answer. I would like to get only this object in my game.
    Please help me, I do not understand everything that nobody wants to help me and I get no answers.

    I know here on the forum and also from earlier complaints, the Beeline can bring the items into the game!!!!!!!! but I think they just do not want, which is working for the developer and I just an annoying user / customer. this is not ok!
    I myself have already received anything through complaints, because the game is broken during the upload.
    I got a packet is set to play with the object and when I opened it, the object appears and I could place it in the game, the berries or resource were then well written.

    I do not understand what there is now a problem !!!

    In addition to the Beeline not responding and does not care, but sometimes loosely € 71.97 conceded !!!!

    Please Speeling bee help me. I'm totally desperate and that money is gone. I have to work hard for it.

    Thanks in advance.
    Katja seidel
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    Hi Katja, I will see what I can do to help you. Please be patient as it might take a couple of days. Thank you very much. (Hej Katja, jag får se vad jag kan göra för att hjälpa dig. Ha tålamod, eftersom det kan ta ett par dagar. Tack så mycket.)


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      I thank you very much. I hope you can achieve something for me. I'll wait until you're back at me and want to report hope that you can achieve anything. if you need some technical data, register with me. thank you

      katja seidel


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        I'm ill an Must go to the Hospital. I Hope you can achieve something for me. I can answere you, in you have an question Ort Information for me, After Christmas. Thanks katja
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          Hello Speeling bee,

          I wanted to ask you, you wanted me as kindly help to obtain the objects and the berries into play. can you tell me how far the declaration is progressive?

          I am so sad that I have not gotten the things. I know you're doing your best. I hope you can help me.

          it is so much money for me and I hope I get the things.

          Many thanks for your efforts.

          katja seidel