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Smurfs' Village iOS version 1.12.1 (Bug Fix) is live and available for download

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    I bought an item from the Rarity Shop and while I waited (way to long) for theitem to show up, the pop-up ad appeared. X-ing it away I did something wrong, maybe tapped too many times, and my item disappeared! :-(


    • smurfy bear
      smurfy bear commented
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      This is the very reason why I'm actively against this particular pop up ad... it pops up in the middle of game play. Cupcake posted a warning in this thread about ads popping up during in app purchases that's why I've opted not to purchase anything until this gets cleared up. Hope you'll get your item back quickly.

    • Tenny
      Tenny commented
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      I did open a ticket right away, but it's sooooo complicated on a small phone. The Beeline support page is good for tablets but not for my Samsung mini :-(
      (And on my iPad I can copy the ID-number. On Android I can't. Mhhhh, I wonder why?)

    • Tapasz
      Tapasz commented
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      So sorry for you, really hope they'll fix it soon!