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Smurfs' Village iOS version 1.15.0 is live and available for download!

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    I have to thank Beeline again for giving us an offer at 9.99 right from the start! I liked this item when we got the preview, but the price really made me get excited, and without resources! I didn't hesitate to buy it! The white peacock is a beauty, and he made friends in my village right away, it's a nice design and I really like that the scale matches the other peacocks we already have.

    This batch of EO Bonus Items is nice, but I wish Beeline would have used the opportunity to up the villains population in our villages. I really like the characters I know and love from the cartoon and would like to see more of them in the game, and as nice as this batch of EO's are, they would all be trumped by any number of classic Smurf characters we have all been waiting for!

    All these new Bonus Items are nice, but come on Beeline don't give up on giving us classic Smurf characters like Johan and Peewit, Hogatha the Witch, Homnibus, the Truffle Trolls, Lord Balthazar, the Wortmongers, Carpzilla, Morphio and his horse Nightmare, Genie Meanie, Vanity's friend Winky, and any number of Trolls, gargoyles, and Imps that were part of the show! And of course the Mighty Golden Eagle, don't forget about him!


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      Totally agree with you Purple! Bring on Johan & Peewit and all the others Beeline!! It'd be definetly worth an EO then. For my part, I'd like Beeline to make us certain EOs (like this peacock) also available for coins or SB instead of only cash (a way to reward passionate players). Then EOs like special huts, humans and villains can be EOs for they are absolutely unique prizes. Just think the good decorative and interactive items should mainly be accessible without real money...

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    Hi all. The bug fix update update is live: