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Smurfs' Village Android version 1.5.6.a is live and available for download!

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    I really like this new Android update (iOS is total chaos, so I'm gonna post in here).
    Lucky Smurf's prizes are great! I love all the new items on the free round, especially the glowing flowers and the pink trees. And I think the SBs items are very well chosen. I don't regret spending SBs on the game - just one time I ended up with 30 dye. Good mini-game, Beeline. Fun to play, easy to win, good prizes. Thumbs up!
    Homnibus new statues give more resources and still I haven't finished all my wonders on Android. I'm still missing out on three wonders *sigh*
    The new animals are really cute and I'm sad that we didn't get the green bunny for the MV or the island (In a diffrent colour of course). I just don't get it why some animals have to wear helmets and others don't ... The EOs for this update are very nice! I bought three out of four, see? No Special Smurf, not always everything for 25 ... and you get my money AND a Thank you!
    I'm really enjoying my game on Android right now (except for the missing friends!)