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Which past Exclusive Offer Bonus items would you like PopReach to put on sale again?

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  • Please update Tailor Smurfs Hut with an Add/Remove all option, also add more festive hats.


    • Hello PopReach please , Please, PLEASE! start offering Exclusive MMB items for sale on day 1 of new updates. The rate of getting the new item is extremely limited. We should have the option to purchase these items once released.

      Thank you!
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      • Cupcake
        Cupcake commented
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        Skyblack You chances of winning any specific premium item from the MMB are very, very, very small because there are so very many items. The odds of winning are tiny- you have to be extremely lucky!

        Thanks to all for posting- I will bring it up as an issue again!

      • Y3nzid_Raxip
        Y3nzid_Raxip commented
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        It’s maddening lol... I’ve spent 2000SB just to receive the same items over and over, I can’t deal with MMB anymore. I like the idea of it but I believe the option to buy the item should be an option as well.

      • Skyblack
        Skyblack commented
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        Hi Cupcake, yes, it's very lucky, because I loved that pegasus and he just doesn't want to fly with my village! but I already saw that Y3nzid_Raxip he spent a lot of sb, I'm not going to complain!
        but yes, thanks for reporting it, I think it is an excellent idea that they also put them as EO.
        smurf night

    • Please have a MMB exclusive sale with the previous few updates. Thanks a Smurf!


      • Pease offer the Cosmic Star Tree again. I missed it the day the EO’s were glitching😣😣😣