Place some perfectly peculiar pets on the Swoof Planet to make your Smurfs and Swoofs smile! These super-silly space creatures are coming soon!!! Watch for the next update to get in on all the smurfy new fun!


Coming soon!!! Get some cosmic construction underway building the first-ever Smurfy Wonder in space! The amazing space terrarium is a safe and warm place to keep and show off a wonderful collection of weird space creatures and plants! The new Smurfy Wonder is just one of the many smurftastic new things coming in our next update!


It's time to welcome a new Smurf to Planet Swoof! Meet Sculptor Smurf and place his space hut in our next Smurfs Village update, coming soon


Look what's cropped up in our upcoming Smurfs' Village update! That's crops! Now you'll be able to plant and harvest smurfily strange crops for the Smurfstronauts and their swoofy friends to enjoy.

Plus you'll earn rewards you can use to smurf cute new items for your space village! Coming soon!!!