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Smurfs' Village Android version 1.40.2 (Bug Fix) is live and available for download!

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    I have started a new topic idea in regards to the sound if anyone is interested


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      The video hut worked for one day. Now I'm not receiving SB bits again.


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        Did anyone get EOs after he had updated?


        • saskia
          saskia commented
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          Not on my side of the game.

        • oldyschlumpf
          oldyschlumpf commented
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          I didn't get any EOs, too.

        • Nakiamie
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          me either

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        If there is more bugs that you think should get fixed by Bongfish, you are welcome to write them down into this section as well:

        We will be checking the whole forum too for information, so we can get rid of more and more bugs!
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          is anyone experiencing these problems?

          1) timing of wonders are off - i timed them to collect my berries at the same time but some wonders seem to work faster others slower. however, i still wait till all are ready for collection for the next week, but when next week arrives, the timers are off again.
          2) some of the games in the main village allows you to watch a video to play the game without waiting for its time. but i keep getting the message that i cannot watch the video but video ads pop up fine when i travel between areas.


          • Evanna
            Evanna commented
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            My friend hs the wonder timer problem, too. But she (and I on iOS) have had that problem for ages. We'd check the time and see that one is supposed to give a berry at let's say 6pm. So we'd check and it'd say something like 54 minutes, or 2h 34min, or something. It's happening in all areas with all wonders but not at all times. Which is weird. (I mean that a wonder might keep changing time several times and in the end be off by seven hours, but then is on time - that time - the week after. And wrong again another week later.)

            However, the problem seems to have gotten a bit worse for her since the update. Because of the level one bug, she had all berries at the same time. When she then harvested them, all were ready but the main village. And now the MV is still the worst, but the berries are off in all areas, also individually. And some are ready at times she most definitely didn't harvest them (eg 2am) which proves again that the timer is wrong.

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          Hi Hi Everyone!!! Since it's now officially December, we've got a Sneak Peek at the new Christmas update ready as well as a Super fun Christmas Contest!

          Please go check both out Here: Sneak Peek at the contents of the Smurfs' Village iOS and Android version 1.41.0 Christmas update!

          Here: Create your own custom lyrics to your favorite Christmas songs contest!