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Smurfs' Village iOS version 1.41.0 is live and available for download!

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  • Smurfs' Village iOS version 1.41.0 is live and available for download!

    What's New in Version 1.41.0

    A holly-jolly and Smurfy Christmas Update!

    - Add a bit of harmony to your villages this holiday season with Caroling Harmony Smurf and his new main village Hut!
    - Find the new and iconic Ninja Rat character hidden the Game Master's Mega Mystery Box!
    - Show Smurfette who gives the best gifts in Smurfs' Village by helping your fellow Smurfs build the monumental Smurfette Ice Sculpture wonder!
    - Celebrate the 2016 holiday season with another mysterious, free gift from the developers of Smurfs' Village which unlocks on Dec. 25th!
    - Redecorate your Smurfy villages with winter crops, and new Smurfy holiday themed items galore!

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    Screenshots from the update!


    • Tenny
      Tenny commented
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      Lovely! Supersmury and christmassy.

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    Update is out


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      Great! Now it's time for some redecorating! 🎄😍


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        Thanks Mohammed!!!!


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            Here is some stuff from the update! OMG, the Bongfish artist did an AMAZING job on Evil Ninja Rat!!!! Exactly like the cartoon!!! Now I just have to win him!!!


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              The sheep! The new sheep! Evil Ninja Rat!!!!! Going to update! Yay!!!!!


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                Updated hubby's village and placed the giant gift box! I love it when the smurfs are wearing their mittens and ear muffs.


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                  Anyone that's placed Harmony, does he do anything? Or is he just decorative?

                  And the Smurfette Statue is on the mountain, if anyone was wondering.
                  The snow tiles will be cool, my christmas section can be winter all the time once I get around to decorating. And they are in the grove as well, just not on the island and I dont' think in space.
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                  • AlleycatttSmurf
                    AlleycatttSmurf commented
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                    I placed him and was disappointed to find out that he doesn't really do anything. When you tap on the hut he looks like he's singing for a couple of seconds and that is it. He is just another decorative hut

                  • Spelling Bee
                    Spelling Bee commented
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                    Hopefully, Harmony's will be the last Hut like this. The new Developer's are aware that we would much rather purchase Huts that give out XP, Resources, or some other benefit. Anything besides just being a decoration.

                  • Twinkiepie
                    Twinkiepie commented
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                    I am sorry that Harmony's hut disappointed some of you. We will work on our own content in the future

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                  Hi guys! Hello Spelling Bee.=)
                  I`ve got a problem with my Smurfs` Village app. Again.
                  After this update 1.41.0 the game is still crashing on blue screen, or after I press "Play" button. Sometimes the game is opening for 30 sec., but no more.
                  I tried to do all of your recomendations. I tried to install and open the game on all of my devices (including the old): iphone 4, iphone 4s, iphone se, iphone 6+, ipad 2, ipad mini, ipad mini 2.
                  Unfortunately, result is the same - the game is crashing on any device.

                  So, I`ve got a few questions:
                  1. Are you planing to do something with this bug? It`s really annoying all of the players for 2,5 months!
                  2. Is it really such a BIG problem just to optimize and stabilize the Smurfs` Village app? I can understand, if this bug appeard only on OLD devices, where is a low CPU/RAM on a board. But what`s the problem with iphone SE, iphone 6+? Or this models is too old for your marvelous application? There is no super-awesome 3D graphics or big spaces in our favourite game. Or the developers just ignore for the 2nd month our issues?
                  3. I really love this game, I`ve donated to you about 2500$ (which is the average montly salary in my country) for smurfberies and special offers. So please tell me, why do we get another smurfy-super-USELESS house in this update, but not the BUGFIX for the problem that lasts for more than 2 months?
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                  • Katica0115
                    Katica0115 commented
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                    Spelling Bee, maybe it's well known, than sorry for the quetion, but is there a different registration for the zendesk, or I can use it with the forum account? I am affected with the same problem, but haven't contacted the Support yet.
                    Thank you for your help

                  • Smurfojack
                    Smurfojack commented
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                    Thank you Spelling Bee for your quick answer.=) Ok, I hope that Flashman & Bongfish will do our favourite game better in technical aspect, than it is now...

                  • Spelling Bee
                    Spelling Bee commented
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                    Katica0115 , They are different registrations.

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                  I wasn't able to get last years gift box with the giant snow globe I'm excited to see what is in this gift box. It will be the first present I open Christmas morning.
                  Any chance of a re-release or adding the giant snow globe to the game?


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                    I like the new sound when collecting XP!
                    Didn't check what happens when harvesting crops or collecting XP from the sanctuary yet.
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                      I was soooo excited for the update, and my game still not working 😢 It'so hard seeing these wonderful things. But until, I am waiting to see the wonderful villages you will all make 🎄


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                      Seems like imgur changed settings, can't find the bbcode. Was trying to show the messed up tiles and missing fireman engine.
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                      • Spelling Bee
                        Spelling Bee commented
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                        Astro King They are still working the same for me on the imgur site. In any event, the posts about the Tiles and Layers have been moved here:

                      • Cupcake
                        Cupcake commented
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                        Spelling Bee I can find the bbcode on imgur, but when I paste it into the forum now, everything enclosed in the brackets changes to gobbledegook that the forum doesn't recognize. So I have to manually change all that part- a pain. Just to test whether it is only the forum that is an issue, I typed it into another app, and it pasted fine.