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Details on the contents of the upcoming Smurfs' Village iOS and Android version 1.41.2 Bug Fix updates

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    Hi everyone. Just a heads up we have a new contest underway. Check it out and don't forget to enter for a chance to win some free Smurfberries. Make your Winter Village magical with our Smurfy Holiday Screenshot Contest!


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      hi Spelling Bee/Twinkiepie...just wondering if you might know when this bug/hot fix will be ready?


      • Spelling Bee
        Spelling Bee commented
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        kimette The only timeline we have is hopefully before Christmas. If that holds true, then it should show up near the end of this week.

      • kimette
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        thanks for the update

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      Phooey! Bah Humbug! Another contest. Another way to rub it in my face that I don't have and probably won't have the Christmas update or the Christmas gift box. Thanks a lot. Bah Humbug! Sorry, I am feeling very left out and unloved right now.


      • Tapasz
        Tapasz commented
        Editing a comment's the saddest Christmas in SV history 😢. Don't feel left out though, I haven't updated due to all bugs so you're welcome to join me in my cave. Have some special "💕love mojito's 💕" waiting for you!

        @Light, she had to restart her game so won't have any Xmas items in storage.

      • LightofFire
        LightofFire commented
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        Tapasz oh.. I was thinking she had the luck to get it back from beeline after SB has tried everything to give her a voice at the old support team... I must have missed something. So sorry Eva! But please don't give up hope, there are still some days left until christmas eve... Maybe we will get a xmas wonder ☺️

      • Evabevasmurf
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        I do have a village, Light, but Tapasz is right. Nothing in storage. None of my Christmas items from my old village. I had to start over from the beginning, twice. But I am hoping, and wishing, and waiting. Maybe there will be a big surprise and Amazon will come through for me.

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      Apple iTunes will be on vacation 12-22-2016 - 12-27-2016. So the last chance for the bugfix to become live before Christmas will be tomorrow!
      Apple has advised developers to make sure their apps are up to date by Thursday, December 22, as new apps and app updates will not be accepted between Friday, December 23 and Tuesday, December 27.
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      • debbles smurf
        debbles smurf commented
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        I hope the bug fix does arrive berfore the weekend. It is thursday arvo here and no update as of yet on goigle play. With google it takes less time so hopefully it will show up

      • Twinkiepie
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        Dear Morning, we will be back with an update post today stay tunned

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      Hey everyone, please continue the discussion over here: New details and additional information about the upcoming Smurfs' Village iOS and Android version 1.41.2 Bug Fix updates