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Smurfs' Village Android version 1.41.2 (Bug Fix) is live and available for download!

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  • Smurfs' Village Android version 1.41.2 (Bug Fix) is live and available for download!


    Hotfix Update!
    - Find a surprise Exclusive Offer just in time for the New Year's Eve
    - New Golden Ticket feature for earning up to 2 Smurfberries per day
    - No more ads when travelling
    - Bug fixing
    - Stability improvements

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    Hey everyone! As you can see, the Android update is now live on the Google Play Store. For information on when to expect the iOS and Amazon versions, please check this topic here: New details and additional information about the upcoming Smurfs' Village iOS and Android version 1.41.2 Bug Fix updates


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      Awesome!...thanks guy's for all your hard work

      I have updated and can travel to the planet again and cupid is not crashing!...everything seems to be smoother and I haven't found any other bugs...

      I can report that the video hut has "no videos available" on my Tab S, running Android 6 (since the first Christmas update), however they are available on my Galaxy S5 running Android 5...also, i am not able to visit friends (just keeps searching on both devices) since this update...i hope Bongfish can sort it out for my Tab S (my main device) soon...but no panic

      I just want to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a most Prosperous New Year!...I hope everyone has safe travels and enjoys spending time with their families & friends...big Christmas hugs for everyone


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        Thank you for fixing the planet bug

        Merru xmas everyone and a happy new year


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          I still can't get in the game after the latest update 1.41.2 It still crashes at the bongfish start screen. I play on Android.


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          I have updated and it seems I have lost "the levelling up on its own"bug, not to sure yet because all the saved villages showed you have now reached... but in the end I returned to level 70 as it should.
          Have to play for a few days to be sure.

          Anyway thanks for all the hard work you guys at Bongfish!!!

          A very Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year


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          I can only find 1 extra crater on my android game. But I still have an area that I can't clear because I can't get enough swoofs.

          Loving this update though. No more videos when traveling has made my game run much smoother. And love being able to get a whole berry from the video hut along with still getting bits for berries.

          Just waiting patiently (ok, maybe not completely patient, but I'm trying) for the Amazon update for my other game and so my friends can start gifting me again.


          • Spelling Bee
            Spelling Bee commented
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            Amazon has the update, we are just waiting for them to get it approved!

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          Bluelephant Yeah, if you still have that last expansion uncleared you'll only get one. Here is what I posted earlier:

          Originally posted by Twinkiepie
          The team also looked into an issue where players had reported that their Craters on the Planet would go missing and were able to find a solution – This solution should work even though it is not a complete and final fix.
          My guess is (and I'll have to confirm it later) that they might have added two more Craters for the final two land expansions. This gives those who are missing Craters two back, and as consequence, everyone who hasn't lost any two extra for a total of 12. Again though, that's just a guess and it could be a mistake. We'll have to wait and see.


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            can someone explain how the new video ticketing works? i have updated my game but cannot watch videos.

            regarding the planet crater. I still have the uncleared area. there is an additional crater and my swoofs critter limit is now 69/125 but I cannot buy anymore swoofs huts (am not gonna pay berries for them). is this normal?


            • skydiver118
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              that's how it is for me on ios. i have the last expansion to do so i only got 1 crater. going by a screen cap spelling bee posted, the 12th is under the last expansion (or at least in the area that expansion is)

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            Yeah!!!! Just got the update today for my kindle and sweepy is back and videos are rewarding berries again! Thank you Bongfish great job on the update. 😃


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              Hi all! Did a bit of tidying up this morning. I hope you all are having a wonderful Holiday with your family and loved ones.

              Christmas greetings and well wishes are all located here: Merry Christmas from the Pony Team and everyone at Flashman and Bongfish!

              Discussions and information about the Christmas Gift are all located here: Don't forget to collect your Smurfy Holiday Gift!

              Oh, and here is a friendly reminder to enter the Screen Shot contest before time runs out!: Make your Winter Village magical with our Smurfy Holiday Screenshot Contest!


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                Again Happy Holidays to Everybody.
                I played carefully with the new version and it seems quite stable, I didnt find any "new" problems. About the craters, I found 4 of my craters in other areas of the Planet, but they are in total 12 so the count is perfect.
                I hope in the next update some issues will be fixed, as the glitch of the last river expansion in the Main Village and the missing portion of Fireman hut/automobile.


                • skydiver118
                  skydiver118 commented
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                  i'd imagine that fireman will be fixed when the snow goes away and we go back to 'normal' animations

                • supersmurf
                  supersmurf commented
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                  I don't know... the previous years the snow remained for some months (I guess after San Valentine); so it's better to fix it as quick as possible

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                When I go to gift my friends, one of them is not showing up at all on my friends list, another one has been bitten by the level up bug (They all play through Amazon) and when I look at her village, there is 2 of them showing at level 44 (same village) and I can't leave a gift because it says they need to update (which they did) and then she also has a phone game, (through Android) and that one shows as level 9, but when I go into it, it shows her level 44 game. (she is signed in with different Facebook accounts to each game) Not sure what the problem is there.


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                  Happy new year to all


                  • oldyschlumpf
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                    Happy new year, debbles smurf!
                    We've to wait for nearly 12 hours...

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                  Happy New Year to my smurfy friends.