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Announcing some Smurfy in-game ads news you’ll love!

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  • Announcing some Smurfy in-game ads news you’ll love!

    We have officially removed the ads that were shown while traveling! But that’s not all, you’ll also receive a ticket up to two times a day that can be used to earn ONE Smurfberry for watching just ONE video in the Video Hut. We love our players and we are here to make The Smurfs’ Village Smurftastic!

    The Flashman and Bongfish teams

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    Works like a charm for me!!! twice a day watching only one video to earn one smurfberrie. I don't know if this is mend to be but on top of that I can still watch videos for smurfberrie bits.


    • SushiSmurf
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      Yes - It seems that you can still watch videos for smurfberry bits, on top of claiming the Golden Ticket, according to Twinkiepie:

      Originally posted by Twinkiepie View Post
      [*]Get your Golden Ticket! We know many of our players love and enjoy the Video Hut so we've gone and made it even better! – In addition to watching videos for Smurfberry Bits, there will now be a new ticket system for the Video Hut that lets you obtain a whole Smurfberry after tapping on the Golden Ticket! (You can obtain up to 2 tickets and 2 whole Smurfberries a day)

    • Twinkiepie
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      Hi guys! Sorry for the late reply, I am back now

      You can still watch videos for smurfberry bits but I bet you have already tried it out ingame by yourself

      Hope everyone had a great holiday

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    That sounds great!
    Thank you for removing the ads


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      i have had to start a new village, so badly need any help I can get, this sounds good


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        Well done Bongfish!!!! 🎉🎉🎉


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          I like very much this changing of the cinema and also the ads shown. I think Bongfish has offered a very nice way to gain smurfberries for free.