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Important Announcement: Status update regarding Reporter Smurf’s Twitter Reward Bonus

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  • Important Announcement: Status update regarding Reporter Smurf’s Twitter Reward Bonus

    Hi everyone. I've been asked to share the following message:

    Originally posted by Flashman & Bongfish Teams
    Hello Smurfs’ Villagers. As part of our continuing efforts to address the outstanding issues within the game, we would like to provide an update on the status of Reporter Smurf's Twitter Reward Bonus.

    After months of thorough investigation it appears that Reporter Smurf's Twitter Reward was disabled because it had been causing a variety of bugs. These bugs could be prompted by changing time zones, traveling to select countries, and could even cause behind the scenes problems with other aspects of the game. Ultimately we believe all of this is what led to the Reward Bonus becoming disabled entirely.

    Until we can come up with an improved solution, we have made the decision not to implement the Reward Bonus back into the game at this time. As a reminder, the Video Hut was recently updated to give one full Smurfberry for watching a single video up to two times a day. We hope this helps players replenish their Smurfberries.

    Thank you for your support and understanding


    The Flashman and Bongfish Teams

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    I much, much prefer watching a video for the 1 SB bonus instead of tweeting! Not only is it more reliable, but also because I have no interest in Twitter (or Facebook) and really dislike it when games push players to sign up for them. A few weeks ago I figured Reporter's tweeting SB weren't returning any time soon and was thrilled to delete the Twitter app from my iPad. The only reason I even have a Twitter account was for this game. I feel free now!


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      I agree with Happybird. I'm much happier getting extra SB from the video hut. And also really happy that anything that has the potential to cause serious problems in our games is disabled. Good call.
      Thanks for the update.


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        Thanks for letting us know. Unlike happybird and Caro, I liked the tweeting bonus because my video hut doesn't work, so no SB for me that way. (Neither does the hut show videos available nor could I play them because my iPad is too old.)


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          I can appreciate why it was disabled and it looks like the decision was for the best, so fine. No passionate feelings either way. Sometimes if you're gonna make an omelet ya gotta break some eggs.

          Maybe they can find some other way in the future, if not, cool.

          I know I'm just as happy notto do it. I never liked spamming my friends so I made an account just for things like this so it goes unused. Fine with me

          It is very nice to finally get answers to questions like this, even if they may not be the answers some want, still nice to have the communication.


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            You could always change the concept with reporter smurf. Instead you could tap reporter smurf and he gives out a task and once complete you get the smurfberry. No need to connect to the internet.


            • Mrsad
              Mrsad commented
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              Nice idea.

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            In the idea thread, maybe replace Reporter smurf with social smurf - which would be bought for coins - and people could link their social accounts for awards.

            Maybe writing new code could alleviate the issues with reporter's tweet bonus and having him be a separate smurf gives people the ability to have or not have him. (as I recall, reporter smurf is a built in part of the game, not optional)


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              I'm good with the video hut bonus. I still get the money rewards from Reporter Smurf, just not the tweeting bonus.


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                I'm very happy with new video hut SB rewards too! I can get a few SB a day just watching videos, its great😅 And like others have said, we still get our daily reward from Reporter😉


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                  Yup- I'm good with this!


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                    I just tested just now but he only gave me 3 smurfberry bits per video....10 sb bits to earn a sb.
                    Last edited by Ray888; 02-09-2017, 10:10 PM.


                    • happybird
                      happybird commented
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                      Ahhhh. That makes sense, Alex. I only watch a video when the golden ticket is there to remind me. Thanks!

                    • Ray888
                      Ray888 commented
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                      I will try again when the golden ticket appear...been a while since I watch a movie from the cinema 😋

                    • Ray888
                      Ray888 commented
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                      Yes, manage to get my first 1sb when the golden ticket appear!

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                    I would correct that to say you will see that bouncing banner twice a day, now whether or not you can watch a video is optional....because sometimes you can't. The bouncing indicator seems to come every 12 hours, but sometimes I can't actually watch a video for several hours after that. I think there's a reason the description is worded 'up to two berries a day' because sometimes you can't (if there are no ads available). And some evenings I can watch enough ads to get 3 berries, other evenings I only get 1 or 2 before it stays on 'no videos available'

                    So in a perfect world and scenario, you might get up to 5 berries a day from the video hut, or you may only get 1 or 2.


                    • ChristalWest
                      ChristalWest commented
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                      This is exactly my experience with the hut and with the yellow bouncing ticket, skydiver118. Anywhere from 1 to 5 a day. And, I lose the same length of time on XP collections for the videos watched. If I monitor via The mine's timer, if a video runs 1:00 minute, then the mine stays at its last time for that minute. So, playing several videos and waiting for the 15 or so seconds that the SB bits take to load can cause the mine time and XP time to lose 5 to 7 minutes a day (depending upon video availability).

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                    On kindle fire I can get reporter smurf Twitter reward. However I cannot play videos at all and this problem has been present for months.