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Important Announcement: Additional changes made to Smurfs' Village version 1.43.0

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    hiding interface board is a great addition, but i think it still has room for improvement. i hope Bongfish will make these pop-up signs be hidden at the same time when i hide the board.


    • Caro
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      Hmmmm. Really good point.

    • AlleycatttSmurf
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      This is a really good idea!

    • Cupcake
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      Super idea! Please make an idea topic, Yosinori!

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    Originally posted by yosinori saitou View Post
    i think this opened the way to make all items storable.
    Totally agree! Thanks Bongfish team :-)


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      They definitely do, thank you so much!


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        I just used SB to go to next level on Pirate Smurfs Treasure Hunt - I won the exact same prize as won in the free round, the clapping monkey. That should not happen, that is like just a waste of SB getting the same prize. This should be something that is corrected. It should always be a better prize than free round. Many SB spent on this game & never won the island needed either!


        • skydiver118
          skydiver118 commented
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          I do agree with you that Pirate is one of the worst games in the 'worth for your 5SB round' is very depressing to play becuase, time and again, you will spend the 5SB and win something you could have won in the free round.

          That WILL eventually get the island. I got it on both my devices. It may take days, weeks, months of SB rounds. (especially if you dont' have the trophy and can only play once a day), but it will happen.

          What I did was that I would sometimes skip the SB round...or I don't know where you are in the game, but if you are on the lower levels I would suggest that you wait a bit until you get more wonders complete and get to the higher levels...then you will have more SB to play with.

          I would set a budget....say I made it to having 55 berries.....well I would let myself play a SB round but if I dropped below 50, I'd stop and wait until I got more berries....that way you still play but don't break the bank on the gamble of a round.

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        Any more info on when new update is going to be for the kindle fires?


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          its availible since last weekend, maybe your auto-update is turned off?