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Become a Bard and write your very own Smurftastic Tales with our Smurfy Medieval Ballad contest: Winners Announced!

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    Here's another one I would like to enter.

    Title : Smurfs Village

    Extra extra read all about it. Reporter Smurf asks you have you heard the news today?
    Today is a Happy Day la la la la la sing a happy song smurf along with me.
    Deep in the forest is where they will be, trying to live in harmony. With mean old Gargamel and Azreal on their heels.
    Balthazar and Hogatha spinning their wheels. Don't fret my friends for the smurfs have help.
    In Feathers, Johan and Pewit and the King with their help the smurfs can do anything.
    Pumpkin spice and everything nice, Smurfette and Sassy are. Puppy and Baby play all day, while Farmer tends his crops.
    Jokeys, jokes go up in smoke, falling down all around, mixing potions with devotion, hammering nails to many snails. Mending caps Tailor Smurf is up for that. Dreamy wishing on a star makes no difference where you are. Hefty lifting, Vanity looking, Greedy baking and Granny knitting. These smurfs are but a few download Smurfs village and join them to.
    Michevious elves casting rhyming spells. Brainy Smurf cries "Papa, Papa what can you do? My new book is rhyming to. Funny but it's kinda weird Grouchy says It's more annoying than we feared. Papa Smurf says ,"Be calm my smurfs I'll check my notes. I'm sure to find a antidote..."There's but one way to cure this tease, just harvest a crop of peas.
    Sunday, Monday Happy Days, Tuesday, Wednesday happy days, Thursday Friday, Saturday these happy days can't be wrong playing Smurfs Village all the week long.
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      The Smurfs, they calleth

      You are hence by summoned to visit our lands.
      Greet all in the village on your way to the Sands.

      Board the plank whilst they raise the sails,
      to walkth the island filled with palms and shells.

      To go on in your quest, the Grove calleth to you.
      So rideth the great crane, across the waters to go.

      Through the woods you meander, but watchth all the while,
      for the enemies that may linger, couldst be very vile.

      You maketh your way to the clearing, just to look up.
      You dreameth of the lands that could be above.

      To travel the stars, can it even be be truth?
      Get into this small pod and truly see the proof.

      To cometh back to earth, and decide where to go.
      To pay respect to the King is just right, just so.

      Climb the mountain, up the rise,
      to the highest point that these lands prize.

      These Smurfs doth care for the earth, wind and rain.
      For those of you that have not witnessed, come, visit and stay.
      For you too, will admire their reign.


      • yosinori saitou
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        i like you recite all areas beautifully into this ballad. filled with love for the Smurfs' Village, love it!

      • Smurfy102
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        Thank you so much!

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      Congratulations to skydiver118 , jileha and Smurfy102

      We enjoyed reading all of your entries and I am already looking forward to the next contest!


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        conglaturations winners! ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰ and all entries are cool, fun & smurfy, i enjoyed reading them very much๐Ÿ˜„


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          Nice job all.


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            This was a wonderful surprise this AM. THanks so much.


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              Congrats to the winners๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰ Great work!! It was fun reading everyone's entries


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                Congratulations to all the winners!


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                  Thanks! ๐Ÿ˜„ This was so much fun!
                  I haven't received any email yet, though, although I normally receive communications from bongfish. I checked my junk mail folder as well.


                  • jileha
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                    Thanks for the tip! I got the message.

                  • skydiver118
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                    I know VIntoxi said he sent my berries but they haven't arrived yet...but I also know that Apple is having some issues so I'm waiting a bit to see if it clears up and they arrive before I let them know.

                  • Twinkiepie
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                    skydiver118 Have you received them yet? please contact us again if not

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                  It was fun I knew you had one of the winners great job. This was suppose to be a comment to jileha post .
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                    Congrats to all! This was really fun! So creative people in here ๐Ÿ‘ you deserve it all!


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                      Congratulations to all the winners! This was one of the most difficult contests yet, you guys really put a super amount of effort into coming up with your ballads! So many great entries, way to go all of you!


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                        Congratulations to the winners. I loved reading all of the entries.