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    If only Tracker could be fixed. Let's see: add a smurf to the village. 5 SBs, but okay. Grow two crops of magic raspberries. Okay, planted them, went back after 5 hours to harvest them and it did not check off. I tapped the banner at the top of the screen, and he is asking for 2 crops of carrots! Okay, planted them. Went back to harvest them, and now it says "Harvest 2 crops of Black Currants"! Seriously? Why do I waste my time on this?

    I just went back to harvest the Black Currants, and Tracker wants 2 crops of Raspberries! ARRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!
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    • chocolatefruitnut
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      you can just log in and out of the game until he asks for the grow 2 crops of raspberries / green peppers or blueberries. then you leave your screen on til the crops finish growing! dont even visit other areas cos when you return to the main village, the crops change again...

    • Evabevasmurf
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      debbles is right. He has amnesia. I was finally able to grow the correct crop. It is just very annoying. I haven't played in so long I had forgotten how annoying Tracker can be.

    • Mrsad
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      Had this problem also. Maybe different level 42 here Tracker was asking different crops not letting the allotted time. My solution was to plant the various crops he was asking for let them harvest and then chose the one he was asking for. I completed the list and continued. Hope this helps. My crops where all within a small growing time but took me a bit t to solve.