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Smurfs' Village iOS version 1.45.0 is live and available for download!

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    4 is an issue we are all experiencing and a relatively harmless bug in the game. FOr the rest, you should contact Bongfish support and open a ticket. THere is something wrong with your game and it's time to call in the pros to work on it (and to get htem to get you back Weakling - you will likely need to send them your iTUnes receipt for the purchase for that part)


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      I just noticed that exclusive offers are only offered in the areas in which they can be placed. I can't access today's offer (Lost Village Disguise Shop) in any area but the grove. I wonder if this is intentional 🤔


      • Morning Sky
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        Originally posted by Spelling Bee View Post
        Hi everyone. Quick update for those of you looking to purchase the Disguise Shop today! The offer will ONLY appear in the Grove Area, and the Shop can only be placed there as well. Hope that helps for those of you keeping an eye out for it.

      • Alex Smurf
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        Ah, I somehow missed that. Thanks Morning! 😊

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      Has this happened to anyone else.......I checked for updates in iTunes, there was one for smurfs with the same icon as the last, version 1.450 April6, as the last. Without checking anything I downloaded and realized it was the last update. Why is it there? Will this cause me to lose progress?


      • Saffron
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        Oh, great. New icon, new update on this game but not the second...gee....and what the heck??? I don't understand the old having to be downloaded before I got the new.

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      Hi everyone. The iOS version update is now live. You'll find the new update topic here: